Monday, May 12, 2008

Swap Things for FREE

Posted By: Jason - 7:26 PM


Web is really an incredible place. At least, I do believe this. And did you ever read somewhere that "History repeats itself". Well, in this article I'll tell you how...

We read in our history school books, that long time back people used to follow "Barter System". A system to trade goods of having an equivalent price value........and then paper MONEY was launched..........thereafter, barter system became non-existent.

But web has relaunched this system once again in a way to benefit us from this system. I am talking about Swap at Home. A website giving us an opportunity to swap goods that we don't use anymore with the ones that we need. Absolutely NO FEES for swapping. Swap all you want for FREE.

Simply, sign up with Swap at Home and post items that you don't use anymore (sounds like Ebay....??? pay when you buy at eBay..........rite?).

You'll get coupons when you post your listings. Now, just use these coupons to buy products from other members. These coupons act as a sort of medium to determine the value of products posted. So what happens actually is............ there is no physical transaction of any money. You simply post your goods that you don't use anymore, collect coupons and then purchase the goods you need, from other members.

People like stamp or coin collectors can swap that lying coin in your closet. You'll gain a coupon and then you can use it to buy your requirement.

They have a wide category of listings from a hairpin to airplane........

Check it out yourself to see if you can Swap at Home.............

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