Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant


If making money online is what keeps you going... then you gotta learn more about this available opportunity online. This is also a high paying job, where the company pays you on an hourly basis. You decide when to work and how many hours to work...!

Again, the concept is logical. The company reduces its overhead expenses of a full time employee by routing the calls or chat sessions to the home based workers. Additional equipments, such as PC, phone connection, bill payments, may be provided by the company.

The payment can range from $10 - $25 per hour. You can easily calculate the amount of money you can make here weekly, as per your availability to the work. You simply have to respond to the customer queries, make sales, register complaints, etc., and get paid handsomely for your effort. Not to mention, you get the comfort of your home while working too.

Personal Note:
There are a lot of freelance websites seeking virtual assistants for their clients. All you need, is to find the right one which works best for you. The work is legitimate. Might involve coutry specific participation. Make a search on the search engines, to find the company that seeks your services.
Let me make it easier for you by giving you an example site:

All the best!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make Money Online with Freelance Jobs


I am sure you have heard about freelance jobs available online. These are the perfect home jobs, for anyone to make easy money. Many companies across the world outsource their work, to the home based workers, in order to minimize their overhead expenses of a fulltime employee. On the other hand, the home worker enjoys the flexibility of staying at home, NO 9-5 office hours, NO commutation, NO boss, NO uniform and still can get his regular paychecks at home for the work done.

These jobs can vary from data entry, medical transcription, clerical typing, telecommuting, online tutors, data conversion (image files to .doc files), call centre jobs, virtual assistants, etc. But to find a genuine freelance website is a tough task. Moreover, the fees for their services is also a matter of concern.

I came across these freelance sites. Please understand that I don't endorse them. So think twice before you would like to join.
 Think before you take any action...!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Make Money as an Essay Writer


Do you like writing...??? Have an excellent grasp on English language and grammar...???
Then this one's for you to make easy money.

Qualified people in English with a good academic background can seek the position of an essay writer for a great pay each and every month. An individual is paid as per the assignment assigned to him or her. The pay varies from $5 - $18 per page. Huhhhhhhhhhh.......... tempting isn't it...??

Websites requiring such serices are genuine and do not require any fee to join. You only need to submit your application which will require upto 48 hours for them to approve or reject. These projects require deadlines to be met, and you are paid on per page basis. These are legitimate jobs where you complete assignments for students. These students post their academic assignments on such sites, so that they can enjoy their vacations without ever worrying about their assignments to complete. At the end of the month, you can make a substantial amount, by just typing 3-4 pages per day, on your computers at home.

I came across these two fine sites which offer such services:

Personal Note:
You can consider this as a legitimate typing job at home, where your knowledge of English language will pay off. Your creativity and reference from available resources would definitely add up in your favor. So start writing and get paid. Simple!
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can You Make Money Online with Data Entry Jobs??

Today, reasonable  number of websites pop-up on world wide web promising web surfers, a legitimate data entry job online. But, is the data entry job offered, as such, really legitimate...??? Is it for everyone....??? Can they really offer ways to make money??

Such questions keep haunting my mind. Let me give you some types of data entry jobs available online. Perhaps, you can make a search on search engines to get the list of available data entry jobs worldwide.

Some data entry jobs involve, merely cut and paste jobs online. Firstly, they ask you for a membership fee to access their member's area and to provide you with training materials. After you pay for your membership, you find that you have been cheated. There is no such data entry assignment which you can do to get your paychecks. Instead, what they ask you to do, is to copy their ads, given in the training material and submit it on all the online classifieds, forums, blogs, chat sessions, email, etc., with your affiliate ID. Now any membership you bring through your ads would entitle you for a commission. The commission paid depends invariably. Some pay you per response, some pay per click and some pay per sale of memberships.

There are also a set of data entry jobs available nowadays, which seem to have achieved immense popularity. Such data entry jobs are not the conventional ones, and offer huge money within a short span of time. The results, may however, vary from individual to individual, depending on various factors. Such websites also charge a fee, to share this piece of knowledge. Such jobs do not require ad pasting on different classifieds or forums. They provide you with a list of 10000 companies, for whom you would be writing 5 lines of ads and submit.

These companies would pay you huge, to market their product or service, through your innovative ads. Now everytime you bring a customer for their product through your ads, they pay you a share of their revenue generated. The right attitude here is not only to write creative ads but also to market your ads properly, may be with the help of Google Adwords program.

Personal Note:
From my point of view, such data entry jobs are not genuine earning programs. They, in fact, propel you to scam other people to sell their memberships. On the other hand, other data entry jobs mentioned above involves some expense from your own pocket in order to achieve success.

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