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Vertical Text and Image Scroller for Blogs

Posted By: Jason - 11:05 PM


Do you see the scroller on my sidebar showcasing my blog updates? My search for this scroller finally ended. I was, in fact, searching for this scroller for a long time, and am sure many of you would also be interested in this mind-blowing widget, so I would share this with you all.

I spent almost one week of sleepless nights searching for this widget on web, but couldn't find a suitable one that could support text, images and links, all in one kitty. Moreover, most sites gave away complicated html codes, but only for websites. While I wanted it for blogs, precisely it should work on my blogger platform. I wanted a simple javascript code that could be copied and pasted, for people like me who know nothing about html language. 

Finally, I developed it on my own, with a little HTML knowledge. This widget is known with different names across web like text scroller, image scroller, news ticker, vertical scroller, etc.

This scroller has many advantages:
  • Supports text, images and links
  • Update your blog visitors with your updates
  • Vertically moves upwards, so very eye-catching
  • Saves valuable space of your blog by showcasing large information within a box
  • Excellent, if you are selling large number of sponsored links on your blog. Your advertiser links keep scrolling, saving space and generating more clicks from visitors.
  • No limit to the number of text, images or links it can show
Simply copy and paste the HTML code below on your blogs or websites and see the scroller come alive.
DO NOT edit the html code or it might not function properly. Only edit the portions I instruct you to do, so that you can use it on your blog as per your needs. Copy and paste the code below.

If you are using Blogger, then you already know how to add a html script to your sidebar. If you don't, then go to your Blogger; Dashboard; Layout; Add a gadget; Select HTML.
You'll come across a window as shown above.

Closely watch the above image. "Your Message scrolls here" is circled in red. This is also given in the javascript code that I have given above. Simply replace this with any text you want in your scroller. Remember, only this portion belongs to anything that you want your scroller to show. DO NOT edit anything else. Check it out, write anything in place of "Your Message scrolls here" and it will show up in the scroller. Write any number of statements, the scroller is programmed to accept all. Just keep pressing Enter on your keyboard to write a new statement on a fresh line. This makes your scroller look tidy.

Watch the above screenshot again. An arrow points towards an icon. That icon activates hyperlink. Write any anchor text you wish, in place of "Your Message scrolls here", then select that text with your mouse and click on the icon shown in the above image. It would ask you to enter the website address, to make your text into clickable links. Simple! Now sell as many sponsored links within this scrolling box and save space too.

This is a lot easier. Just upload you photos and images to any free hosting site like Flickr, Picasa, etc. After you upload, get the "Embed it" javascript code from their dashboard menu. Copy that code and paste it in place of "Your Message scrolls here" or below any text that you have added to the scroller. Your images will show up in the scroller.

Hope this tool benefits, all you bloggers and webmasters.

Leave any comments or questions you have using this tool. I'll try resolving it as soon as possible.

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