Friday, August 29, 2008

Earn to Share your Video

If you love watching online videos and you also liked my previous post on Paid to View label, then here is one more post for all you online video lovers. This post will list quite a few online video sharing sites that will pay you to share your videos with others. One of the easiest ways to make money.

Actually, these video sharing sites earn money when they show Adsense ads beside your video footage. More views to your video means more clicks. So they share the revenue with the relevant video uploader. To earn a substantial income from such video sharing sites, I guess one would need to join at least 5-6 such sites.

If we blindly upload a video and expect it to generate a revenue that we would be happy with, then, it would only remain a dream and would never turn into a reality. To fullfil our expectations, just remember a couple of tips from me. It will work wonders for you, trust me.

Firstly, never upload a sexually explicit video or any sort of racial or hatred stuff. Your video footage will lose visitors in the long run.

Secondly, the most important trick is to do a research little bit. Check leading video sites like Youtube for the most happening videos, and which video is most popular and which one is getting the maximum number of views everyday. This homework can fetch you unexpected results. Just upload similar kind of videos to such video footage sites mentioned below and then you can see the money rolling in.

Remember, if you upload happening videos and videos that pertain to the current taste of the viewers, you are bound to get maximum views to your video, thus bringing you a lot of dollars from such video sharing sites. A small earning from all such sites will add up to a big number.
Check out:

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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Cash in on Commercial Emails


    All this month, I would review the best online GPTR programs. Off late, i have discovered that there are some GPTR programs that remained online since their launch and have been known to pay their members, amongst all other ways to make money.

    Hits4Pay is one of those. This program deserves a post on my blog. Since its launch, the program has grown and stayed there, unlike scam sites which offer the world of money, but quickly disappear after hoarding their members' money.

    The design of the site itself speaks of its professionalism. Sign up is free and you are paid monthly. They offer a $10 bonus when a new member signs up with them, and you can earn upto 3 levels deep from your referrals. The minimum amount required to cash out is just $25. Payments are made only via Paypal.

    One thing! I am not sure, whether they accept International members or not. If not, then international members....... you got to wait until they open up their doors for all of you.......or else check other sites on my blog.

    Hits4pay is not the only kid on block...............Heh!

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    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Live Help & Counselling gets u $$$


    Do you know people across the globe provide life coaching, i.e., counselling in different subjects of life and earn a lucrative part-time income. Internet provides a stable platform to such kind of business.One of the true ways to make money.

    An online help and counselling has many advantages. Firstly, it saves time to reach your client physically. Secondly, there is flexibility about the schedule of your appointments. Next, some clients prefer to speak online on some sensitive issues, rather than face to face. Finally it saves other overhead charges.

    But, searching for a client base definitely, becomes a tough job. Live Person, therefore comes into play here. It provides a global and ready made client database. You just need to apply to become an expert with Live Person. Upon approval, you can provide expert help on any topic or subjects based on your skills and earn substantial money working at home part-time or full time.

    They offer a variety of topics from computers, programming, education, health, medicine, professional counselling, personal development, home and leisure, legal, shopping, business, financing, tutoring to religion................hmmmmmmmmmmmmpphhh! The list seems too long. One thing for sure, your skills will definitely find a place in their topics.

    In general, you earn to share your knowledge with clients across the globe. You counsel them with their difficulties and make some quick cash out of it. The earning potential is also fantastic in this field. As per my estimation, one can easily make $600 per month being a live help through chat sessions. others!

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    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Grab your share of upto $1000 from Blogging


    A great online income from Blogging which is consistent, is quite similar to the image shown beside. A money tree in your backyard, which gives you regular income. This is my perspective of Blogging...what do you all say !? To actually make money online, you gotta learn ways to make money .

    Today, I would describe in every detail possible, yet I would keep it short enough so that this doesn't seem to be an e-book with all boring!..... of how you can earn a substantial and regular residual income that is indeed REAL. No BS** absolutely.

    If you are really serious about earning online and right in the comfort of your home, then blogging is a must for you. Today, people across the globe are making unimaginative income figures out of blogging. Even I make it online, a living proof in front of you. And I get immense pleasure to share it with all of you at no cost. I just feel happy to help you all with money making ideas, because someday I was, too, in your place searching for work at home jobs, that would help me make great money. So grab your share, of the million dollar revenue generated from blogging each month across the globe.

    Lets start...
    • Create a Blog - Simply, register with any blogging service like Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, etc. All these, provide free registrations and free services to your blogging account. Then create a blog by going through their easy tutorial. Remember, you don't need to learn any rocket science here. No HTML or any sort of knowledge required.
    • Decide a topic - Take some time and finalize on a topic that interests you. Something that you are passionate about. In this way you will never get bored of writing posts for you blog. This will also help in creating a niche audience to your blog. Avoid writing about anything and everything. Stick to a single topic for your blog. You'll reap the benefits in the long run.
    • Write posts - Next, you should write adequate posts regularly every month. Remember, this is a regular affair. So, you should love to write.
    • Advertise your blog - Now I am NOT talking about paid advertising. Simply, send the link of your blog to your friends and ask them to forward it. This is free but viral advertising, trust me. Discuss your blog in forums and other blogs. Submit your blog to search engines, directories, online journals, write articles, etc. This will help create backlinks for your blog thus, bringing traffic to your site.
    • 3 important things - These three factors decide the fate of your blog and how much you can earn from your blog : Alexa traffic rank, Google Page rank, Subscribers to your blog. When you advertise, automatically your Alexa rank and Google rank gets better and better over the time, with people subscribing to your blog if they like it. Remember, subscribers are returning visitors and are very important for any blog.
    • Monetize your blog - Congrats! If you have done all things mentioned above, then it means that you have put a lot of hard work, and so now is the time that your hard work should pay off. You can now put contextual ads based on CPC or flat rate ads on your blog on a per month basis. Or now you can write paid posts on your blog for the companies and earn huge. A single paid post can range from anywhere between $5 to $100 depending upon the blog. Just imagine how many 200 word paid posts you can write each month on your blog. On an average a blogger makes anywhere between $500 to $2000 per month by writing paid posts on his blog. seems too hot...isn't it?

    Finally be PATIENT. Do not stop writing out of haste, if you don't see results soon. This is a slow process and depends on your hard work. Money can be rolling in as quick as in 3 months or it may take even upto a year. All depends on your hard work. But, one thing is for sure, money would definitely come in sooner or later, and not in pennies but in dollars.

    I have a prepared a list of most legitimate online Blogging companies that would pay you handsomely for writing paid posts on your blog, on time and everytime. Check the list by clicking the label - Paid Blogging on the navigation menu to the left of this page. It will give you brief idea about those companies.

    Your comments about this post are welcome!
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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Share Jokes Earn $$

    Do you have great sense of humor?? Do you have it in you...what it takes to tickle the funny bone?? Then, you should check out Tuttee. The site is there to showcase your rib-ticklers. Make the most of now and write some jokes, rib-ticklers, etc. on Tuttee.
    How much Money?
    Roughly calculating, if you submit 10 entries and those 10 enteries generate 3 clicks per day then they can see it as

    3 clicks on 10 enteries..

    30 clicks on 100 enteries..

    300 clicks on 1000 enteries...

    and so on......

    Now if, 1 click gives 20 cents then

    3 click = 60 cents/day

    30 clicks = 6 $/day

    300 clicks = 60$/day
    If you think you are a person with great sense of humor and also like to earn money online through that sense of humor, then you have reached the right place.

    Here at Tuttee you can earn lots of money by sharing your jokes, funny pics, funny videos and other funny stuff.
    Laugh all the way...
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    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    R u losing money via Paypal??

    Hey all!

    Off late, did you ever think of saving on those pennies while you transacted on Paypal. While, over the period of time we did notice quite a number of online payment processors like Alertpay, Moneybookers, etc., but surely we know the reasons why we kept Paypal close to our hearts. But, when I calculate, I am losing almost $50 monthly while receiving my payments or while withdrawing money. This surely is ticking my grey cells now...

    Well, what I came across now is what I wanted to share with you all. Revolution Money Exchange is surely rocking now. I have learnt great reviews from my fellow bloggers about the company. Not only are they saving on those transaction fees, perhaps, they are also making money out of its referral system. One of my friends made a whopping $70 in 5 days flat. He has also withdrawn that money to his bank account.

    Consider the benefits of opening an account with Revolution Money Exchange mentioned as below:

    FREE to register for an account

    FREE to add money from your bank account

    FREE to send money

    FREE to receive money

    FREE to request money

    FREE to electronically transfer money to your bank account

    Initially, they are offering $10 per referral*. So invite your friends, family and colleagues to join and earn during its initial stages.

    R u still waiting.....??
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    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Review Softwares Earn $$$


    We all use those audio and video softwares for our PC, or even anti-virus softwares to keep away those pesky adwares, malwares, trojans, keyloggers, spywares and viruses. Deep down in our heart we were always happy enough about some softwares, while for others we always muttered BS* and crap* if they didn't perform well. Well, we shared such experiences of these softwares with our friends and colleagues, but did we ever get paid for it.............?? Naaaaaaaaah!Well now, there are such ways to make money online.

    Software Judge has an answer to all such sorrows. Yes! as the name says, they judge a software's performance through us. Not only you get to speak your heart about the software, rather you also get paid for it.

    If you have a strong opinion about some software, whether positive or negative, then you got to be at their site. After all, you also get paid for your review. They pay you upto $50 for telling-it-like-it-is, no marketing BS*, simply straight talking software reviews.

    They accept only honest reviews. Whether good or bad, doesn't matter. Reviews must also be original and not copied from somewhere. Once you accumulate $200, you can request a payout and the money would be sent to you immediately through Western Union. Through Western Union, money reaches you within 15 minutes.

    To learn more about it. Check out their site!

    Software Judge is surely tempting enough. You get paid to voice your opinion even if it's crap.
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    Friday, August 8, 2008

    Make MONEY with mobile & PC

    Hi everybody!

    What if I tell you that instead of paying your mobile and PC bills, things would happen vice-versa. I mean that your mobile and PC would pay you for using it. Sounds insane........errrr! This is what mVertiseme has to offer. Something incredible with great earning potential.

    mVertiseme pays you for comments, surveys, emails, text messages and more. It's that simple. No hidden fees and no cost to join. Simple ways to make money.

    Members earn money by opting in to receive advertising emails and text messages from their sponsors, taking part in surveys, posting blog comments and referring your friends and relatives to their site.

    What attracts me, is the generous payout. For posting blog comments, the pay ranges $2-$30 per post. 2 cents for email message and 20 cents for text message on your mobile. 30% of the survey commission and a cool $1 to $5 per referral. You can analyze it yourself, that all these earnings could add up to a good amount at the end of each month.

    They will mail you a check each month for prior month's earning. For me, the site seems good in all aspect. Gr8 earning potential with absolutely no hard work and monthly payment.

    Simply irressistable!
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    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    Check out more Paid to Answer sites

    Hey all!
    If you all liked my posts on "Paid to Answer" and always expected to come across more similar sites, then thank me............he....he.......he...
    B'coz this post has arrived. All paid to answer sites under one roof......

    Duno - Get paid to answer questions and be involved in discussions. The better discussions you create and participate in, the more everyone on duno earns. Minimum to reach payout is $5.

    Problima - You pick categories based on your expertise.You get paid a fixed fee of $1 every time a user accepts your answer.

    Iwantyouranswers - Payments are made by cheque from google , you can check your balance on the google adsense web site and see how well your answers are doing.

    Knowbrainers - customer payments for General Knowledge, Sports, and Pop Culture questions are between $3-$10. Pet questions $10-$25. And Human Health questions $25-$60.
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    Monday, August 4, 2008

    A cool $50

    Hi money-seekers!

    Incidentally, I happen to come across this site during my weekly surfing schedule, and right at first instance it caught my attention. I was glad that I came across this site, and I feel even more glad to share such ways to make money with you all. Common Ties is an online site which works like "paid to answer" kind of thing.

    They have a set of 20 questions that they ask the world. The questions are fun to answer. The questions are as weird as "What door do you wish you never opened"?, "What is the worst advice you've ever received"?, "What is the most unusual thing your boyfriend has ever done"? "What is the most bizarre thing you have seen or done"?, etc., etc.

    Have you noticed, the questions are not about some rocket science. It is something that happens to all of us in our daily life. You just got to share your views and opinions. Now the coolest part of all this is, you get paid a cool $50 if your answer gets published. Trust me, your answer need not be some out-of-the-box thing. A simple yet cool enough answer could get you those $$$.

    Simply select a question that you would like to answer and send them an email with your answer. The answer should be 50 words or less. If your answer is selected to be published, they will mail you a check within 30 days of the publication.

    $50 for answering everyday questions is not a bad!

    Check out Common Ties, you'll also be glad that you did!
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    Another Paid to Answer

    Hey all!

    A bright new month for me and I am back with some fresh online opportunities all this month. Well, if you are a user of sites like Yahoo Answers, et al. And loved asking and replying to questions, and you also looked forward to sites like Just Answer (check out my post on Just Answer), then this post is for you. Joobit operates on a similar concept of Yahoo Answers and Just Answer. You answer questions asked by people across the world and you get paid for it.

    Joobit is entirely free to use. Free to to answer. Simply register and get going with answers and money, both hand in hand. Just share your knowledge with the world and get paid for it.

    Personally, I like such paid to answer sites and am always searching for similar sites online. All because, these are very easy jobs with some instant cash. Sometimes, the money earned is also big for some answers involved, like fixing some problems of electrical items, car or even solving some homework for pupils around the globe.

    Joobit is in its launching phase. Get in before its too late! Leave a comment if you like this post. Let me know about similar sites, if you know any. I would love to write about them here, if they are worth enough.

    Happy money-making!
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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    Solve Simple Tasks - Get Paid


    Got a few mouse clicks for a good cause??? Of course, we all are here to make some money, nevertheless, a part of our income can be donated too. Its all upon an individual's wish.

    Floxter is a site, I believe is inspired by Amazon Mechanical Turk. To know more about Amazon Mechanical Turk, check out my earlier post on it. However, let me tell you in short. Quite similar to Amazon's concept, Floxter pays you to solve simple online tasks. For example, a task could be as simple as categorizing an ad based on what the ad tries to sell. The options would be given to you. Another example is judging a photo whether it would qualify as a picture postcard or not. Aren't the tasks simple enough?!? They are fun, and above all they fill your pocket with some quick cash.

    Now that's not all! You can also donate a part of your Floxter income for charity. A number of charity organisations like World Vision, Greenpeace, UNO, etc are associated with Floxter. Now don't be so mean and donate some money dear! Remember, a penny donated would come back to you in ten-folds. Lastly, it remains your wish to donate or not.

    Simply register, search for available online tasks for members, solve them in a minute or two and pocket some quick cash. Its that simple! Payment is made via Paypal and you can request a payment anytime. Now that's some good news for me. Their members are ever increasing with huge monthly donations. The site is growing with leaps and bounds. So just get into it before its too late.

    Happy money-making!
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