Thursday, October 29, 2009

Improve Search Engine Ranking with Performance based SEO


Are you the one who has put in a lot of effort and hardwork in creating his blog or website? Are you the one who is still NOT anywhere near the top 10 search engine rankings? Are you the one who doesn't have money to run expensive advertising costs? Are you the one who wants to drive free organic traffic from search engines to increase sales? Are you the one who still wants to make easy money online from his blogs or websites? Then Performance based SEO is for you. Performance based SEO is a service where they don't ask you for any upfront money. They improve search engine ranking of your website and when your site achieves top 10 ranking on Google, then only they charge you their fees depending upon the keyword of your site.

In my opinion, this is by far the most happening service being offered on internet. Especially for people like us who do not have enough financial aid to run expensive PPC campaigns or other advertising means. Performance based SEO services are either run by an individual or by a registered Company. I would suggest a Company service, as they take a more professional approach towards your goal and customer satisfaction through support services.

With performance based SEO, you have nothing to lose, because they don't charge any upfront money. Absolutely NO UPFRONT MONEY, in most cases, depends from company to company. They first make an initial analysis of your website including, current ranking, pagerank, link popularity, competitors, etc. Based on these parameters, they ask you for a fees that they would only charge when your site achieves top 10 ranking on Google. If you agree, they start off with your campaign, including on page optimization, link building and other 'white hat' SEO techniques.

This kind of SEO service sounds good to me because I have no risk of money involved. As soon as I achieve the ranking, I can start monetizing my website through sales and advertisements. Very easy at that time because of the huge traffic my site would be receiving then. Through those sales and advertisements, I can easily pay their fees and still I would be left with enough money to enjoy life........
In fact I was totally thrilled when I learnt that such kind of services also exist on internet. Through extensive search on Google, I have zeroed into top performance based SEO service being offered on internet now.
I am sure all of us want to improve search engine ranking and achieve top 10 ranking on Google. But money constraints always push us back. With such services being offered on internet, we can expect a brighter future of our online activities. One more point to tell you all, always select a performance based SEO that follows only 'white hat' SEO techniques to achieve ranking. If someone promises you top 10 ranking in just 1 month, then they might use 'black hat' SEO techniques which is penalized by all search engines. No wonder you would achieve top 10 ranking  with 'black hat' technique in just 1 month, but that is shortlived. Sooner or later the high end technology of Google will detect your 'black hat' techniques and will ban your site forever. Imagine the effort that you have put into your website or blog all these years will go in waste within a flash. So, be careful about the services you hire and don't be greedy to achieve results very soon. 3 months to 6 months time is good enough to achieve ranking through 'white hat' SEO techniques.

Happy search engine ranking!
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Organic Search Engine Optimization | Off page optimization


I hope you all enjoyed my series of free search engine optimization - on page techniques. Trust me, if you have successfully optimized all the aspects discussed earlier in my post, then sooner or later you'll reap the benefits when Google crawls your site next. If you hire SEO services, then they would ask you to follow the same steps, I mentioned in my earlier post, but of course for a hefty price. But, here in my blog you would find everything free, be it money making opportunities, organic search engine optimization tips, tools and resources, and more.

After you have done on page optimization, what comes next is off page optimization. Off page optimization primarily focusses on link building strategy. To get a brighter picture of what link building is all about, check my previous post on link building. Link building can help you gain link popularity, targeted traffic and higher search engine ranking only if it is done effectively, properly and with due care.

  1. Always follow slow link building. Getting 100's or 1000's of backlinks in a month will ban your site from search engines, a way to ensure spam blogs and sites stay away
  2. Never take the help of automatic submission service for link building or through the use of softwares. You pay but the link never shows up. Ultimately you lose money. Always use manual submission service.

You can build links through the following ways:
  • Squidoo lens (U get a PR7 backlink)
  • Yahoo Answers (u'll get huge traffic and high PR backlink)
  • High PR Directory submission
  • Dmoz listing (very important for high ranking)
  • Blog commenting (effective but plz don't spam blogs for the sake of backlink)
  • Blog reviews
  • Article directory submission
  • Press release
  • Forum posting
  • Link baiting
  • Web 2.0 submission (Digg, Yahoo buzz, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Technorati, Sphinn, etc.)
Follow these off page optimization tips and on page optimization techniques discussed earlier and I can assure you that your website is going to rank much higher in search engine results for your keyword. With these organic search engine optimization tips you can even expect a top 10 ranking in leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn, needless to say the amount of free organic traffic you would get thereafter, which can increase the number of sales on your site.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free Search Engine Optimization | On page optimization - II


I am sure you had been waiting eagerly for this post... a continuation to my previous post. By now, if you have followed free search engine optimization techniques, to rank higher in search engines, as discussed earlier, then congrats... your half job is done. Please check the following steps, to ensure a complete search engine optimization of your website or blog.

To award a higher rank on search results, Google analyzes keywords in your Title, meta description tag, meta keywords tag and domain name. If you  want a higher ranking, then choose a domain name of your website or blog that  contains your keywords. A domain like will rank much higher for a search term 'home loans' than any domain.

Last but a vital component in search engine ranking is the content. Remember, 'Content is King'. Do not write short articles just for the sake of posting. Write approximate 250 to 500 word keyword rich niche articles. Search engine spiders like more content that is informational. Most bloggers or webmasters don't know what I would tell you now...

Always use your keywords at least once at the 'beginning of the content' and once at the 'end of the content' and either make it bold, italics or underline. This makes the spiders rank your content or post higher in search results amongst others. Howzzzzzzzzz dat...!!!!

If you use images in your post, then name those images on your keywords. This also increases your website ranking overall.

Complete all the steps in this series of free search engine optimization tips and techniques and watch your search engine rankings soar high without any out of pocket expenses on your part. Hope you all liked my free search engine optimization tips. Your comments are welcome.

Happy high ranking!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free Search Engine Optimization | On page optimization - I


Today I would give you all free search engine optimization techniques, that I myself use, to rank higher for my keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. You can use these free search engine optimization tips and on page optimization techniques to rank higher in Google and other search engines.


The most important aspect of your site. Google gives huge importance to a site's Title while evaluating a site's ranking. Make sure to use your primary keywords in Title. Your main keyword should be on extreme left and serve as a beginning of the Title. Don't stuff too many keywords in Title or else you would get penalized. Keep it short and meaningful. Don't just write your keyword, rather write a meaningful sentence containing your keyword. Separate your keywords with " | "  since it supports the ranking algorithm.


Meta tag is something the search engine spiders see, unlike human eyes that see content. Without meta tags, spiders see nothing and you lose on possible ranking. Check my previous post on how to add meta tags to your blogs or sites. Ensure that you add 3 basic meta tags at least - meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Ensure that you adhere to meta tag characteristics of maximum number of characters and keywords to be used. Don't stuff it or else penalization. Always check your meta tags with free meta tag analyzer tools available on web, to ensure meta tags are working properly and they conform to the norms of search engines, or else your site would get penalized before even you know it.

To be continued in next post...
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

High Search Engine Ranking through Link Building


You have put in the effort and research to put your blog or website up and running. You have also put valuable and great content, but if no one visits your site, if nobody knows the great content your site has, then its totally not worth. To get high search engine ranking you need relevant backlinks.

Many people looking to make easy money online through their blogs or websites overlook the importance of link building. Of course, you can spend on PPC advertising to gain fresh traffic instantly. But not everyone can afford high PPC budget. And what when your budget runs dry? In my opinion, organic ranking and organic traffic is much more valuable, though not instant results, but is a great ROI in the long run. Very stable and very effective.

Remember, search engines like Google rank websites on the basis of relevant one way backlinks. Reciprocal links are now given least importance. So, the more number of relevant one way backlinks you have, the higher are your search engine rankings. So work towards building your backlinks. If you ever decide to spend money in the promotion of your website, seek long term results by buying links.

Perhaps, the links will bring some traffic, not huge, but over time when Google crawls and indexes your site on the basis of backlinks, you will get laser targeted avalanche of free organic traffic. The bottomline is, what kind of high search engine ranking you want? Instant through PPC advertising, if you have long term budget, or stable organic ranking and free traffic in future. You decide...

Happy link building!

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