Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Journey to Make Money Online

Posted By: Jason - 8:28 PM

Hi folks!

For over 6 years now, I have been doing extensive research on internet. During my initial days, like any other boy-next-door, I was simply excited to download wallpapers, mp3's, softwares for my PC security, emailing and chatting with my friends and relatives online, etc. But, slowly I got addicted to internet surfing. Within a few months, I moved on to the next level. I looked beyond emailing and chatting now. I became obsessed with online surfing by then. I could skip my meals anyday but not online surfing. I started browsing internet for 10-16 hours a day. Yet, it did not quench my thirst. I never felt tired, because I enjoyed it.

By this time, I had started to look out for ways to make money available online. I was looking for some extra pocket-money to pay my internet bills. At the same time, I was looking to make a fortune out of my surfing habits. Since, I enjoyed it so much, that I started hunting ways to make money online right in the comfort of my home. I, no longer wanted to commute to jobs anymore and wished no one could boss over me.

During this phase of time, I came across innumerable websites. Everyday, I made innumerable searches on various search engines online. Perhaps, they delivered millions of results, too, which promised me instant cash or fast cash or something like that. And I kept visiting those websites, hoping that it would deliver results as promised.

But, most of the time, I didn't get the desired results for some reasons or the other. Sometimes, these online companies turned out to be scams, which fled away with their investor's money. Or sometimes, they didn't deliver scope for the amount of money, as promised. Eventually, they prompt you to scam other people as well, after taking your money. Sometimes, these online companies ask you to buy their membership in order to provide you with work, which sounds scam too.

Everything is described in detail in the following posts of my blog, with my personal comments. People across the globe are utilising such online activities to earn a fortune. It's upto you, to pick up the one which suits you best.

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