Saturday, November 29, 2008

Earn your first online $5 within 2 days


If you have a blog or website, then you gotta check this out to make money online. An incredible income opportunity for webmasters and bloggers. Money4Banners is a new approach to Web site advertising that uses a standard 468 x 60 pixel banner, which is much more visible and appealing to surfers.

They'll reward you with $5.00 every month, as long as you keep three of their 468x60 ads. Your site may be large or small, with a high or low traffic count, but you'll continue to receive $5.00 for as long as you retain the ads. What could be simpler?

Join now, and you'll receive $10.00 after a successful signup!

How it works

• Enter your contact information

• Tell them which 3 pages of your Website you wish to display the adverts on.

• Within 24 hours they will provide you with your advertising banner and code.

• Place these on to your site.

• Once this banner is on your site you will receive $10.00 and a further $5.00 for every month the banner is displayed on your site.

It's as simple as that!
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Increase traffic with blog directories


Before you can monetize your blog, you need to rank your blog well in this online industry. And to rank it well, you can't neglect the importance of submission of your blog to blog directories.

Blog directories are a collection of useful resources that are available online. Unlike search engines that deliver your site to a visitor only when a particular keyword search is made, a blog directory, perhaps lists your blog or site permanently in its database and shuffles its position and rank as per your blog's traffic over the years.

The various advantages a blog directory offers are:
  • Free traffic
  • Valuable backlink
  • Increases your Pagerank
Perhaps, a blog directory is very useful for new blogs with Pagerank 0. Since, these blog directories have a Pagerank of 4 or higher. This means you are getting a backlink to your blog from a PR4 site, absolutely free. A similar backlink, whereas would cost somewhere around $100 per month. Imagine if you submit your blog to 10 blog directories per day, it would mean 10 valuable PR4 or higher backlins for that day.

This would increase your Google PR in its next update. Moreover, you stand to receive free traffic from them as well.
Below is the list of few top blog directories on world wide web. Try submitting your blogs to them for FREE.
All the best!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to hide, disable or remove navbar from blogger


If you ever desired to get rid of that odd-looking navbar floating uselessly on top of your blogger blog, or ever feared of any visitor flagging your blog through the navbar menu, then its time to shed your fear.
Today, I would tell you in easy steps on how to remove or disable or hide the navbar from your blog.

  • A navbar looks like this

  • Sign in to your blogger account and click on layout

  • Next, click on HTML

  • Next, add the below html code as specified in the below image

  • Save your changes
Remember, this trick only hides or disables the navbar. It does not delete it. So, if ever you wish to show your navbar again, simply remove the code from the html page, that you inserted right now.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vertical Text and Image Scroller for Blogs



Do you see the scroller on my sidebar showcasing my blog updates? My search for this scroller finally ended. I was, in fact, searching for this scroller for a long time, and am sure many of you would also be interested in this mind-blowing widget, so I would share this with you all.

I spent almost one week of sleepless nights searching for this widget on web, but couldn't find a suitable one that could support text, images and links, all in one kitty. Moreover, most sites gave away complicated html codes, but only for websites. While I wanted it for blogs, precisely it should work on my blogger platform. I wanted a simple javascript code that could be copied and pasted, for people like me who know nothing about html language. 

Finally, I developed it on my own, with a little HTML knowledge. This widget is known with different names across web like text scroller, image scroller, news ticker, vertical scroller, etc.

This scroller has many advantages:
  • Supports text, images and links
  • Update your blog visitors with your updates
  • Vertically moves upwards, so very eye-catching
  • Saves valuable space of your blog by showcasing large information within a box
  • Excellent, if you are selling large number of sponsored links on your blog. Your advertiser links keep scrolling, saving space and generating more clicks from visitors.
  • No limit to the number of text, images or links it can show
Simply copy and paste the HTML code below on your blogs or websites and see the scroller come alive.
DO NOT edit the html code or it might not function properly. Only edit the portions I instruct you to do, so that you can use it on your blog as per your needs. Copy and paste the code below.

If you are using Blogger, then you already know how to add a html script to your sidebar. If you don't, then go to your Blogger; Dashboard; Layout; Add a gadget; Select HTML.
You'll come across a window as shown above.

Closely watch the above image. "Your Message scrolls here" is circled in red. This is also given in the javascript code that I have given above. Simply replace this with any text you want in your scroller. Remember, only this portion belongs to anything that you want your scroller to show. DO NOT edit anything else. Check it out, write anything in place of "Your Message scrolls here" and it will show up in the scroller. Write any number of statements, the scroller is programmed to accept all. Just keep pressing Enter on your keyboard to write a new statement on a fresh line. This makes your scroller look tidy.

Watch the above screenshot again. An arrow points towards an icon. That icon activates hyperlink. Write any anchor text you wish, in place of "Your Message scrolls here", then select that text with your mouse and click on the icon shown in the above image. It would ask you to enter the website address, to make your text into clickable links. Simple! Now sell as many sponsored links within this scrolling box and save space too.

This is a lot easier. Just upload you photos and images to any free hosting site like Flickr, Picasa, etc. After you upload, get the "Embed it" javascript code from their dashboard menu. Copy that code and paste it in place of "Your Message scrolls here" or below any text that you have added to the scroller. Your images will show up in the scroller.

Hope this tool benefits, all you bloggers and webmasters.

Leave any comments or questions you have using this tool. I'll try resolving it as soon as possible.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rate it All


Well, this one I believe, is a real revolutionary idea. People behind such sites shall receive an applause for their creative ideas. This is a kind of different money making opportunity.

Rate it All, is a site where you can share your opinions, thoughts and feelings with people across the globe. The idea is very simple. You select a topic and create a list of items under that topic. Now, others in the community will rate it numerically as per their thoughts.

Consider this example......... You create a topic, on latest song tracks of the week and list them as  1 to 10. Now everytime a visitor checks your topic, he would rate it between 1 to 10. 1 being at the top and 10 being the bottom. Whenever, your topic gets a visitor, advertising revenue is generated which is shared between Rate it All and you.

Money isn't big here, I guess, but the stuff you do here is fun and addictive. Yet, it would create a regular and steady income in the long run.

So start rating stuffs.............!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Easy $150 income per month


This is related to something, only if you have a blog or website. Well, if you said Yes! Then you can easily make $150 per month by selling ad inventory through a site called Matched. Currently, it is in beta version, so all you webmasters and bloggers, who fail to get entry to other niche ad serving sites, this is your bet. One of the easiest ways to make money online.

Matched is accepting sites, irrespective of their Alexa rank or Goole PR. Though, the payout won't be that lucrative, after all something is better than nothing. The age of your blog or site also doesn't matter.

Matched is a U.K based firm, accepting publishers and advertisers across the globe. You can make $30 per month by adding their advertiser's ad banners on 5 pages of your website. You are allowed to do this on 5 of your websites.

The steps are simple. Register with the site as a publisher. Add your website and 5 of it's subpages, it can be any and need not be high traffic pages. Similarly, you can add 5 more websites. All of them would be auto accepted. You'll then be matched with the advertisers automatically. Select the adverts, copy the HTML code and paste it on your site. They offer $6 per link per month. You can only show 1 link on 1 page.
In total, you can display 5 links on 5 pages of your website. Each link being $6 dollar value, you make 6*5*5 = $150 per month.

Easy..........................isn't it!
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mystery Shopping - Fun while you Earn


If you still don't know what mystery shopping is all about............ then let me tell you, its a fun way to make money online. Large business houses have spent a lot in each city of a country, to setup shopping malls, theatres, exclusive showrooms, etc. Now, these companies are hiring common people like you and me, whose identities are kept secret, from different localities in almost every city, to give them reviews of their experiences at their shops.

Consider this example..... You are asked, as a mystery shopper, to visit your nearby apparel store as a normal customer and make a purchase within a specicified time limit of .....say one week!

Come back home, get online and submit your buying experience at their outlet. Questions like, how the staff treated you? how much time your purchase took? etc. are asked.

On submitting the review, within one month you get the money back, that you used to purchase apparel at their store, and you also get to keep that apparel for free. There are regular and several assignments like this every month. So mystery shoppers watch movies, do shopping and get back their money next month. So, it turns out to be free. Its like having FUN for FREE.

To consider yourself as a mystery shopper, check out sites like GFK Mystery Shopping, MSPA, Grass Roots and Secret Shopper.

Happy shopping.............!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sell Links at Text Link Brokers


Once again a post dedicated to selling text link ads, off your blog or website. Text Link Brokers, though not famous enough online, yet I found it pretty interesting. They offer pretty similar to any other ad serving site. Though, I haven't joined it yet, still I believe that one can make a generous amount each month selling link ads through them. I guess, they have pretty big banner advertisers in their their joining process hints enough about this. Seems another legitimate ways to make money.

Since, Alexa rank is again a deciding factor here, so I am waiting for my blog's decent ranking, until I give them a try. It's better to wait, rather than getting your site rejected for not fullfilling their minimum requirements. You'll be paid once you accumulate $100 by selling links. So, work on your site's Alexa rank to get paid better.

After you register, you are given an access to their Parter's console. It's like your member's area where you can keep a track of your links and new offers from advertisers and your earnings. Once you submit your site, it gets reviewed manually and after acceptance, it reaches their sales staff to show it to their advertising clients for displaying links on your site.
Much hard work?!? So what........................but it pays rite!

Happy money - making!
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do you love Paid to Survey sites ?


Well if you said Yes, to the above question, then check out CIAO. It is one of the leading paid to survey sites online, and has been into existence for a very very long time.

Like any other paid to survey sites, it works on the same policies and terms of joining and rewarding its members for taking online surveys on different products and services. But one thing's for sure, that it is not run-a-mill kind of a survey site. It has been there online, and has made a quite a number of people, a good number of dollars, who had stick to it for surveys during their spare time.

As I said on my earlier posts, personally I don't like survey sites, as they are vey slow earners and can only be looked upon as a long-term earner. The major disadvantage of survey sites is that they do not offer immediate surveys to their members to make quick money. Instead, they keep their details in their database and when the advertiser comes up with a survey for a particular segment of people, then only you get to give your opinion and make some cash. It can take 2 days, 2 months or even 2 years.

Whereas, we people like quick earning with immediate access to cash...........rite?
Keep checking this blog. I am soon going to come up with many more quick earning opportunities available online.

C ya later........!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

High Paying AdEngage Ads


If you've been selling text link ads off your website, then you must be knowing how important it is to make the most of your available ad space. Well, AdEngage is not just another text link ad site.............!

It is known to display very high paying ads for blogs and sites, if it ranks really well and gets a decent amount of traffic each month. Ads are sold on weekly and CPC basis. However, weekly basis rockssssssss.
People there, are selling their ad space for a single text link ad, for as much as $20 - $200 per week. Now that's a whopping amount!

Another great feature, they have added up recently are photo ads. A small piece of photo is attached beside the text link ads. Such ads bring more clicks, since they quickly attract a viewer's attention. Simply register, give your website details and statistics, tell your price, and sit back. They'll match you with an advertiser. Put their ads and collect your money. Isn't that great......!

Here too, your site's Alexa rank is given utmost importance. After all, they pay you a great amount for the great traffic you've generated for your blog over the years.

Try it out!
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