Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make Money Writing at Home


This one goes for both bloggers and money makers from home. If you are a blogger, then you know how tiring job it is to write quality niche articles to post to your blog. Or if you are just an online surfer, who looks for ways to make easy money online. Well, then Textbroker is your call.

Text broker is a place where you can buy copyscape passed articles, which means it has never been published elsewhere on web, with full usability rights at an amazingly low price. The price starts from just $1 per 100 words. They have writers from all walks of life. You can place an order open for all writers or you can directly hire a writer of your choice from their list. You, first need to upload balance in your account from Paypal or credit card and then place your order. Your order will be completed within your turnaround time and you have 3 days to return the article if you are not satisfied, and you won't be charged. With such low price, now you don't need to worry about your fresh content for your online journals.

For money makers, the same compensation holds true. Simply, register for free with Textbroker and then look up into member's area for open projects. You will get paid $1 for every 100 words you write. There are numerous projects on different topics. You will certainly find one for yourself. Your earning entirely depends on the number of words and number of articles you can write. You can work part time or full time.

Did we say... Every word counts!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to Make Money with Project Payday


Making money with Project Payday is pretty similar to paid to sign up sites, where you get paid to sign up for offers. Project Payday has taken the online community by storm, because of the sole reason that it pays way more than other paid to sign up sites. Yes, if you have completed offers on other sites and got paid somewhere between $5 to $15, then here at Project Payday you'll make around $20 - $60 per offer. Ahhhhh..... tempting!?!

Let's see how it works...
You sign up for an offer under someone else's referral link. Let me mention, you sign up for a trial offer. Let's say you sign up for a 7 day trial of a software. Once the transaction is complete, that person pays you $20 - $60 the very next day. Once people get their money, they cancel their trial offer and keep their $20-$60 that they earned.

People like you and me simply sign up to different offers, get their money, and then they cancel their trial offers. They do this again and again, to make easy money. You can complete enough offers daily, if you devote just an hour everyday. The biggest drawback of this system is that, this money making opportunity is only available to US traffic.

Happy money making!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make Money with Cash Crate


If you like to make easy money from paid to sign up sites, then CashCrate is one great option for you. I would personally suggest this site primarily for US citizens only, as they would find bulk offers to make easy money. You can get paid upto a staggering $15 per offer, it depends. You can easily complete 10-20 offers in an hour and make somewhere around $15. Now $15 is not bad for 1 hour of work.

They also have abundant offers for their members to sign up. You can quickly login to your member's area and make some quick and fast cash completing few offers. Carefully read the requirement of those offers, to ensure thet the amount gets credited to your account without any discrepancy.

You can make around $15 an hour here. The amount of money you make here entirely depends on the availability of the offers, your interest level to sign up and your typing speed. CashCrate pays you through Paypal if you meet the payment threshold by the end of the month.

You get paid to complete surveys, join free sites, by referring others and more. It never charges any fees to its members. A complete free to join money making site.

Happy money making!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freelance Jobs from Home through LimeExchange


If you are tired of trying out every other promising freelance jobs from home in despair, then here comes Limeexchange to your rescue. I found this freelance site extremely professional and promising. I have myself tried out several freelance sites to make easy money, but only in vain. But, when I say I say support this site, then I mean it, because it's really there with a difference.

The important aspects of this relatively new site are:
  • Though, it works on same bidding principle, don't get disappointed, coz there are thousands of freelance jobs on offer.
  • Free to join site. No money asked at any point of time. Only if your bidding wins, a nominal fee gets deducted from your payment. Pays via Paypal, check, etc.
  • No stale jobs. Everyday fresh businesses post jobs through LimeExchange and hire freelance workers from home.
What interests me in LimeExchange is abundance of work and arrival of fresh new opportunities everyday. From simple data entry work to designing a website, from selling your leads to simple typing work, you'll find a job that would interest you and match your skills as well.

Happy money making!
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