Thursday, September 24, 2009

Link Baiting | Viral Marketing Strategy


Today everyone is talking about link baiting in the online community. Link baiting is nothing but a viral marketing strategy to promote your blog, website or services through one way link building.
Several online SEO services are now offering link baiting services at a cost that might burn a hole in your pocket. The prices are high because it is now the most effective tool in promoting your websites and services virally.

According to Google, link baiting is perfectly alright to promote your websites and it would not get penalized for using this strategy. Link baiting conforms to the 'white hat' SEO techniques, and hence, it would only help your blog or website rank higher in search engines. Needless to say, the huge traffic your site would get instantly through this link building strategy.

How Link Baiting Works:
  • You write a compelling post or article in  your blog or website (keyword enriched Title and post)
  • A compelling post can be highly informational or could offer a free tool, software, flash games, etc.
  • Once written and posted, the link of the post are submitted to high traffic social networking websites
  • Your post is seen by thousands of visitors of web 2.0 sites, and from there it gets picked up virally
  • Readers, if they like your post, they then place your post link in their blogs or websites and also promote it through forums, discussions, etc.
  • Going from one to another, your link gets distributed across the web virally
  • You get hundreds and thousands of backlinks, huge traffic and as a result rank higher on search engines
Happy money making!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make Money Blogging | Start from Scratch


If you have stepped into the shoes of a blogger and are determined to make easy money from online opportunities, then this post will guide you how to make money online, right from scratch. To make money from blogging, follow the steps:


You need to create a blog. Choose your niche topic, but do some research before starting up. Keep two things in mind while choosing a topic for your blog. Firstly, the topic must run in your blood. There must be enough content in your mind, that should come out as regular posts, because blogging is a lifelong activity. It's of no use, if you start off with a kick, but the fizz disappears in the long run. Remember, search engines rank regularly updated blogs much higher in the search results.

Secondly, do not start off your blog blindly on a topic that interests you. Leading and top ranked bloggers do their homework before starting a blog. Sign up to Google Adwords, not for advertising, rather to use their high-end free research tools. Use their keyword research tool, to check how many monthly searches are done for your keywords in Google. This will give you an idea whether you will get any traffic or not for the topic that you'll blog about. No point using a keyword that no one searches. Through that tool, find out what is the trend of the search, search volume, nature of traffic and traffic distribution countrywise are all important aspects that should be considered while choosing your keyword topic. A well balanced blend of your favourite topic and the most or adequate searched term, should be the topic you should start blogging to make easy money in the long run.

Happy money making!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sell Photos and Make Money from Home


Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, Dreamstime gives you an opportunity to exhibit your camera skills and make residual income from it, known as royalties. Though, not huge earners, but microstock photo industry has enough to offer the online money makers. Creating multiple source of income from different microstock photography sites is the best idea to leverage your income. Simply upload your photos to different sites and give them non-exclusive rights to distribute. This will bring you steady and regular residual income by helping you to make easy money.

Dreamstime has a 5 level tier system to promote a fair policy. This enables existing photos to move up the level, while giving a chance to new arrivals to catch attention. The amount of money you make from your photos depends on the size of the file, its quality and the number of downloads. At an entry level, you can make upto $1 per image download that can rise to $14 per image when you reach 100 downloads. The payment is done via Paypal, Check, Payoneer or Moneybookers when you reach a payment threshold of $100.

There are some minimum requirements to get your uploaded photos approved:
  • The photo must be original
  • You must own the copyright of your image
  • Image must be 3MP in size, saved in JPG format
  • No offensive content like nude, drugs, racism, etc
  • Add a description to your image
For more information and a detailed money making chart, check out the site.

Happy money making!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Write and Make Money with Demand Studios


I am sure you would love this money making opportunity I am going to discuss today. Demand Studios has revolutionized freelance writing jobs from home. People have turned from part time home workers to full time earners from home with Demand Studios. And, these are not empty promises! The professional look of the site speaks for itself. Learn how to make easy money, by reading below.

Why Write for Demand Studios??
  1. Thousands of topics to write for
  2. Get paid flat fee per assignment or revenue sharing program
  3. Work full time or part time
  4. Get your articles read by millions (Top 15000 site by Alexa)
You also stand a chance to get upfront payments, which sets Demand Studios apart from other freelance job sites. To apply for a freelance job with Demand Studios, all you need is a Resume and a writing sample. Signing up is absolutely free. No fees ever. You get paid via Paypal and that too weekly. Gr8!!!

Now let me give you some vital statistics of Demand Studios which will set your heart pumping...(ha..ha..ha)
As of today, 1st June 2009 Demand Studios:
  • has a total of $208,182.00 worth of assignments available
  • has 70,308 assignments available
  • has 69 filmmaking, 29308 writing, 10 transcribing, 3429 copyediting, 34386 title proofing and 69 other freelance jobs available
  • has paid $13,406,559.00 collectively to its members
Do you need more reason to join...???

Happy money making!
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