Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sell Ad space on your blog directly with this widget


If you are tired of giving away a large portion of money generated from your Ad inventory to sites like Text Link Ads, Performancing Ads, Backlinks, Adengage, etc. where the split ranges from 50/50 to 50/70. So, you end up making only half the money the Advertiser pays to place his Ad on your blog or website.

And, if you are looking to sell your Ad space directly to Advertisers without losing much money, then this is your bet. With Linkshowoff, you can sign up as a publisher and place a simple widget as shown above.

The advantages of Linkshowoff widget:

• The widget makes the links into “nofollow”, so you don’t lose your Pagerank.

• All blogs including blogspot blogs are accepted.

• Linkshowoff only takes away a fixed $3 as its commission. Whether you earn $10 or $100, you only pay $3 to Linkshowoff as a commission.

• Payment is made thorugh Paypal

• Payment threshold is just $10

• Linkshowoff has a large advertiser database, so you can get ads directly from their advertisers.

• You can also sell ads directly to your blog visitors, through this widget.

Feel tempted.......................?
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Short Commercial on Phone Earns you Money

Oh my God!

I wonder, what else is left in this online world to explore in the coming days! Websites are coming up each day with unexpected revenue generating ideas meant for we people. Truly, world wide web is ever expanding. Again, one of the easiest ways to make money.

Brring is a website which offers you to make money to receive any calls and every calls on your telephone number. When you register for the Brring service for free, you get a Brring phone number, a substitution to your own telephone no. through which you want to make money. Now, distribute this no. to your friends, family members, colleagues and all.

Now, everytime someone calls you, a short commercial announcement is played which the caller hears, before they get connected to you. Thats it! Money is in your account. Isn't that sooooooooooo simple. You earn more, if you are the one who receives hundreds of calls each day. They also have a revenue sharing program to maximize your earnings. I've heard people advertising their phone numbers, so that they receive more calls and hence, make more money. I won't discuss the unethical ways, as I don't support them. Trust me, Brring has earned great reviews in the blogging world. So check it out.

Trrrrrrrrrring........Trrrrrrrrring............Money rings!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Turn $370 into $7300 in just 2 months

Hey all!

Well, we all dream to make easy money online in no time, with very little or NO effort....right! Until now I never purchased any program online, because I knew that anything that asked money online was never a legitimate program. But, this program has changed my mind. Not only did I purchase this program, but I also recommend this to all my blog readers who DREAM BIG IN LIFE. Unlike others, this one not only promises but also delivers.

Earning Screenshot

Check their website here

Let me sum up for you all, why this one is of My Kind!
  • I am very lazy. I like Autopilot money (ha....ha....ha)
  • I know nothing....absolutely nothing about Forex. Still i am making $1000's monthly
  • I like quick money in shortest time possible
  • I like to EARN BIG..... not in pennies
If all the above points are your taste as well. Then this program is for you. I purchased this program last month, but started using it from this month because of the holiday schedules. And in a matter of just 2 weeks, I have already made $970. Hey!...........I feel like I am in heaven. I am glad that I invested in a right kind of product.

Check their website here

Earning Screenshot

Let me tell you what it is.
It is a Forex robot that I purchased from these guys, and its working wonders. I went through their instructions manual and set it up. Its like 1-2-3.
A Shut-it-Forget-it system. Everyday I just wake up and check the growing account balance that the Forex robot delivers. The Forex robot works flawlessly and makes me money 24*5 since the Forex market works Monday to Friday.

Check their website here

At first I was skeptical to learn Forex and invest money in it. But, tell you what....... I STILL KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOREX....... but am making huge money out of it everyday.

Earning Screenshot

Their instructions are very easy....even a dumb could follow it.
A terrific customer support team backed by member forum.
A 100% Money Back Guarantee. So I had nothing to lose. But, I am glad that I gave them a try.
Remember they are selling this robot at a dirt-cheap price compared to the return it offers.
They have a reason to sell this robot..... that is they use this money to fund their account so that the robot can trade more and make more money for them. Sounds good!

You gotta check them out!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Earn through Phone Consultation


You sold your advice and consultation through paid to answer sites and paid to chat sites.......rite? Now move a step further! Yes, now you can offer your advice through your phone during your spare time. No hassles of installing Skype or other softwares. Pretty easiest ways to make money.

Ether is a site, where you can register as a member with your telephone number (home, office or private) and how much you would like to charge per call............per minute, per 5 mins, per 10 mins, or whatever you like.  
Tell your availability to receive such calls at your convenience. Your phone number is kept private and you are given an Ether no. Your client actually calls your Ether telephone no., which then gets connected to your personal telephone no. through their server. It is a prepaid system, where the client pays in advance before he gets connected to you.

Some great benefits with Ether are - NO software installations like Skype, etc., NO spammy calls since the client has to pay in advance, and your actual phone no. remains protected, since it is substituted with Ether no. meant for such calls.

Ether keeps 15% commision and the rest is paid to you through check or direct deposit to your bank account. A very reputed site in its business field, it lives upto the expectations of its members and helps them make a great amount of money during their spare time.


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Friday, January 16, 2009

Xomba - Paid to Write Article


Well, this is quite similar to my previous post. Xomba literally performs exactly the same way the HubPages work. Except for the fact that the revenue shared with the member here is 50/50. The key to earn with Hub Pages and Xomba and other similar sites is to select an article from your blog or website and simply copy and paste it into all such sites. There won't be any issue since you are the owner of the content to publish it anywhere across the web, at the same time, your single article will make money through multiple sites. So, here also you can put your existing article to work, no fresh content required......... if you are lazy like me..........ha..........ha.........ha

There are several categories. Sure enough, your article would fit into one of those. Advertising revenue is generated in the same way as Hub Pages, i.e., Google Adsense. Though, Xomba is not as much popular and highly ranked like Hub Pages.

Xomba didn't please me much. However, you can check it out, if it fits your bill or not.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Paid to Chat


Enough flirting around in chatrooms.......... We all know the reason why we enter chatrooms!? Primarily to chat with opposite sex for friendship, love, flirting or reasons best known to oneself.................(you know what I mean!.......ha........ha.........ha)

At times, when we are sad and want to share our sorrows, then also we enter chatrooms just to ease our nerves.

But, today I would reveal a better reason to chat. Yes! chat to make some money online. Chit-chatters who are like never ending talkative machines, have a great prospect of income awaiting here at a site called Jyve.
It works on an IM platform, where people like you and me get paid to chat online. You are paid to give your useful advice and consultation to other online chatters. In other words, it can also be termed as a paid to answer site.

To earn with Jyve is very easy...
  • Simply register with their site
  • Enter into their chatrooms
  • Join a discussion
  • When a question is asked, give a partial reply
  • When the questioner gets interested in your reply and wishes to chat with you in private through Skype or online IM, you earn money.

Just tell the rate you would like to charge, during sign up process, from which 20% is kept by Jyve as setup fee. Honestly, the income through this source remains unpredictable, as you can judge it yourself.

Yet.................keep chatting!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Paid to Write Articles


We discussed almost several paid to write article sites over a past few months. Well, here's another one. Hub Pages is a pretty respected site which shares revenue with all such freeleance writers, who earn through their articles. The share is 60/40 split between Hub Pages and the writer respectively. The article would earn you a regular and steady income throughout your life.

You don't even need to create fresh content for Hub Pages. if you already have a blog or website, then you can simply copy-paste the content in your article. This saves time and you make money out of your existing and laid off content. It works like any other revenue sharing site.

Google Adsense codes are integrated in your article and then the revenue generated is split between the two of you. The best part is, it offers you the flexibility to integrate more tools like your affiliate ID of different programs that you are promoting as a member, like eBay affiliate ID's, etc., so you can actually maximize your earnings through affiliate sales. Hub Pages is highly ranked on search engines, so your article will get huge traffic and the possibility of a sale is maximum.

Create your Hub.............!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Make Money writing for


If you believed that pen is mightier than sword and are always on the hunt for online writing jobs, whether big or small, then this is your take. You won't make any big amount though, yet this can make you enough during your spare time to pay your bills. One of my ways to make money. is a sort of revenue sharing site that offers its writers, a share of the revenue, from each article they write for the site. The writer gets a 50% share of the revenue earned. The rest is managed by the site to pay the voters and affiliates. For example, if your article earns $40, then the writer gets a whopping $20. Not bad............... ehhhhhh!

Each article receives a "Goodness rating", determined by the number of votes it receives from its readers. A combination of "goodness rating" and the number of views received by the article in 24 hours determines the article's worth and the amount of money the writer earns.

The paymrnt is made at the end of each month through check, with a minimum threshold amount of $25. So far, I was reluctant to write about this site due to its low earning potential, but then the promising reviews across all weblogs forced me to write this post.

Hope this post serves some purpose........... to some of us!

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Friday, January 2, 2009 rocks as Paid to Click


I am sure a GPT click program called isn't hidden anymore. The entire online community is joining this program to make their online income become a reality. One of the easiest ways to make money online. is one of the legitimate online GPT click program, that I've come across. They have huge number of advertisers, which means you have more ads everyday to click. They have already served more than 50,000 ads since their launch. With huge referrals under their belt, their members are making astronomical income from this program.

The best part visible to me is that you can make payment requests everyday. Payment is sent through Alertpay, an online payment processor. Another feature I like is the news updaet ticker which gives regular updates of the program to its members on its site. This proves that there are some professional staff working behind the program and it's not a hoax company.....launched and forgotten!

With referrals, people are making $100 - $2000 with this program. A promising and tempting program, I feel. Check out my previous post on "Earn More from GPTR Programs", to maximize your earning.

All the Best!
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