Friday, July 10, 2009

Money Making Miscellaneous Opportunities Online

Posted By: Jason - 12:21 AM

Hi all!

Well this would be my end of this season's awareness and tutorial posts, wherein my idea was to inform my blog readers about various money making online opportunities which are absolute scams, so that they are aware and don't get trapped. After this, I would now again migrate to my signature posts on various money making online sites.

Well, there are some online money-making opportunities which may not fall into a particular category discussed earlier. These sites pay you just to watch web commercials for some 20-30 seconds. Here, the advertisers pay the online surfers in order to popularize and create awareness about their product or services. They wish to drive targeted traffic to their website and wish their visitors stay on that site for a stipulated time frame. These sites are different from the ones discussed in "Get paid to..." section. The diffrence can be analyzed by visiting such websites.

For example:

I discovered this site, long time back, when I didn't run this blog, and made quite a good amount of money which they sent me through Western Union Money Transfer.

But, now they have wrapped up their services, and the domain is now parked. I'll let you know about similar websites in my future post as soon as I discover them.

Online casinos are also popular amongst a certain group of people worldwide. Knowledge of various casino games, enable such people to make a good amount of money each and every month. Although, online casinos are often regarded as illegal in some countries. Yet, skipping this topic, would have created a void in this blog.

Personal Note:
Web commercials are a fun way to make money. While, I personally, don't recommend online casinos. Online casinos are referred here solely for the purpose of sharing the knowledge of its existence on world wide web. At your discretion, you can make a search on search engines for the available online casinos.

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