Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is an Email Scam?

Posted By: Jason - 6:58 PM
Hey all!

Before I proceed to discuss the online opportunities available, I would like to share one of my experiences and warn as well, to my readers, something which is known as an email scam. So that my readers can be aware of such a scam and prevent themselves being caught into such an activity.

Each one of us do have an email account and we know how to use it and it's purpose....rite? Isn't it?

Now what is an email scam? This is one of the most popular scam in recent years which circulates on internet once in a while. Some nasty elements online, set this scam as a trap to take personal information out from "active" email accounts.

Ok. This is how the scam goes. One day you login to your email account and find a mail stating that you have won some millions of dollars or pounds in an online lottery system, although you never played that lottery. It says that your email address had been inserted randomly into their system with several other online email accounts. And fortunately, your email account has come out with the winning numbers. Hence, you are entitled to receive this huge money.

Next their email contains a batch or reference or a file number, which you, the owner of the winning email address is supposed to forward it to their fiduciary agent a.l.a attorney, whose contact email address would be mentioned therein, to process your claim for the funds.

Now what's the catch???
The catch is, that the attorney will now ask you to send your personal details like name, address, telephone no., zip/postal code, marital status, etc., to process your claim. Now once you give your personal details, you are trapped.

The attorney now says that your cheque along with some documents like authorizing certificate, bonafide owner certificate and a money laundering certificate, to prove the authenticity of the money, has been sent to their courier department. Now, you are supposed to pay them some hundreds of dollars in order to receive your prize money. So now if you pay, then you are in a total loss. You will lose your money, your personal information is already lost by then and you won't get anything from them as well.

Continued in next post...

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