Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Make Money with eHow


We all want to make easy money online... We all want a continuing residual income with least effort... Isn't it? Then eHow is a site that would offer you the best of both worlds. Yes, you make money online today and then it automatically runs on autopilot to build a residual income for you as long as you are alive. Sounds interesting...!?!

Lets discuss further. eHow is a site where you can publish your own articles and you get compensated for it on the basis of traffic your article receives. Let me tell you that eHow has an Alexa rank of less than 300. So you can imagine the amount of traffic it gets. You can write an article on anything that you believe, can help others.

eHow is a free to join site and pays you monthly via Paypal. A few of them even make around $1000 monthly in residual income here. I came across an interesting post by one of its money making member. He set a goal to write just two articles each day for 2 months, that would equal nearly 120 articles. At the end of the time period, his earning is around $145. I know you would say its too less for 2 months work, but let me tell you, he is now going to earn at least $145 each month, and the earning can only grow hereafter.

So, set a target for yourself, put in some effort, publish your articles and... sit back! Money is now on autopilot for you. Your residual income keeps growing thereafter.

Happy money making!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

List of Online Money Making Sites... Part II

Hey all!

The list of top money making sites online, mentioned in my previous post continues below...

  • (at clixsense, you get paid upto $5 for each ad you click. This one differs greatly from the other paid to read sites on the net, because not only are they highest paying, rather they also offer $5 for each referral. And, if you upgrade to a premium member, no obligation as such, then you will make 10 times more money than a free member even without referrals)
  • (join to get paid instantly. no waiting for payments with this website)
  • (get paid 5 cents per text message you receive by joining)
  • (even though this site pays through prizes, it is one of the best around. you earn "chips" for searching and other things which can be redeemed)
  • (get paid to test free products. The company sends you free products to test and give your opinion)
  • (this site pays you every night. Join now for free and get paid tonight for completing various tasks)
  • (get paid $1000 dollars per month for viewing a 30 minutes sales video each week. you will make money faster by referring others. but, you will earn even if you don't refer. This program is totally free to join and earn. The fees mentioned in the information overview is the money the advertisers will be paying you for viewing the video presentations, not the money you have to pay for anything)
  • (a  good site to check out for the latest legitimate work from home jobs)
  • (this is the reputed website where you get paid for completing a HIT - Human Intelligence Task. This is a MUST see site to make easy money with a reputed brand company with the easiest job. Example of a HIT - is like check where a pizza is located in a photo and you get the money...isn't that simple!)
That's it!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for this list.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

List of Online Money Making Sites... Part I

Hey guys!

I have compiled the top money making sites available online that's worth a mention and is a must for all online surfers who want to make easy money online. These are highly recommended. In the mean time, some sites might have skipped my mind. Share your knowledge and add up sites in the comment box below, if you want me to mention those ones here.
  • (make money by selling products online. sell items which, apparently, you don't use anymore)
  • (pays you to submit articles, jokes, reviews, etc.)
  • (get paid to evaluate websites with this company)
  • (the site pays you to join 20 free survey sites, even if you are already a member of them)
  • (get a quick $25 in your paypal account for filling out the forms in this site)
  • (get paid a flat rate for each blog post that you write)
  • (get paid for each forum entry you make)
  • (a free list of jobs including things like... answering online questions, proofreading online content, writing articles, handwriting work at home, mystery shoppers, online tutors, and more... These are all legitimate and free jobs)
  • (an automated system that pays members upto $1 per hour to have your computer running while viewing websites)
  • (this site pays you within a week)
  • (pays within 72 hrs)
  • (the site pays you about 5 cents each to post your opinions on any subject. The site is great! All of your earnings are posted the next day in your stats counter)
  • (if you want to earn more from a paid to read site, then try readerspaid from this site. they will pay an easy $100 per month for 5 minutes worth of work with no referrals necessary. However, if you do refer members, you will earn possibly thousands of dollars each month. You will be paid for each ad you click on. To make more money, simply fill out the forms or submit your email address. The great thing about this site is how easily and quickly your account is credited. You are not required to paste confirmation emails or anything, other than instantly submitting the information. Check your earnings the next day or so after completing the offers and you will see that upto $5 or more has been credited to your account for only a few minutes of work. There are no timers so the entire daily process takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Money Making Miscellaneous Opportunities Online

Hi all!

Well this would be my end of this season's awareness and tutorial posts, wherein my idea was to inform my blog readers about various money making online opportunities which are absolute scams, so that they are aware and don't get trapped. After this, I would now again migrate to my signature posts on various money making online sites.

Well, there are some online money-making opportunities which may not fall into a particular category discussed earlier. These sites pay you just to watch web commercials for some 20-30 seconds. Here, the advertisers pay the online surfers in order to popularize and create awareness about their product or services. They wish to drive targeted traffic to their website and wish their visitors stay on that site for a stipulated time frame. These sites are different from the ones discussed in "Get paid to..." section. The diffrence can be analyzed by visiting such websites.

For example:

I discovered this site, long time back, when I didn't run this blog, and made quite a good amount of money which they sent me through Western Union Money Transfer.

But, now they have wrapped up their services, and the domain is now parked. I'll let you know about similar websites in my future post as soon as I discover them.

Online casinos are also popular amongst a certain group of people worldwide. Knowledge of various casino games, enable such people to make a good amount of money each and every month. Although, online casinos are often regarded as illegal in some countries. Yet, skipping this topic, would have created a void in this blog.

Personal Note:
Web commercials are a fun way to make money. While, I personally, don't recommend online casinos. Online casinos are referred here solely for the purpose of sharing the knowledge of its existence on world wide web. At your discretion, you can make a search on search engines for the available online casinos.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Process Emails and Make Money... Absolute Scam!

Such email processing jobs available online are no different than the data entry jobs discussed earlier in my blog. This scam involves compilation of email addresses of prospects, again by advertising through online classifieds or forums and receiving payments from them, if the customers decide to buy the product or membership, whichever applicable. Avoid this as a way to make easy money.

Such jobs are very critical. If the customer does not provide his email address on his own will, and if you happen to send him your sales email, then you would be accused of spamming their mailbox.... and Spam abuse is a cyber offence in most countries.

Some websites promise to pay a huge $25 per email that you process. Although, their legitimacy is still questionable. Often, you would find such sites disappear once you achieve your payment threshold.

Personal Note:
For me, any website that asks any kind of fee to pay me back... rings an alarm in my mind. So before trying out any such programs, you must analyze the program well before you give it a try!

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