Friday, September 26, 2008

Make Money Selling Links

$100 In Free Links From Text Link Ads!


If you have a website or blog and if you are not monetizing on your free ad space, then probably you are losing around $200 - $1000 per month.
Yeah...................................................thats true! One of the tempting ways to make money.

There are plenty of options like PPC, text links, contextual ads, banner ads, etc. But, what I prefer the most are text link ads.

Unlike other ad campaigns, text link ads pay you a flat rate on a monthly basis, for showing simple one line ads on your blog or site. Irrrespective, whether the ad is clicked or not. However, you should be concerned about the clicks or else you will lose your advertisers in the long run. One of the leading text link company is Text-Link-Ads. It offers very convenient and unobtrusive text ads for your site at very competitive rates.

As per my calculation, with Text-Link-Ads, one can easily make a minimum of $200 per month displaying ads and doing nothing, literally. Payment is made through Paypal for a minimum of $25. The share is 50/50 for every ad sold off your website.

Pretty decent..................... since they handle everything else. They only accept sites having an Alexa rank of less than 1,000,000. So, work on building your traffic before you deal with them to sell links off your website. Other parameters, though, being of least importance.

Happy money - making..............!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Earn Through Revenue Sharing Sites

Hi all!

Well, earning through revenue sharing sites is not a new concept anymore. By far, it still remains the most trusted and easiest way to make money online, even if you consider yourself to be an absolute dumb.

Though, Google Adsense reigned as No#1 for almost a decade, I guess. Now, the competition is much higher. Publishers of blogs and website owners are earning more with competitors like Bidvertiser (where a single click can fetch you upto $5), Adbrite, etc.

Simply, create a blog or a site, write some fresh and original content, paste a small piece of HTML code from these advertising companies, and then sit back and relax. Now, everytime a visitor of your site clicks on these ads, you get paid the price of the click. Just ensure, you have enough traffic to your site.

Remember this simple formula to make money in an online industry :-

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get Paid to Play Games


I am sure most of you reading this are gaming freak. We all fancy playing PSP and XBox.......rite?!
Me too! Though, nowadays a PC with internet connection means a source of online income for me, but I remember my teen days, when I was too infatuated with PC games. Spent most of the time playing those games that every kid dreamt of.

Well, Paid Game Player has revolutionized the gaming arena by combining both games and income together, the best of both worlds, indeed. Now you can play your favourite games and make money online at the same time. Howzzzzzzzzzz that......!

Plus you can earn extra cash by reviewing online games, trying brand name products, completing surveys and referring friends. The program is legitimate and has been in news through "The New York Times", Fox News, Msn, etc.

You'll get to know more about the payout structure and the mode of payment once you join and become a member. They offer a variety of games of all genres including but not limited to Puzzle, Mahjon, Action and Arcade, Card and Board, Word & Trivia, Poker & Casino.......
You can also compete for cash. You can also download games to your PC.

You're sure to find a game here that would match your skills and taste. Not to forget, you also get paid to for it.

So, get gaming................!
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Earn $50 per day... or more


It was 2 hours past midnight yesterday when I came across this site. I was so tempted to write about this on my blog, that I didn't had proper sleep last nite. The first thing I did this morning was to blog about this site. The site looks extremely professional and eye-appealing graphics. In my opinion this site will grow with leaps and bounds within a short span of time. It is offering extremely mouth-watering revenue generating opportunites to its members. Yes, one of the great ways to make money online.

It calls itself The C Network. If you have a blog or website then you have a solid reason to join this site. Let me brief out with the opportunities it offers:

  • C Adserver Publisher program - It serves ads on your blog/website at CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) basis. You earn a whopping $6 per 1000 unique impressions.
  • C Community - A great source of readers for your newly blog or website. Think this one to be a promotional tool to increase your traffic.
  • Digg Power - A network of members who like digging and stumbling each others web pages and posts. Within the first hour of registration you can expect upto 100 diggs. Sounds skeptical... but there's no harm in trying coz you're not losing anything.
  • Advertising Power - The network advertises your site through channels like Adwords, so that you can get more traffic to your site even before you can imagine.

My grey cells are tickling with an idea which I would share with you all. To leverage my income, through their Adserver program, I have decided that I will put their ads on my site, and then advertise it through cheap means and sources. As per my calculation, to get 10k unique visitors, it costs $10 approx. With their program, for 10K impressions I'll make $60.
That means a whopping $50 profit............ Yippiiiiiiieeeee!

Payouts are made every 30 days. Displays relevant ads as per your site's meta keywords, so no crap showing on your site. Payment is directly deposited to your Paypal account.

Even if income opportunity from this site doesn't excite you enough, yet I would recommend it for the purpose of getting traffic and popularizing your blog or website.

Let me know what you think!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Work at Home as Copywriters


Do you have a fair grasp on English language and grammar??? Above all, does creating creative content runs in your blood??? If you are a master in creating original and creative content and also know how to reach the nerve of a particular segment of audience  through your magical words... then, I suppose, you are wasting your time... Hey dude! You should try copywriting.

A cool work at home job as a copywriter can fetch you a great income each and every month, right in the comfort of your home.

To start off your budding career, as a copywriter, you can try out writing for Constant Content and Helium. Two major online sites, who offer great freelance writing jobs and great revenue for their writers at absolutely no cost.

So, pen down your thoughts, and your articles on these sites can easily fullfil your monetary requirements. Higher remuneration is possible, since hundreds and thousands of clients visit such sites.

Did someone say........... Pen is mightier than Sword!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dollars in your Inbox


When you first get a glimpse of this site, called Inbox Dollars, it won't look promising to you. But don't let the look of this site deceive you. It is as good and fair like any other GPT program online. In fact, I read on one of my fellow blogger's post that he had literally abandoned this site for 6 months, but when he returned, he saw that his account had accumulated $200 through his referral earnings, much to his surprise. He immediately cashed out. Perhaps, he earned this amount for nothing and he had posted the screenshot of the cashed-out payment he received from them. Such instances prove that the program is one of the genuine ways to make money online.

It offers several money making opportunities like reading email, shopping online, trying brand products, taking surveys online and playing games. Absolutely free to join and you also get a $5 bonus for joining.

International members are welcome. Though, what I found here was that U.S. members have a possibility to earn more compared to other international members, since more ads here are geographically targeted.

Nevertheless, everyone makes money here. It currently has more than 3.5 million members. Yeah! Quite a number of global audience. Payment here is made through check or Paypal.

Check out if it is meant for you or not........!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A good job for stay at home parents

Hi Moms & Dads!

Today, I would discuss a pretty lucrative income for stay at home parents. It is called proofreading. Proofreading is basically like a final touch to any publication to remove all or any errors, like spelling, grammar, etc, before it gets published.

For all you people, who are really good at english language and grammar including spellings, and have an eagle eye for any errors on print, then lay your hands on proofreading.

Though, it's a professional job and requires formal certification, yet the requirements of an online proofreader cannot be neglected. The demand is huge and it is turning out to be an easy and regular source of income for work at home parents. Consider this........... proofreaders make anywhere between $40-$80 per hour. What do ya say.....?!?

I am constantly exploring the world wide web of internet to find legitimate companies hiring work at home proofreaders. Soon, I would come up with these companies on one of my post. So, subscribe to my blog and stay updated.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Snap a Dollar


Snap Dollars surely means to say...... that you can snap a dollar from them. Well, this site too has been online for quite a long time. Sounds legitimate! Reviews about the site are also good in the blogging community. People are making genuine amount of money in their home with Snap Dollars.

It offers plenty of income opportunities to its members from its kitty. A joining bonus of $5, thereafter cash for completing offers, cash for shopping and playing games, cool $10 for every referral, and finally 1 cents - 10 cents for every paid email adverts. Overall, huge income potential for its members.

Payment is made on a NET 25 basis. Payment is made through check, which is mailed to your postal address. The only criteria is that you must have earned a minimum of $15 by completing offers. Well, the good news is............. this one accepts international members. Absolutely Free to join and great potential for beginners to make their first online income.

All the Best!
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Be an Online Guide = $$$


Now this one, though, sounds quite similar to my previous post on Live Person, yet this one is far ahead in the race. is a highly rated site and is managed by The New York Times. It provides an excellent online knowledge database that provides information, guidance, and advice on a variety of topics. How about making money online with them??

They are constantly recruiting individuals known as "guides" in their terms, with expertise and experience in a specific area. You can write on hundreds of categories including animals, business,movies, gadgets, getaways, cooking, financial planning, cars, food, gardening, fashion, employee rights, etc. Above all, anyone can apply and your article would be read by audiences globally.

You can apply online. Whether you are approved or not, you'll be notified within 8 weeks. The more quality articles you produce, the more money you can make. is a highly rated site by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. This means, your articles will be read by hundreds and thousands of visitors online everyday.

You can set your own schedules to write. Only original content is permissible. The compensation is very lucrative. As of 1st January 2007, if your content's page view grows year after year, then you are never going to make less than $725 per month. Now, this is not BS* mind it. They are here and they mean business, so the money their guides make is all REAL.

Check out their site to find everything in detail.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tik Tik Cash - A quick earning paid to click


Tik Tik Cash is a new kid on the block. A GPT program that looks promising enough. Though, i discovered this site long before, I took time to see whether this program will survive the need of time or not. Apparently, I have seen it grow. It rised from ashes. Today, i feel great to write about this program.

Tik Tik Cash is one of the legitimate get paid to program, that offers all - get paid to read emails, get paid to refer, get paid to complete offers, get paid to complete games, get paid to join survey sites........Huhhhhhh!
Took my breathe away!
Joining is Free and you also get $5 just to join. The earning potential in each segment varies between $1 - $50. So, you can make some quick cash instantly.

Currently only members from USA are accepted. You can request your first payment when you have earned $100, thereafter you can cashout every $50. Payment is made via Paypal. The member must have a U.S. verified Paypal address.

International members don't get disheartened. Checkout my posts on other GPTR programs that accept members internationally.

Keep earning with a Smile!
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