Thursday, December 10, 2009

Make Money Blogging with Sponzai


What is common between Payperpost, Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets??? Any guesses?
Well, they all are trustworthy sites offering webmasters, bloggers, tweeters and a lay web surfer... ways to make easy money by one of the leading and renowned web company IZEA Inc.

Sponzai is yet another feather in its cap, launched in the month of November 2009 by IZEA. It is especially designed to help bloggers make more money through sponsored guest posts. If you have a blog, then you must be knowing what guest posts mean! Perhaps, a guest post is a post written by any known person or simply by a visitor of your blog on any topic of his choice, pertaining to your blog's niche topic. However, you approve whether that post should be published on your blog or not.

Sponzai works in a similar fashion. An advertiser compensates you with cash if you publish a post on your blog, that they have written. You simply need to copy the post that they have written and paste it in your blog, and then publish it. Once published, copy the URL of that post and submit it to Sponzai, so that they can verify that you have completed the task for which you have been compensated. In short, it is a sponsored guest post.

How it Works

1. Claim your blog

All you need to get started is to enter in the address of your blog, add a category and some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from sponsors.

2. Choose your offers

As offers come in you can accept or reject them. Offers will be shown under the tab labeled “guest posts” in your account. You will also see a wide variety of potential offers that you may apply for under the “my leads” tab.

3. Receive Payment

If you accept an offer and it is approved, your account will be credited within 30 days of your post. You can cash out once your account reaches $50. Payment is done via Paypal.

Well, if you are already registered with your blog with any of the Izea websites like Payperpost or Socialspark, then you need not claim your blog, as mentioned above in "How it Works". Your blog must have been included and your account must have been already setup at Sponzai by the Izea team, and you will be informed via email regarding this.

How much money you make with each sponsored guest post through Sponzai, greatly depends on the traffic your blog gets and the Real Rank awarded by Izea to your blog. Real rank is again a measurable parameter awarded between 1 to 10 to your blog considering several factors including the amount of traffic it receives. As per my knowledge, a blog having just 25 visits per day is being offered $5 and above at Sponzai for a sponsored guest post. Can you SMELL the MONEY.... ?!?

Happy money-making!
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tweet and Earn Money with Twitter


This one is another alternative, if you want to make easy money with your Twitter account. RevTwt is another legitimate website, offering twitterers to make money from home. Based on three money making models - pay per view, pay per click and pay per sale. Needless to say, pay per view depends upon your number of followers, and remains the main attraction to make money. Pay per click and pay per sale operate as their name defines.

RevTwt pays you through Paypal at the end of each month. There are 100's of campaigns in their members' area. If you wish, you can tweet all those campaigns daily. So, if you make even $1 from one campaign, then at the end of the day, you'll make $100 from these 100's of pay per click campaigns. But remember, this will annoy your followers, and they might unfollow you, considering that you only tweet sponsored campaigns and products. In my opinion, tweet less but tweet something of your interest and your follower's interest. You'll retain your followers and generate more clicks as well.

It would be smart to tweet a campaign that pays you $100 for a single tweet, rather than sending 100 tweets for $1 each. This way your tweet won't be annoying to your followers. These campaigns have 24 hour restrictions and would be available to you again next day. RevTwt also has a feature of "Auto Tweet" where its system will automatically tweet sponsored campaigns throughout the day from your Twitter account without your manual intervention. Just activate and tell them the number of sponsored tweets you want them to tweet about each day. This way you don't need to sit in front of your computer everyday sending sponsored tweets at regular time interval.

The bottomline to all money making schemes off Twitter, is that you must have a good number of followers. At least in 5 digits. This will ensure you make good amount of money daily with just 1 or 2 sponsored tweets without annoying your followers.

To make money keep tweeting!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make Money with Sponsored Tweets


If you have enough Twitter followers, then you'll have plenty of options to make easy money. Advertisers would come running for you. There would be many alternative options for you to make money. One such company is Sponsored Tweets from IZEA. Yes, the same renowned company that is also behind Payperpost, SocialSpark, etc. and which has helped bloggers like us, make money online since a decade.

Sponsored Tweets was finally launched last month. Here you can sign up for free, and then, whenever an advertiser selects you to tweet about their campaign, they'll email you, and you just need to login and follow the instructions. Once you tweet, money is immediately credited to your account. No waiting!

Below is the kind of money people are charging to Sponsored Tweet, and yes they are getting an average of 10 campaigns to tweet about every month. I found their charges from the advertiser zone, and is subject to change from time to time depending upon their will.
  • John Chow (famous web blogger) : 48000 followers - $117
  • ShoeMoney (famous web blogger) : 78000 followers - $430
Bloggers like you and me are charging from $10 starting price. Before we reach those number of followers like our web gurus, we'll have to stay happy with these charges. And yes, reaching those numbers is not difficult at all. It's only a matter of time, because today millions of people are on Twitter, and it won't be difficult to get a few thousands of followers.

You have a chance to earn easy money with Twitter, only if you work upon maximizing your follower base. The money is not only easy to make, rather it is astronomical... and huge money.

So keep tweeting to make money!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monetize and Make Money with Twitter Tweets


After reading my previous post, you must be waiting for this post to appear on my blog. You made your follower base on Twitter... Now what?!? That's great! You've already crossed the difficult part. Now it's time to make easy money from your home.

Be-a-magpie is a web company that offers cool cash to Twitterers like you and me, to tweet about their advertiser products to your followers. Yes, simply send a sponsored tweet, to your followers from your members' area of be-a-magpie, and there you made... some cool cash doing nothing. They pay per view (depends on the number of followers) and also on pay per sale basis. So, the more number of followers you have, the more you'll make on pay per view model. I personally like pay per view model, as there is no concern about clicks or sale.

* Below is a rough estimation of pay per view model
300 followers - $0.20 to $2 approx.
3000 followers - $20 approx.
30,000 followers - $200 approx

The above earning is a rough estimation, as it also depends on the budget the advertiser is willing to pay for his campaign.

Imagine if you have 30,000 followers, then a single sponsored tweet will make you $200. If you send one sponsored tweet daily, apart from your normal tweets, then how much will you earn every month??
Just calculate: 1 tweet x $200 x 30 days = ??

Magpie pays you through Paypal every month. And, let me tell you, there are always enough sponsored campaigns to tweet about. You only need followers to attract advertisers.

So tweet and earn money!
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Make Money with Twitter | Tweet and Make Money


Launched in March 2006 by a San Francisco, CA company, Twitter is not 'unknown' anymore. This micro blogging platform has swept every web identity off their feet. Nobody ever thought that we can sell, market and stay in touch within just 140 characters. Yes, with just 140 characters, you can make easy money off Twitter.

There are now a number of legitimate websites offering to make easy money from your Twitter account. To make easy money, you only need a Twitter account, free to join, and then simply create a large follower base by following others and also tweeting about your favorite topics.

The more followers you have, the more money you'll make. To get followers tweet frequently and also follow others. As a matter of courtesy, others follow you back when you follow them. But, don't follow more than 100 followers daily, or else Twitter will block your account as spam. Twitter also has a policy that becomes active once you follow 2000 people, that at least, that number of people should follow you back, before you can follow some more. Beyond this point, you can only follow 10% of your total number of followers. Twitter has this in place to avoid spammers open up false accounts.

So start following, wait for them to follow you back and then unfollow who didn't. This way, you'll be able to maintain a healthy ratio of following and the number of followers. This will also enable you to make new following. Remember, never mass follow or unfollow. This will keep your account active.

Also don't use boring default Twitter template. Design, customize and upload beautiful templates available on web for free. Customized, with a personal picture and interesting bio attract more followers. To get an idea, you can check my Twitter profile. And yes, did I say I'll follow you back if you follow me! (Ha...ha...ha)

Happy money making!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Improve Search Engine Ranking with Performance based SEO


Are you the one who has put in a lot of effort and hardwork in creating his blog or website? Are you the one who is still NOT anywhere near the top 10 search engine rankings? Are you the one who doesn't have money to run expensive advertising costs? Are you the one who wants to drive free organic traffic from search engines to increase sales? Are you the one who still wants to make easy money online from his blogs or websites? Then Performance based SEO is for you. Performance based SEO is a service where they don't ask you for any upfront money. They improve search engine ranking of your website and when your site achieves top 10 ranking on Google, then only they charge you their fees depending upon the keyword of your site.

In my opinion, this is by far the most happening service being offered on internet. Especially for people like us who do not have enough financial aid to run expensive PPC campaigns or other advertising means. Performance based SEO services are either run by an individual or by a registered Company. I would suggest a Company service, as they take a more professional approach towards your goal and customer satisfaction through support services.

With performance based SEO, you have nothing to lose, because they don't charge any upfront money. Absolutely NO UPFRONT MONEY, in most cases, depends from company to company. They first make an initial analysis of your website including, current ranking, pagerank, link popularity, competitors, etc. Based on these parameters, they ask you for a fees that they would only charge when your site achieves top 10 ranking on Google. If you agree, they start off with your campaign, including on page optimization, link building and other 'white hat' SEO techniques.

This kind of SEO service sounds good to me because I have no risk of money involved. As soon as I achieve the ranking, I can start monetizing my website through sales and advertisements. Very easy at that time because of the huge traffic my site would be receiving then. Through those sales and advertisements, I can easily pay their fees and still I would be left with enough money to enjoy life........
In fact I was totally thrilled when I learnt that such kind of services also exist on internet. Through extensive search on Google, I have zeroed into top performance based SEO service being offered on internet now.
I am sure all of us want to improve search engine ranking and achieve top 10 ranking on Google. But money constraints always push us back. With such services being offered on internet, we can expect a brighter future of our online activities. One more point to tell you all, always select a performance based SEO that follows only 'white hat' SEO techniques to achieve ranking. If someone promises you top 10 ranking in just 1 month, then they might use 'black hat' SEO techniques which is penalized by all search engines. No wonder you would achieve top 10 ranking  with 'black hat' technique in just 1 month, but that is shortlived. Sooner or later the high end technology of Google will detect your 'black hat' techniques and will ban your site forever. Imagine the effort that you have put into your website or blog all these years will go in waste within a flash. So, be careful about the services you hire and don't be greedy to achieve results very soon. 3 months to 6 months time is good enough to achieve ranking through 'white hat' SEO techniques.

Happy search engine ranking!
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Organic Search Engine Optimization | Off page optimization


I hope you all enjoyed my series of free search engine optimization - on page techniques. Trust me, if you have successfully optimized all the aspects discussed earlier in my post, then sooner or later you'll reap the benefits when Google crawls your site next. If you hire SEO services, then they would ask you to follow the same steps, I mentioned in my earlier post, but of course for a hefty price. But, here in my blog you would find everything free, be it money making opportunities, organic search engine optimization tips, tools and resources, and more.

After you have done on page optimization, what comes next is off page optimization. Off page optimization primarily focusses on link building strategy. To get a brighter picture of what link building is all about, check my previous post on link building. Link building can help you gain link popularity, targeted traffic and higher search engine ranking only if it is done effectively, properly and with due care.

  1. Always follow slow link building. Getting 100's or 1000's of backlinks in a month will ban your site from search engines, a way to ensure spam blogs and sites stay away
  2. Never take the help of automatic submission service for link building or through the use of softwares. You pay but the link never shows up. Ultimately you lose money. Always use manual submission service.

You can build links through the following ways:
  • Squidoo lens (U get a PR7 backlink)
  • Yahoo Answers (u'll get huge traffic and high PR backlink)
  • High PR Directory submission
  • Dmoz listing (very important for high ranking)
  • Blog commenting (effective but plz don't spam blogs for the sake of backlink)
  • Blog reviews
  • Article directory submission
  • Press release
  • Forum posting
  • Link baiting
  • Web 2.0 submission (Digg, Yahoo buzz, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Technorati, Sphinn, etc.)
Follow these off page optimization tips and on page optimization techniques discussed earlier and I can assure you that your website is going to rank much higher in search engine results for your keyword. With these organic search engine optimization tips you can even expect a top 10 ranking in leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn, needless to say the amount of free organic traffic you would get thereafter, which can increase the number of sales on your site.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free Search Engine Optimization | On page optimization - II


I am sure you had been waiting eagerly for this post... a continuation to my previous post. By now, if you have followed free search engine optimization techniques, to rank higher in search engines, as discussed earlier, then congrats... your half job is done. Please check the following steps, to ensure a complete search engine optimization of your website or blog.

To award a higher rank on search results, Google analyzes keywords in your Title, meta description tag, meta keywords tag and domain name. If you  want a higher ranking, then choose a domain name of your website or blog that  contains your keywords. A domain like will rank much higher for a search term 'home loans' than any domain.

Last but a vital component in search engine ranking is the content. Remember, 'Content is King'. Do not write short articles just for the sake of posting. Write approximate 250 to 500 word keyword rich niche articles. Search engine spiders like more content that is informational. Most bloggers or webmasters don't know what I would tell you now...

Always use your keywords at least once at the 'beginning of the content' and once at the 'end of the content' and either make it bold, italics or underline. This makes the spiders rank your content or post higher in search results amongst others. Howzzzzzzzzz dat...!!!!

If you use images in your post, then name those images on your keywords. This also increases your website ranking overall.

Complete all the steps in this series of free search engine optimization tips and techniques and watch your search engine rankings soar high without any out of pocket expenses on your part. Hope you all liked my free search engine optimization tips. Your comments are welcome.

Happy high ranking!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free Search Engine Optimization | On page optimization - I


Today I would give you all free search engine optimization techniques, that I myself use, to rank higher for my keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. You can use these free search engine optimization tips and on page optimization techniques to rank higher in Google and other search engines.


The most important aspect of your site. Google gives huge importance to a site's Title while evaluating a site's ranking. Make sure to use your primary keywords in Title. Your main keyword should be on extreme left and serve as a beginning of the Title. Don't stuff too many keywords in Title or else you would get penalized. Keep it short and meaningful. Don't just write your keyword, rather write a meaningful sentence containing your keyword. Separate your keywords with " | "  since it supports the ranking algorithm.


Meta tag is something the search engine spiders see, unlike human eyes that see content. Without meta tags, spiders see nothing and you lose on possible ranking. Check my previous post on how to add meta tags to your blogs or sites. Ensure that you add 3 basic meta tags at least - meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Ensure that you adhere to meta tag characteristics of maximum number of characters and keywords to be used. Don't stuff it or else penalization. Always check your meta tags with free meta tag analyzer tools available on web, to ensure meta tags are working properly and they conform to the norms of search engines, or else your site would get penalized before even you know it.

To be continued in next post...
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

High Search Engine Ranking through Link Building


You have put in the effort and research to put your blog or website up and running. You have also put valuable and great content, but if no one visits your site, if nobody knows the great content your site has, then its totally not worth. To get high search engine ranking you need relevant backlinks.

Many people looking to make easy money online through their blogs or websites overlook the importance of link building. Of course, you can spend on PPC advertising to gain fresh traffic instantly. But not everyone can afford high PPC budget. And what when your budget runs dry? In my opinion, organic ranking and organic traffic is much more valuable, though not instant results, but is a great ROI in the long run. Very stable and very effective.

Remember, search engines like Google rank websites on the basis of relevant one way backlinks. Reciprocal links are now given least importance. So, the more number of relevant one way backlinks you have, the higher are your search engine rankings. So work towards building your backlinks. If you ever decide to spend money in the promotion of your website, seek long term results by buying links.

Perhaps, the links will bring some traffic, not huge, but over time when Google crawls and indexes your site on the basis of backlinks, you will get laser targeted avalanche of free organic traffic. The bottomline is, what kind of high search engine ranking you want? Instant through PPC advertising, if you have long term budget, or stable organic ranking and free traffic in future. You decide...

Happy link building!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Link Baiting | Viral Marketing Strategy


Today everyone is talking about link baiting in the online community. Link baiting is nothing but a viral marketing strategy to promote your blog, website or services through one way link building.
Several online SEO services are now offering link baiting services at a cost that might burn a hole in your pocket. The prices are high because it is now the most effective tool in promoting your websites and services virally.

According to Google, link baiting is perfectly alright to promote your websites and it would not get penalized for using this strategy. Link baiting conforms to the 'white hat' SEO techniques, and hence, it would only help your blog or website rank higher in search engines. Needless to say, the huge traffic your site would get instantly through this link building strategy.

How Link Baiting Works:
  • You write a compelling post or article in  your blog or website (keyword enriched Title and post)
  • A compelling post can be highly informational or could offer a free tool, software, flash games, etc.
  • Once written and posted, the link of the post are submitted to high traffic social networking websites
  • Your post is seen by thousands of visitors of web 2.0 sites, and from there it gets picked up virally
  • Readers, if they like your post, they then place your post link in their blogs or websites and also promote it through forums, discussions, etc.
  • Going from one to another, your link gets distributed across the web virally
  • You get hundreds and thousands of backlinks, huge traffic and as a result rank higher on search engines
Happy money making!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make Money Blogging | Start from Scratch


If you have stepped into the shoes of a blogger and are determined to make easy money from online opportunities, then this post will guide you how to make money online, right from scratch. To make money from blogging, follow the steps:


You need to create a blog. Choose your niche topic, but do some research before starting up. Keep two things in mind while choosing a topic for your blog. Firstly, the topic must run in your blood. There must be enough content in your mind, that should come out as regular posts, because blogging is a lifelong activity. It's of no use, if you start off with a kick, but the fizz disappears in the long run. Remember, search engines rank regularly updated blogs much higher in the search results.

Secondly, do not start off your blog blindly on a topic that interests you. Leading and top ranked bloggers do their homework before starting a blog. Sign up to Google Adwords, not for advertising, rather to use their high-end free research tools. Use their keyword research tool, to check how many monthly searches are done for your keywords in Google. This will give you an idea whether you will get any traffic or not for the topic that you'll blog about. No point using a keyword that no one searches. Through that tool, find out what is the trend of the search, search volume, nature of traffic and traffic distribution countrywise are all important aspects that should be considered while choosing your keyword topic. A well balanced blend of your favourite topic and the most or adequate searched term, should be the topic you should start blogging to make easy money in the long run.

Happy money making!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sell Photos and Make Money from Home


Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, Dreamstime gives you an opportunity to exhibit your camera skills and make residual income from it, known as royalties. Though, not huge earners, but microstock photo industry has enough to offer the online money makers. Creating multiple source of income from different microstock photography sites is the best idea to leverage your income. Simply upload your photos to different sites and give them non-exclusive rights to distribute. This will bring you steady and regular residual income by helping you to make easy money.

Dreamstime has a 5 level tier system to promote a fair policy. This enables existing photos to move up the level, while giving a chance to new arrivals to catch attention. The amount of money you make from your photos depends on the size of the file, its quality and the number of downloads. At an entry level, you can make upto $1 per image download that can rise to $14 per image when you reach 100 downloads. The payment is done via Paypal, Check, Payoneer or Moneybookers when you reach a payment threshold of $100.

There are some minimum requirements to get your uploaded photos approved:
  • The photo must be original
  • You must own the copyright of your image
  • Image must be 3MP in size, saved in JPG format
  • No offensive content like nude, drugs, racism, etc
  • Add a description to your image
For more information and a detailed money making chart, check out the site.

Happy money making!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Write and Make Money with Demand Studios


I am sure you would love this money making opportunity I am going to discuss today. Demand Studios has revolutionized freelance writing jobs from home. People have turned from part time home workers to full time earners from home with Demand Studios. And, these are not empty promises! The professional look of the site speaks for itself. Learn how to make easy money, by reading below.

Why Write for Demand Studios??
  1. Thousands of topics to write for
  2. Get paid flat fee per assignment or revenue sharing program
  3. Work full time or part time
  4. Get your articles read by millions (Top 15000 site by Alexa)
You also stand a chance to get upfront payments, which sets Demand Studios apart from other freelance job sites. To apply for a freelance job with Demand Studios, all you need is a Resume and a writing sample. Signing up is absolutely free. No fees ever. You get paid via Paypal and that too weekly. Gr8!!!

Now let me give you some vital statistics of Demand Studios which will set your heart pumping...(ha..ha..ha)
As of today, 1st June 2009 Demand Studios:
  • has a total of $208,182.00 worth of assignments available
  • has 70,308 assignments available
  • has 69 filmmaking, 29308 writing, 10 transcribing, 3429 copyediting, 34386 title proofing and 69 other freelance jobs available
  • has paid $13,406,559.00 collectively to its members
Do you need more reason to join...???

Happy money making!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make Money Writing at Home


This one goes for both bloggers and money makers from home. If you are a blogger, then you know how tiring job it is to write quality niche articles to post to your blog. Or if you are just an online surfer, who looks for ways to make easy money online. Well, then Textbroker is your call.

Text broker is a place where you can buy copyscape passed articles, which means it has never been published elsewhere on web, with full usability rights at an amazingly low price. The price starts from just $1 per 100 words. They have writers from all walks of life. You can place an order open for all writers or you can directly hire a writer of your choice from their list. You, first need to upload balance in your account from Paypal or credit card and then place your order. Your order will be completed within your turnaround time and you have 3 days to return the article if you are not satisfied, and you won't be charged. With such low price, now you don't need to worry about your fresh content for your online journals.

For money makers, the same compensation holds true. Simply, register for free with Textbroker and then look up into member's area for open projects. You will get paid $1 for every 100 words you write. There are numerous projects on different topics. You will certainly find one for yourself. Your earning entirely depends on the number of words and number of articles you can write. You can work part time or full time.

Did we say... Every word counts!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to Make Money with Project Payday


Making money with Project Payday is pretty similar to paid to sign up sites, where you get paid to sign up for offers. Project Payday has taken the online community by storm, because of the sole reason that it pays way more than other paid to sign up sites. Yes, if you have completed offers on other sites and got paid somewhere between $5 to $15, then here at Project Payday you'll make around $20 - $60 per offer. Ahhhhh..... tempting!?!

Let's see how it works...
You sign up for an offer under someone else's referral link. Let me mention, you sign up for a trial offer. Let's say you sign up for a 7 day trial of a software. Once the transaction is complete, that person pays you $20 - $60 the very next day. Once people get their money, they cancel their trial offer and keep their $20-$60 that they earned.

People like you and me simply sign up to different offers, get their money, and then they cancel their trial offers. They do this again and again, to make easy money. You can complete enough offers daily, if you devote just an hour everyday. The biggest drawback of this system is that, this money making opportunity is only available to US traffic.

Happy money making!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make Money with Cash Crate


If you like to make easy money from paid to sign up sites, then CashCrate is one great option for you. I would personally suggest this site primarily for US citizens only, as they would find bulk offers to make easy money. You can get paid upto a staggering $15 per offer, it depends. You can easily complete 10-20 offers in an hour and make somewhere around $15. Now $15 is not bad for 1 hour of work.

They also have abundant offers for their members to sign up. You can quickly login to your member's area and make some quick and fast cash completing few offers. Carefully read the requirement of those offers, to ensure thet the amount gets credited to your account without any discrepancy.

You can make around $15 an hour here. The amount of money you make here entirely depends on the availability of the offers, your interest level to sign up and your typing speed. CashCrate pays you through Paypal if you meet the payment threshold by the end of the month.

You get paid to complete surveys, join free sites, by referring others and more. It never charges any fees to its members. A complete free to join money making site.

Happy money making!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freelance Jobs from Home through LimeExchange


If you are tired of trying out every other promising freelance jobs from home in despair, then here comes Limeexchange to your rescue. I found this freelance site extremely professional and promising. I have myself tried out several freelance sites to make easy money, but only in vain. But, when I say I say support this site, then I mean it, because it's really there with a difference.

The important aspects of this relatively new site are:
  • Though, it works on same bidding principle, don't get disappointed, coz there are thousands of freelance jobs on offer.
  • Free to join site. No money asked at any point of time. Only if your bidding wins, a nominal fee gets deducted from your payment. Pays via Paypal, check, etc.
  • No stale jobs. Everyday fresh businesses post jobs through LimeExchange and hire freelance workers from home.
What interests me in LimeExchange is abundance of work and arrival of fresh new opportunities everyday. From simple data entry work to designing a website, from selling your leads to simple typing work, you'll find a job that would interest you and match your skills as well.

Happy money making!
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Make Money with eHow


We all want to make easy money online... We all want a continuing residual income with least effort... Isn't it? Then eHow is a site that would offer you the best of both worlds. Yes, you make money online today and then it automatically runs on autopilot to build a residual income for you as long as you are alive. Sounds interesting...!?!

Lets discuss further. eHow is a site where you can publish your own articles and you get compensated for it on the basis of traffic your article receives. Let me tell you that eHow has an Alexa rank of less than 300. So you can imagine the amount of traffic it gets. You can write an article on anything that you believe, can help others.

eHow is a free to join site and pays you monthly via Paypal. A few of them even make around $1000 monthly in residual income here. I came across an interesting post by one of its money making member. He set a goal to write just two articles each day for 2 months, that would equal nearly 120 articles. At the end of the time period, his earning is around $145. I know you would say its too less for 2 months work, but let me tell you, he is now going to earn at least $145 each month, and the earning can only grow hereafter.

So, set a target for yourself, put in some effort, publish your articles and... sit back! Money is now on autopilot for you. Your residual income keeps growing thereafter.

Happy money making!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

List of Online Money Making Sites... Part II

Hey all!

The list of top money making sites online, mentioned in my previous post continues below...

  • (at clixsense, you get paid upto $5 for each ad you click. This one differs greatly from the other paid to read sites on the net, because not only are they highest paying, rather they also offer $5 for each referral. And, if you upgrade to a premium member, no obligation as such, then you will make 10 times more money than a free member even without referrals)
  • (join to get paid instantly. no waiting for payments with this website)
  • (get paid 5 cents per text message you receive by joining)
  • (even though this site pays through prizes, it is one of the best around. you earn "chips" for searching and other things which can be redeemed)
  • (get paid to test free products. The company sends you free products to test and give your opinion)
  • (this site pays you every night. Join now for free and get paid tonight for completing various tasks)
  • (get paid $1000 dollars per month for viewing a 30 minutes sales video each week. you will make money faster by referring others. but, you will earn even if you don't refer. This program is totally free to join and earn. The fees mentioned in the information overview is the money the advertisers will be paying you for viewing the video presentations, not the money you have to pay for anything)
  • (a  good site to check out for the latest legitimate work from home jobs)
  • (this is the reputed website where you get paid for completing a HIT - Human Intelligence Task. This is a MUST see site to make easy money with a reputed brand company with the easiest job. Example of a HIT - is like check where a pizza is located in a photo and you get the money...isn't that simple!)
That's it!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for this list.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

List of Online Money Making Sites... Part I

Hey guys!

I have compiled the top money making sites available online that's worth a mention and is a must for all online surfers who want to make easy money online. These are highly recommended. In the mean time, some sites might have skipped my mind. Share your knowledge and add up sites in the comment box below, if you want me to mention those ones here.
  • (make money by selling products online. sell items which, apparently, you don't use anymore)
  • (pays you to submit articles, jokes, reviews, etc.)
  • (get paid to evaluate websites with this company)
  • (the site pays you to join 20 free survey sites, even if you are already a member of them)
  • (get a quick $25 in your paypal account for filling out the forms in this site)
  • (get paid a flat rate for each blog post that you write)
  • (get paid for each forum entry you make)
  • (a free list of jobs including things like... answering online questions, proofreading online content, writing articles, handwriting work at home, mystery shoppers, online tutors, and more... These are all legitimate and free jobs)
  • (an automated system that pays members upto $1 per hour to have your computer running while viewing websites)
  • (this site pays you within a week)
  • (pays within 72 hrs)
  • (the site pays you about 5 cents each to post your opinions on any subject. The site is great! All of your earnings are posted the next day in your stats counter)
  • (if you want to earn more from a paid to read site, then try readerspaid from this site. they will pay an easy $100 per month for 5 minutes worth of work with no referrals necessary. However, if you do refer members, you will earn possibly thousands of dollars each month. You will be paid for each ad you click on. To make more money, simply fill out the forms or submit your email address. The great thing about this site is how easily and quickly your account is credited. You are not required to paste confirmation emails or anything, other than instantly submitting the information. Check your earnings the next day or so after completing the offers and you will see that upto $5 or more has been credited to your account for only a few minutes of work. There are no timers so the entire daily process takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Money Making Miscellaneous Opportunities Online

Hi all!

Well this would be my end of this season's awareness and tutorial posts, wherein my idea was to inform my blog readers about various money making online opportunities which are absolute scams, so that they are aware and don't get trapped. After this, I would now again migrate to my signature posts on various money making online sites.

Well, there are some online money-making opportunities which may not fall into a particular category discussed earlier. These sites pay you just to watch web commercials for some 20-30 seconds. Here, the advertisers pay the online surfers in order to popularize and create awareness about their product or services. They wish to drive targeted traffic to their website and wish their visitors stay on that site for a stipulated time frame. These sites are different from the ones discussed in "Get paid to..." section. The diffrence can be analyzed by visiting such websites.

For example:

I discovered this site, long time back, when I didn't run this blog, and made quite a good amount of money which they sent me through Western Union Money Transfer.

But, now they have wrapped up their services, and the domain is now parked. I'll let you know about similar websites in my future post as soon as I discover them.

Online casinos are also popular amongst a certain group of people worldwide. Knowledge of various casino games, enable such people to make a good amount of money each and every month. Although, online casinos are often regarded as illegal in some countries. Yet, skipping this topic, would have created a void in this blog.

Personal Note:
Web commercials are a fun way to make money. While, I personally, don't recommend online casinos. Online casinos are referred here solely for the purpose of sharing the knowledge of its existence on world wide web. At your discretion, you can make a search on search engines for the available online casinos.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Process Emails and Make Money... Absolute Scam!

Such email processing jobs available online are no different than the data entry jobs discussed earlier in my blog. This scam involves compilation of email addresses of prospects, again by advertising through online classifieds or forums and receiving payments from them, if the customers decide to buy the product or membership, whichever applicable. Avoid this as a way to make easy money.

Such jobs are very critical. If the customer does not provide his email address on his own will, and if you happen to send him your sales email, then you would be accused of spamming their mailbox.... and Spam abuse is a cyber offence in most countries.

Some websites promise to pay a huge $25 per email that you process. Although, their legitimacy is still questionable. Often, you would find such sites disappear once you achieve your payment threshold.

Personal Note:
For me, any website that asks any kind of fee to pay me back... rings an alarm in my mind. So before trying out any such programs, you must analyze the program well before you give it a try!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant


If making money online is what keeps you going... then you gotta learn more about this available opportunity online. This is also a high paying job, where the company pays you on an hourly basis. You decide when to work and how many hours to work...!

Again, the concept is logical. The company reduces its overhead expenses of a full time employee by routing the calls or chat sessions to the home based workers. Additional equipments, such as PC, phone connection, bill payments, may be provided by the company.

The payment can range from $10 - $25 per hour. You can easily calculate the amount of money you can make here weekly, as per your availability to the work. You simply have to respond to the customer queries, make sales, register complaints, etc., and get paid handsomely for your effort. Not to mention, you get the comfort of your home while working too.

Personal Note:
There are a lot of freelance websites seeking virtual assistants for their clients. All you need, is to find the right one which works best for you. The work is legitimate. Might involve coutry specific participation. Make a search on the search engines, to find the company that seeks your services.
Let me make it easier for you by giving you an example site:

All the best!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make Money Online with Freelance Jobs


I am sure you have heard about freelance jobs available online. These are the perfect home jobs, for anyone to make easy money. Many companies across the world outsource their work, to the home based workers, in order to minimize their overhead expenses of a fulltime employee. On the other hand, the home worker enjoys the flexibility of staying at home, NO 9-5 office hours, NO commutation, NO boss, NO uniform and still can get his regular paychecks at home for the work done.

These jobs can vary from data entry, medical transcription, clerical typing, telecommuting, online tutors, data conversion (image files to .doc files), call centre jobs, virtual assistants, etc. But to find a genuine freelance website is a tough task. Moreover, the fees for their services is also a matter of concern.

I came across these freelance sites. Please understand that I don't endorse them. So think twice before you would like to join.
 Think before you take any action...!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Make Money as an Essay Writer


Do you like writing...??? Have an excellent grasp on English language and grammar...???
Then this one's for you to make easy money.

Qualified people in English with a good academic background can seek the position of an essay writer for a great pay each and every month. An individual is paid as per the assignment assigned to him or her. The pay varies from $5 - $18 per page. Huhhhhhhhhhh.......... tempting isn't it...??

Websites requiring such serices are genuine and do not require any fee to join. You only need to submit your application which will require upto 48 hours for them to approve or reject. These projects require deadlines to be met, and you are paid on per page basis. These are legitimate jobs where you complete assignments for students. These students post their academic assignments on such sites, so that they can enjoy their vacations without ever worrying about their assignments to complete. At the end of the month, you can make a substantial amount, by just typing 3-4 pages per day, on your computers at home.

I came across these two fine sites which offer such services:

Personal Note:
You can consider this as a legitimate typing job at home, where your knowledge of English language will pay off. Your creativity and reference from available resources would definitely add up in your favor. So start writing and get paid. Simple!
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can You Make Money Online with Data Entry Jobs??

Today, reasonable  number of websites pop-up on world wide web promising web surfers, a legitimate data entry job online. But, is the data entry job offered, as such, really legitimate...??? Is it for everyone....??? Can they really offer ways to make money??

Such questions keep haunting my mind. Let me give you some types of data entry jobs available online. Perhaps, you can make a search on search engines to get the list of available data entry jobs worldwide.

Some data entry jobs involve, merely cut and paste jobs online. Firstly, they ask you for a membership fee to access their member's area and to provide you with training materials. After you pay for your membership, you find that you have been cheated. There is no such data entry assignment which you can do to get your paychecks. Instead, what they ask you to do, is to copy their ads, given in the training material and submit it on all the online classifieds, forums, blogs, chat sessions, email, etc., with your affiliate ID. Now any membership you bring through your ads would entitle you for a commission. The commission paid depends invariably. Some pay you per response, some pay per click and some pay per sale of memberships.

There are also a set of data entry jobs available nowadays, which seem to have achieved immense popularity. Such data entry jobs are not the conventional ones, and offer huge money within a short span of time. The results, may however, vary from individual to individual, depending on various factors. Such websites also charge a fee, to share this piece of knowledge. Such jobs do not require ad pasting on different classifieds or forums. They provide you with a list of 10000 companies, for whom you would be writing 5 lines of ads and submit.

These companies would pay you huge, to market their product or service, through your innovative ads. Now everytime you bring a customer for their product through your ads, they pay you a share of their revenue generated. The right attitude here is not only to write creative ads but also to market your ads properly, may be with the help of Google Adwords program.

Personal Note:
From my point of view, such data entry jobs are not genuine earning programs. They, in fact, propel you to scam other people to sell their memberships. On the other hand, other data entry jobs mentioned above involves some expense from your own pocket in order to achieve success.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is MLM...? Can anyone make money off it?

Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing is an age old online program. Here, the individuals associate themselves to a parent company as an independent contractor and are compensated based on their sales of products or service, as well as the sales achieved by their referrals. This is one of the age old ways to make money.

Sounds like Affiliate Marketing.............huhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Multi-level marketing has a recognised image problem due to the fact that it is often difficult to distinguish legitimate MLM's from illegal scams.


Personal Note:
At this point of time, simply avoid MLM's. Since, its difficult to find a legitimate MLM online, as of now. Never join a program where you smell something fishy or where something seems confusing.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is HYIP...? Do they actually pay?

High Yield Investment Plans, or commonly known as HYIP, as the name suggests, asks you to invest some amount with such online companies. Some may offer you 10%-15% daily of your invetment, while others may boast of offering you a phenomenal 100%-200% of your investment for a period of 30-90 days. You can search for several HYIP programs with the help of a search engine. I won't suggest this as one of the ways to make money online.

Personal Note:

A legitimate HYIP program is still a question I keep asking to myself. I would suggest, better to stay away from such programs, unless you decide to take the risk. On the other hand, if you happen to come across some really legitimate company which won't shut its doors after taking your money... then please let me know!!!
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Other Get Paid to Programs

There are several other 'get paid to' programs. Such as get paid to shop online. If you are a regular online shopper, then this is the best place to save some of your money. They provide you with instant cashback for any purchase you make online. The money you save is the way to make money online.

Other companies pay you to drive your own car. They simply put a decent advert on your car. So the next time, whenever you drive your car out, you earn money from such companies.

Some websites claim to pay you... to preview movie trailors too. While others offer you to play games online. Such earning opportunities are absolute fun. You get paid for things that you have always enjoyed doing online.

Personal Note:
Please note that all the previous posts on 'Get Paid To...' programs involve country specific participation. The examples mentioned herein, are solely for illustration purpose. There are some GPTR programs which may offer you $100 or above to read their emails. From my experience, I can assure you that such websites never pay. So decide, all by yourself, whether a program you would like to participate into is legitimate or not. Programs pay, but it is upto you to diffrentiate between the right and the wrong ones.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Paid to take Surveys

Hi all!
This one promises perfect money for stay at home moms, disabled, students, etc. Such companies need your opinion in order to improve the quality of their products and expand their market, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. To complete their surveys, you simply need to submit their questionaire of some 20-40 questions with multiple choice answers.
The more lengthy a survey is... the more cash you make.
You can expect to earn $25 - $100 per survey.
Some of the promising survey sites I found:
But remember, these  survey sites are very slow earner. You might come across 2 surveys tomorrow or you might come across a single survey after 1 year. And it might take 1 year to reach the payment threshold depending upon the number of surveys taken.

So decide yourself............!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get Paid to Sign Up

Hey all!
Paid to Sign up is another extension of get paid to sites. Such programs are free to join too. In their member's area they show a wide variety of offers to sign up with. Different offers have different sign up criteria. Some may just ask your email address, while others may ask your credit card details. 
However, most of the sign up offers are free to join. Every offer you sign up with, makes you cash. Its easy to earn here, just by signing up with free offers.
Some paid to sign up sites:
Check them out........!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get Paid to Surf

This is by far the easiest way to make money opportunity available. These programs are free to join and only ask you to download their small toolbar. These toolbar simply occupy a part of your computer screen, every time you are online, and continuously show advertisements within their frame.

It keeps running in the background silently and does not affect your browsing experience or the work you are doing on your computer. They pay you on hourly basis. So, if you spend most of your time online, then this is a perfect way of making cool cash, enough to pay your internet bills at the end of the month. The amount you earn depends on the number of hours you remain online every month.

Some paid to surf sites I came across:

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