Thursday, June 11, 2009

Make Money as an Essay Writer

Posted By: Jason - 11:38 PM


Do you like writing...??? Have an excellent grasp on English language and grammar...???
Then this one's for you to make easy money.

Qualified people in English with a good academic background can seek the position of an essay writer for a great pay each and every month. An individual is paid as per the assignment assigned to him or her. The pay varies from $5 - $18 per page. Huhhhhhhhhhh.......... tempting isn't it...??

Websites requiring such serices are genuine and do not require any fee to join. You only need to submit your application which will require upto 48 hours for them to approve or reject. These projects require deadlines to be met, and you are paid on per page basis. These are legitimate jobs where you complete assignments for students. These students post their academic assignments on such sites, so that they can enjoy their vacations without ever worrying about their assignments to complete. At the end of the month, you can make a substantial amount, by just typing 3-4 pages per day, on your computers at home.

I came across these two fine sites which offer such services:

Personal Note:
You can consider this as a legitimate typing job at home, where your knowledge of English language will pay off. Your creativity and reference from available resources would definitely add up in your favor. So start writing and get paid. Simple!

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