Friday, September 5, 2008

Be an Online Guide = $$$

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Now this one, though, sounds quite similar to my previous post on Live Person, yet this one is far ahead in the race. is a highly rated site and is managed by The New York Times. It provides an excellent online knowledge database that provides information, guidance, and advice on a variety of topics. How about making money online with them??

They are constantly recruiting individuals known as "guides" in their terms, with expertise and experience in a specific area. You can write on hundreds of categories including animals, business,movies, gadgets, getaways, cooking, financial planning, cars, food, gardening, fashion, employee rights, etc. Above all, anyone can apply and your article would be read by audiences globally.

You can apply online. Whether you are approved or not, you'll be notified within 8 weeks. The more quality articles you produce, the more money you can make. is a highly rated site by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. This means, your articles will be read by hundreds and thousands of visitors online everyday.

You can set your own schedules to write. Only original content is permissible. The compensation is very lucrative. As of 1st January 2007, if your content's page view grows year after year, then you are never going to make less than $725 per month. Now, this is not BS* mind it. They are here and they mean business, so the money their guides make is all REAL.

Check out their site to find everything in detail.

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