Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Paid to Host Files

Posted By: Jason - 10:47 PM

Do you upload files, pictures etc. all the times on various file hosting or picture hosting websites (like rapidshare) for your friends/clients to download?

Yes? Then you can now earn some good amount of cash by hosting it at Ziddu and just doing nothing extra. Just host your files at Ziddu and get paid $1 CPM for each file view or download.

Ziddu provides 100% free file hosting solution which pays you $1 CPM (10,000 downloads will give you $10) for each unique file download. You can upload any type of files like pics, audio/video, docs, pdf, zip or any other type you want to send to others. Each file can be upto 200MB each, which is good enough for any regular use.

So if you upload files to share it with others, next time upload them at Ziddu. They work exactly same like other file hosting sites, but also pay you good amount of money.

They also have a control panel where you can see all your file listed and how many times each file is downloaded (and hence how much money you made). Payments are done through PayPal and MoneyBookers. So even if you live in a country where PayPal is not accepted, you can still make money online.

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