Saturday, May 10, 2008

Make Money with AMAZON

Posted By: Jason - 12:37 AM


I am sure you all must have heard of the big brand Mr. AMAZON........rite? Ha..Ha...Ha

Amazon surely rocks and is known by its huge virtual presence. It needs no introduction!

But today, I would let you all know how to earn, by being a part of Amazon's recently launched program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. Very few people know about it. It is a program where people can register online and make money by performing a HIT. In Amazon's term, a HIT is an abbreviated form of Human Intelligence Task.

These are very simple tasks which can only be performed by human's intelligence and NOT by computers. An example of a HIT is like distinguishing the difference between two identical photographs, which is very easy and fun for human intelligence, but is an impossible task for a computer's artificial intelligence.

Simply, register at Amazon Mechanical Turk, accept the HITs and make $$$.

You won't make huge money with this program, but would earn enough to pay your bills. With Amazon you can always trust to get payments on time........everytime!

Amazon Mechanical Turk pays you through check or bank transfer. As soon as you complete a HIT which gets approved, Amazon promptly credits your Amazon account with the money. Thereafter, you can request for the withdrawal of the money by logging into your account. Whether its $10 or $100 you can request the withdrawal everyday.

Do you need more reasons to join Amazon Mechanical Turk...............???

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