Monday, May 12, 2008

Get paid to be a Jury

Posted By: Jason - 1:27 AM


You must have heard or come across so many trials influencing other peoples lives....isn't it? But, you were never allowed to give your opinion, unless you are a part of the verdict.

What if I tell you ways to make money through some sites which will ask you for your opinion on different legal cases. You simply got to give your sincere opinion online on different cases. You will get a set of questions ranging from 10-50 depending upon the complication in that case.

The time span to cover such online questionaire could be anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. The more lengthy the questionaire, the MORE YOU EARN.

The reason for such mock trials is to collect opinions from people so that the attorney can prepare a case and reduce the time consumed by real trials. It also reduces the expenses consumed by real trials.

There are many such online Jury test companies looking for people to give their opinion. You can register with one or all of them. They pay you handsomely right on time........everytime. They DO NOT charge you anything. After all this blog only lists companies which are FREE to join with NO catch and NO associated expenses..............rite? You could make anywhere between $10 to $60 for a single mock trial/questionaire.

I believe getting $10-$60 in an hour is not a bad idea. I am game for it. What do you say?

Some of these online companies are:

  • Zap Jury
  • Trial practice
  • eJury
  • Online Verdict
  • Jury Test
So what are you waiting for................? Join now and start earning!!!!!

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