Thursday, December 10, 2009

Make Money Blogging with Sponzai


What is common between Payperpost, Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets??? Any guesses?
Well, they all are trustworthy sites offering webmasters, bloggers, tweeters and a lay web surfer... ways to make easy money by one of the leading and renowned web company IZEA Inc.

Sponzai is yet another feather in its cap, launched in the month of November 2009 by IZEA. It is especially designed to help bloggers make more money through sponsored guest posts. If you have a blog, then you must be knowing what guest posts mean! Perhaps, a guest post is a post written by any known person or simply by a visitor of your blog on any topic of his choice, pertaining to your blog's niche topic. However, you approve whether that post should be published on your blog or not.

Sponzai works in a similar fashion. An advertiser compensates you with cash if you publish a post on your blog, that they have written. You simply need to copy the post that they have written and paste it in your blog, and then publish it. Once published, copy the URL of that post and submit it to Sponzai, so that they can verify that you have completed the task for which you have been compensated. In short, it is a sponsored guest post.

How it Works

1. Claim your blog

All you need to get started is to enter in the address of your blog, add a category and some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from sponsors.

2. Choose your offers

As offers come in you can accept or reject them. Offers will be shown under the tab labeled “guest posts” in your account. You will also see a wide variety of potential offers that you may apply for under the “my leads” tab.

3. Receive Payment

If you accept an offer and it is approved, your account will be credited within 30 days of your post. You can cash out once your account reaches $50. Payment is done via Paypal.

Well, if you are already registered with your blog with any of the Izea websites like Payperpost or Socialspark, then you need not claim your blog, as mentioned above in "How it Works". Your blog must have been included and your account must have been already setup at Sponzai by the Izea team, and you will be informed via email regarding this.

How much money you make with each sponsored guest post through Sponzai, greatly depends on the traffic your blog gets and the Real Rank awarded by Izea to your blog. Real rank is again a measurable parameter awarded between 1 to 10 to your blog considering several factors including the amount of traffic it receives. As per my knowledge, a blog having just 25 visits per day is being offered $5 and above at Sponzai for a sponsored guest post. Can you SMELL the MONEY.... ?!?

Happy money-making!
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