Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review Products - Get Paid


You must have learnt enough about paid to review products online. Well, Dooyoo is no different. It pays you to  review products. Straight and simple ways to make money here.

We all use different kind of products daily. We pay to buy these products. So, if we get a chance to voice our opinion on that product, then we shouldn't be behind. Moreover, if it pays! Money earned would literally be a kind of cashback on the product that we purchased.

There are hundred of product categories. Before you start off, make sure you were in touch with that product. Don't bluff advertising companies. Dooyoo initially gives you points for reviewing the products. Later on, these points are converted into cash, sent to you via check, or converted into Amazon certificates for online shopping, according to one's wish. The minimum threshold for requesting a payment is $100. It also offers first, second and third prizes to the top 3 reviewers each month. These are cash prizes.

Check out the site to learn more!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Make Money Both Ways

Review Me

Hey all!

Today I would reveal, how to make money in a dual way. I hope, most of you know about this website called Review Me. Well, if you don't, then let me just brief you out with this. It is a paid blogging site, where advertisers post their opportunities, and bloggers like us take up those opportunities by writing a post on our blog about their website.

In simple words, they pay you to write posts about their products on your blog. To know more about paid blogging and other similar sites, check my label "Paid Blogging".

Now lets discuss the root point of this post. How to earn both ways?

First, join Pepper Jam Network. To know what is Pepper Jam Network, check my earlier post "Affiliate Marketing Sucks... But PepperJam Network Rocks". After reading that, come back to this post.

Now that you know what is PJN, it becomes easy for you to understand. Review Me is an advertiser with PJN and is offering an irresistable offer to its affiliates. For every new Blogger who signs up with Review Me, which is Free, and whose blog gets approved to write paid posts for them (not so difficult), PJN is giving away a hefty commision of $25 to its affiliates.

Now, bringing new bloggers to Review Me is not at all difficult. Every blogger wants to earn through paid posts and signing up is absolutely Free. Don't you think $25 for a lead like this, is worth enough. Trust me people are making $1000's through PJN.

So, this is how I make money both ways.
  • Firstly, I promote the PJN banner of Review Me, as shown above. So, whoever joins through the above banner, I get $25.
  • Secondly, being a member of Review Me, I write paid posts for them, which leverages my income each month.
My Tip:
  1. Firstly, join Review Me and write paid posts for them.
  2. Secondly, promote Review Me through PJN and earn commisions.
So, same company makes you money in two ways.

All the best!
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shared Reviews - Next level work at home


As the name suggests, people get paid for sharing their reviews. It can be termed as a social networking site, since you interact and earn along with others in the same community, but offering ways to make money online, at the same time.

Shared Reviews is yet another paid to review site. But, with a twist. In fact, it takes the paid to review funda to the next level. Here, not only do you get paid for writing a reiview, but you also get paid for voting others' reviews.

The advertising revenue generated is split as 50/50 between Shared Reviews and the member. Since, you also get paid for voting, invariably this prompts members to actually vote for others. So, this increases your reviews' visibility and thus, you earn more from the revenue generated. The 50/50 split is also not bad, though. If your review earns $20, then you get $10 plus a part of your $10 is also shared amongst all voters, whether it be one or hundred. If there are no voters, then you can keep it all. Apparently, you are also going to get a share for the votes that you gave away.

Nice bet!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paid to Search


We all do what we are best at..... Search........Search.............and search everyday. It could be for anything. Legitimate online money making opportunities, work at home jobs, PC softwares, wallpapers, and more. In fact, our searches help those search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn to make money. But they never share their revenue with their users. Well, Scour does! Scour offers ways to make money and is now paying people to search web. Search results won't be compromised upon. The results are fetched from the big 3 - Google, Yahoo & Msn.

Scour calculates your earnings in points which you can redeem later on. The points can be exchanged for Visa gift cards with denominations ranging from $25 to $100. You can also refer friends and grab 25% of their earning.

Honestly speaking, I haven't joined the program. So, whether they are legitimate and pay on time or not, remains a question for me. However, I've read from my fellow bloggers that there is a cash out option in the control panel of the member's area. If they pay, I'll update it in one of my future posts. Until then, you can check out the site. However, the look of the site is very promising and professional.

Keep searching.............!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Review Stream - A small time earner


If you haven't come across Review Stream, then it's still not late. The site looks cool enough. It is an international site, where you can write about anything and everything. No boundation of topics. You get paid a flat rate of $2 through Paypal, for every article that you write. Ways to make money through writing online.

The payment they offer might not be very attractive, even I feel so. But, considering the fact that even small pennies will add up to a great amount at the end of the month, I won't let go such offers.

Certain benefits of Review Stream outshine its payrate of a meagre $2. Like you can write a review on anything.... it could be a review about a grocery purchase you did today, or something your heart wants to say today..... Anything!
Secondly, no such approval process on joining. You can join for FREE and start earning immediately.

Above all, I believe if I write even 3-5 articles per week, i would make around $20 per month. And to me, $20 is a good enough amount that I cannot afford to neglect. All such small amount add up to a big amount into my Paypal account at the end of each month.

What do ya say...........
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Earn your Moola online


Once again I am back with a great new site. I wonder if you have heard of this site before. Moola is a fun and interactive game site that has come up with a revolutionary game, where one can convert 1 cent into $10,737,418.24

Mind it, this is real money that I am talking about. It has become quite popular and is a rage amongst money seekers who wish overnight richness in a legitimate way. You don't need your money to play this game. Just play and make money online.

When you join, Moola gives you first cent to play the game. Thereafter, you can use that cent to further multiply it to reach the jackpot amount. You win during the stages and lose some. To add funds to your Moola account, you can refer your friends. You can double your money anytime by challenging any player. You'll play against each other in a quick and exciting two player game. Winner's money doubles, while the loser loses his risked amount.

Absolutely no downloads is necessary. Always free to play, since it is fully supported by advertisers, and then cash out for real money. A great new entertainment concept that lets anyone turn 1 cent into $10 million for FREE!

Are you still waiting...............!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Sucks... But PepperJamNetwork Rocks

International Quotes

Hey all!

I am pretty excited today to write about this online revolution. Yes, it's called Pepperjam Network. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I am NEVER fond of Affiliate marketing. Because I like to work for myself and not for others. I don't like selling other people's products. But, Pepper Jam has something to offer, which is indeed irresistable. It even pulled a guy like me into Affiliate marketing and indulge into such ways to make money.

After doing all the research work on Pepperjam netwok, screening all other fellow bloggers, I have decided to jump into this bandwagon of profits.

Let me tell you what Pepperjam is offering and what makes it different. Firstly, Sign Up is easy and FREE. A large number of big advertisers are already under its belt. Big advertisers............Huge Commisions....... blah...blah.....blah......
Ehhhhhh......! So what's

Yeah! The money lies with this Company, but in a different way. And people across the globe are making money with it. I am revealing this today, only in my blog.
Since, Pepperjam Network is a new kid in this field, it needs recognition. So, instead of promoting other affiliate products through PJN, start promoting PJN itself. Yes, money lies in promoting PJN itself.

This is how:
PJN is giving away a hefty $7 to its member for bringing in every new affiliate/member. Yes! Since, sign up is Free, huge number of sign ups happen everyday. The new Affiliate who signs up through the specialised banner as shown above, gets a $10 Sign Up bonus, while the existing member gets a hefty $7 commision for bringing the new affiliate. And PJN gets a new affiliate. So its a win-win situation for all.
To make you even happier, PJN pays you twice each month (on 1st and 15th of each month) through check or Paypal, so you are never too late to get your earnings.

So, if you join PJN through the banner shown above, you get a $10 Sign up bonus while I get $7 for sending a new affiliate to PJN. Trust me, as per my research, other bloggers are making $1000's every month through this program, by sending new affiliates. If you are not joining, then you are losing your share of the online revenue being generated.

Happy Money-Making!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Earn Online as a Writer


If you all liked my previous post on copywriting and also looked forward to more posts on freelance writing jobs online, then this post will provide you more information. However, check my earlier posts and labels on paid to write, to learn of websites providing such jobs for work at home agents.

Helium is a hugely popular site and will help you make easy money by writing articles for them. You can earn for writing on anything. However, you earn more if you write on specialised topics like business, mortgage, refinancing, financial planning, to name a few. Helium is also good for those who are lazy enough (he.....he......he) to create, maintain and promote a blog.

Though, I would refer Helium only for long-term income prospects. Since, a good article can earn you $1 during its start. But, considering that it would make you earn lifelong, your long-term income becomes bright. What if you could write 20 articles per month. Surely, after 6 months, all these combined articles will fetch you lifelong residual income, since the site gets thousands of readers everyday.

To earn more, be consistent and disciplined. Stick to your writing schedule and write some quality articles every week.

Have a great day!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yuwie rules


Yuwie has entirely taken the online community by storm. Yes, it's a social networking site with a twist. People across the globe are jumping on this bandwagon to make money by socializing. It works like any other networking site like MySpace and Facebook. In fact, most of you reading this now are already Yuwie members.

Simply join Yuwie, create your profile - got to make it attractive remember, socialize with others, thats it! Money automatically comes in rolling. Find old friends, make new ones, and all fun with money attached.

The method is simple. Every single hit to your profile means cash. So make your profile attractive. Above all, Yuwie has gathered hundreds and thousands of members. So, your profile will get a lot of views. You also earn a part of your referral earnings. All this would add up to a good amount at the end of the month. Keep your profile easy to view. Don't upload unnecessary video and music files. Keep your visitors happy by uploading quality articles on your profile & blog. If visitors like it, they would return everyday to your profile, which means steady income at a regular basis. Finally, post comments. More comments would mean more traffic.

Well, if you really like to socialize and interact with others, then give it a shot. After all, you would get paid for what you like.

Happy networking............!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Make Money from Ebooks


You must have come across a lot of sites online, who sell ebooks on a variety of topics, from instant riches to daily guides, etc. Ebooks are nothing but an online version (digital) of a print book. When you buy such books, no physical shipment of the book takes place. You are given a link from where you can download the book to your PC. The book is usually in PDF format, a universal format to read text and graphics online.

Thats all for introduction! Lets talk on how to earn money online. You don't need a professional qualification to write an ebook. Simply write a 10-20 page document and convert it into an ebook (pdf) with softwares like Primo Pdf, which can be downloaded for free from software sites. Remember, the subject of your ebook must be scintillating enough, that should compel the readers to buy it. Ask yourself about your ebook... Would you buy this ebook? If you won't, then others also won't. A subject like "make money at home", "earn $1000 per week", etc. sells like wildfire nowadays.

Then, simply put your ebook for sale on sites like Clickbank, Booklocker, Digibuy, etc. They, will advertise your ebook through their affiliates, and whenever there is a sale, they will deduct their commission from your sale price. In my opinion, people take a wrong route to earn online.
Instead, of earning affiliate commissions, become a seller. Sell your own digital products like ebook and make more money.

Think about it!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is HTmail good enough?


The question hovers my mind, since I came across this site called HTmail. There's no question about its legitimacy, since many online users are recommending it as genuine GPTR program to make money. What pulls me back is the income potential. No different from others, it pays in cents, but I don't understand why I am not getting "this one's good" feel. After going through the site, I think "Is it worth my time"?

Let me share it with all of you. Hopefully, you all can help me make up my mind with your comments. They pay a good $0.10 (10 cents) for every email ad you click and $0.02 for each of your referral click. As of now, the payment is pretty good. What I don't like comes up next. Payment is made every 3 months. Now, who on Earth would like to wait for 3 long months after they have earned the minimum payout. Sounds absolutely disheartening!

They send payment through check or Paypal. The minimum payment through check is $25 while it is $15 through Paypal. It works completely on opt-in email strategy.

I am skeptical to join it or not. However, you all can check it out whether it's really worth to the online community.

Do comment!

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