Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to multiply Paid to Post Earnings 10 times

Posted By: Jason - 4:54 PM

So, now by the time you know enough about Paid to Post sites and how they work and everything about their payout structure and blah.......blah......blah.........rite? Now learn ways to make money hereafter.

And now you would like to know how this earning could be increased in leaps and bounds.......rite? you've come to the right place buddy! I am going to share this knowledge with you all with no strings attached. If you really like it then subscribe to my blog to keep yourself updated with all my knowledge and experiences.

So, here's how you make a profitable income from paid to post forums :

1. First join some paid to post forum sites. I recommend you to join at least 3-5. (Look for my blog posts on Paid to Post sites to get a list of legitimate paid to post forum sites).

2. Then to write something, open a blank MS Word or Notepad, or whatever you use to type documents in your computer.

3. Spend sometime and create at least a dozen topics with catchy headlines and 3-4 lines in that topic. It shouldn't take you more than an hour, I guess. Try creating a topic that would compel people to answer your topic. Let us say for example a topic like "Should Marijuana be legalized?" or "Should prostitution be banned?" and then write about 3-4 lines giving your view and asking others about their opinion.

4. Now, simply open all the paid to post forum sites that you have joined, in 3-5 browser windows simultaneously and just cut and paste the topics you have created in your notepad into your paid to post forum site. This will save you a lot of time.

5. Do this everyday for an hour, then sit back and watch the money flowing in massively.

Lets say you joined 5 sites and the average pay is 0.03 cents per thread. So writing a dozen topics would mean 12*5=100 posts and so your accumulated earning would be $3. This may not be much, but take into consideration that you'll also earn from the number of responses you get from others, that too, everyday. So your income would increase massively, literally overnight.

What happens exactly now is that you get your share of making a dozen post as per the rates of paid to post forum sites, and then everyday 1000's of people will read your thread and would reply to your question. Now each reply also earns you some money. Imagine thousands of replies will make you a couple of dollars with each forum site which will add up to a substantial amount at the end of each month. Moreover, within a month you would have posted hundreds of topics across all forum sites. Now, your earning would increase with leaps and bounds with so many topics. Once posted, a topic will make you earn even after say 1 year, when someone would leave a reply to that topic. Howzzzzzzzzz dat ???

Personally, I do it regularly and let me tell you, you'll also make great money with this idea. After all, I try to make money from all possible ways on internet. So why can't you if I can.

All the Best!

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