Friday, January 16, 2009

Xomba - Paid to Write Article

Posted By: Jason - 3:36 AM


Well, this is quite similar to my previous post. Xomba literally performs exactly the same way the HubPages work. Except for the fact that the revenue shared with the member here is 50/50. The key to earn with Hub Pages and Xomba and other similar sites is to select an article from your blog or website and simply copy and paste it into all such sites. There won't be any issue since you are the owner of the content to publish it anywhere across the web, at the same time, your single article will make money through multiple sites. So, here also you can put your existing article to work, no fresh content required......... if you are lazy like me..........ha..........ha.........ha

There are several categories. Sure enough, your article would fit into one of those. Advertising revenue is generated in the same way as Hub Pages, i.e., Google Adsense. Though, Xomba is not as much popular and highly ranked like Hub Pages.

Xomba didn't please me much. However, you can check it out, if it fits your bill or not.

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