Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Beautiful Social Bookmarking Buttons for Blogger

Posted By: Jason - 3:23 PM


Do you see the big and beautiful social bookmarking buttons at the footer of my each post?? Aren't they B..E..A..U..T..I..F..U..L..?? Well, if you want to make money online from your blog, then you need to popularize your blog. And what else can be a better idea.... than to give your readers an opportunity to submit your post to different web 2.0 sites and help you make it a hit. Its like you popularizing your blog with numerous hands of your readers.

Trust me, if you write a good post with a real good content, then your readers will definitely submit the post to different sites of their choice, or they themselves will follow you and bookmark your site.

If you are using blogger like me and want to install this code to your blog posts... then simply copy the html code in the box below (exclude " sign in the beginning and in the end for the code to install correctly) and go to your blogger account -- Layout - Edit html  and "check" the Expand Widget Template....
And paste the code after...  "<data:post.body/>" 
Just below "<div class='post-footer'>"

Now Save the Template. Congrats!!! Now check your blog... you'll find these lovely big and beautiful bookmarking buttons visible. Click on each of them and check if the buttons are routing to those social bookmarking sites with your correct post links... ! Hope these buttons will bring more traffic to your blog eventually, by popularizing your blog and would hence, help you make more money from your blog in future.  

If you appreciate my effort in providing you with these free tools for your blog, then please support my blog and submit any of my posts that you like, to any social bookmarking site you prefer, with the help of these buttons. I would appreciate your favor in popularizing my blog!!

Thanks in advance...!

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