Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make Money Blogging | Start from Scratch

Posted By: Jason - 12:33 PM


If you have stepped into the shoes of a blogger and are determined to make easy money from online opportunities, then this post will guide you how to make money online, right from scratch. To make money from blogging, follow the steps:


You need to create a blog. Choose your niche topic, but do some research before starting up. Keep two things in mind while choosing a topic for your blog. Firstly, the topic must run in your blood. There must be enough content in your mind, that should come out as regular posts, because blogging is a lifelong activity. It's of no use, if you start off with a kick, but the fizz disappears in the long run. Remember, search engines rank regularly updated blogs much higher in the search results.

Secondly, do not start off your blog blindly on a topic that interests you. Leading and top ranked bloggers do their homework before starting a blog. Sign up to Google Adwords, not for advertising, rather to use their high-end free research tools. Use their keyword research tool, to check how many monthly searches are done for your keywords in Google. This will give you an idea whether you will get any traffic or not for the topic that you'll blog about. No point using a keyword that no one searches. Through that tool, find out what is the trend of the search, search volume, nature of traffic and traffic distribution countrywise are all important aspects that should be considered while choosing your keyword topic. A well balanced blend of your favourite topic and the most or adequate searched term, should be the topic you should start blogging to make easy money in the long run.

Happy money making!

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