Thursday, June 19, 2008

Freelance jobs at home

Posted By: Jason - 1:14 PM

I am sure this site would turn out to be a fresh breath of air for all you readers of my blog. The look of the site is not at all professional, but that doesn't mean they can be ignored. Now that's because the kind of valuable information they provide to all work at home seekers is priceless, that too, absolutely FREE. Its called
PC Work at Home.

I don't know who is behind the site maintenance, but I guess, a group of hard working professionals are doing the needful for all of us. Thankx to them!

The look is very simple and plain, with links to the pages containing available jobs online. The site is a great directory of available work at home freelance jobs online. The job listings include things like : answering online questions, proofreading online content, writing articles, handwriting work at home, mystery shoppers, online tutor positions, and more! These are all legitimate and Free jobs.

If you are sincerely looking for an online work at home freelance jobs, then you can't overlook this site's presence. Perhaps, they provide job listings from big companies as well, including those small business houses.

Their job listings include a number of reputed companies like AT&T, Merill Lynch, Nortel Networks offer telecommute jobs and have thousands of employees working from home. In many cases, the company supplies the equipment required to their employees working from home .

Check out PC Work at Home before you decide to pay any online site, to offer you freelance jobs, next time.

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