Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get Paid as a Spider

Posted By: Jason - 1:00 AM


I am not asking you to get infatuated with Marvel comic superstar "Spiderman" (huh......... dats kid stuff). We all are here to share money making ideas and to find out ways to make money online.

I am talking of a site called SpiderMetrix. Its members are known as spiders. Now got it???

Well, if you are the one who loves to takes online surveys, though surveys are not my cup of tea, then you got to check this out. There are several reasons for why SpiderMetrix is different compared to other survey sites.

The top most reason is that they always have handy surveys for all kind of geographically located members of different age groups, unlike other survey sites who would take down your profile and would send you a survey once in a blue moon.

Now comes the money part. They say it in their words - Earn Dollars, not cents!

There are three main categories of Rewards:

  • spiderVouchers, in various denominations, from a variety of online stores. If there is a particular store you want to purchase something from, and you have enough points, let them know and they will do their best to arrange it for you.
  • Real Cash, either a cheque mailed directly to you (Australian spiders only) or direct deposit via PayPal (all spiders). They pay in any of the following currencies: Australian, US and Euro
  • Gifts of varying complexity and value, and coming soon, their own exclusive spidermetrix range of 'gismos' (... gismos? yieh, you know, toys and stuff!)
  • From time to time, other ways to spend your hard earned points are introduced, like donations to worthy causes, special promotional offers, magazine subscriptions and so on.
Oh, and did I mention they pay handsomely?! That's right, you'll earn $, not cents. They will pay you somewhere between $2 and $5 for most ratings, some even go up to $10 or more (depending on how time consuming they are).

So what are you waiting for. Become a Spider now!

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