Thursday, January 7, 2010

Banner Advertising | Ways to Make Money Gets Easier


If you have a blog or website, then you must be looking for ways to make money through it, through all possible ways. You must be hunting down several websites, that offer various means to web publishers to make easy money off their site, by advertising their available ad inventory through banner advertising, in-text ads, cpc ads, cpm ads, cpa ads, cpv ads, contextual ads, etc.

Well, there is never a shortage of web companies offering ways to make money through website monetization, ever since the world wide web evolved. But, to find a legitimate company that offers a fair price for your ad inventory, pays on time and increased fill rate is a real daunting task. You'll have to repent later if you fall prey to either scam sites or a less reputed site that isn't paying enough for what your website is worth.

To make this even simpler for all you readers, I have compiled a list of legitimate and trustworthy sites that would pay you a very high rate for the ad inventory of your website... if your website is really that worth... which means if you have a medium to high traffic website. Sounds goooooooooood !?!

So, here's the list:










All these sites are legitimate sites and have been into years of helping webmasters and bloggers to make easy money by monetizing their websites. I have seen several screenshots as a proof from several bloggers who have applied ads to their sites through these web companies and are making a substantial monthly income of anywhere between $100 to $4000 depending on the traffic their website generates. Smells like a lot of MONEY...!!!

I'll try them, once I get the desired ranking and traffic to my blog. Until then, you can give them a try, if you have a great traffic generating website or blog.

Happy money-making!
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