Sunday, April 12, 2009

Laser Targetted U.S. leads to Boost Your Sales and Traffic

Posted By: Jason - 1:50 AM


Are you spending huge money on Google Adwords or other advertising platforms...???
Are you a Safelist Broker............???

You might be paying $0.50 to $3.00 per visitor for your keywords "work from home", "make money online", "earn money online", "home business", "home jobs", etc. to drive targetted traffic. I am sure you are paying a hefty amount to Google to drive such traffic monthly.
  • I have a list of 5000 prospective customers, who are my customers for several of my products in "Make Money Online - Work from Home - Home Business" niche.
  • All these potential customers have a purchase capacity of $300 per month (my internal survey suggests)
  • Each list includes the first name, last name, postal address and email address, time date stamp and IP address. and also phone nos. in most leads.
  • These leads opted in from our various advertising campaigns and agreed to receive information on how to earn money working from home.
  • Each lead has opted in specifically to receive info on how to earn money working from home, so NO SPAMMING.
  • The leads are absolutely fresh and are less than 30 days old.
  • All emails and other info about the customers are ACTIVE.
  • All leads are of U.S customers.
  • I will send you these 5000 geo-targetted leads in an Excel file within 24 hours, for an introductory price of just $99 (Send payment to Paypal email: )

I am sure you would generate a lot of sales for your product or services from this optin list. You won't get such geo-targetted customers from any search engine in bulk unless you pay a very large amount. Think about it...........!!!

If you need further info on pricing, bulk order or payment, please do not hesitate to contact me via Contact Form on my sidebar.

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