Sunday, May 25, 2008

Post with Forumbooster = $$

Posted By: Jason - 9:39 PM


If you have already read my blog entries on paid to post or if you already know about paid to post on your own, then I don't suppose I need to explain it again.

So lets come to the point. What does Forumbooster has in store for us as a forum poster?

It is yet another paid to post forum, comparitively small and non-famous, compared to the big boys like myLot, Crazoo, Wired Flame, etc.

But, being a small fish in the pond it does mean that it doesn't exist. It's good enough as long as it pays forum posters like us and many others. In fact, it has not only survived but very soon emerging as a tough competitor in the forum industry.

They call their forum posters as boosters. In my opinion the pay they offer is a real booster compared to what others pay. They pay a flat rate rate of $0.10 for every post that you make. If they find you a real hard worker, then your rate increases to $0.15

To top it all, they make weekly payments directly to your Paypal account.

To further increase your earning potential with Forumbooster and other paid to post sites, almost 10 times, just read across my blog post "How to multiply Paid to Post Earnings 10 times".

I bet, if you read my Paid to Post entries and follow it sincerely as mentioned in "How to multiply Paid to Post Earnings 10 times", I am sure you'll make money literally overnight which will sum upto a substantial amount at the end of each month and would be a lifetime earner for you.

All the Best!

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