Thursday, February 11, 2010

Does Twitter Make Money???


If you still have such questions in mind, then you haven't come across the power of Twitter yet. It is the easiest way to make money across internet, amongst all other ways to make money. From small web companies to big names of the industry, all are luring twitterers and offering more money for that 140 characters in your Twitter timeline to advertise their product. is one such company which is giving a good fight to big ones like IZEA, Magpie, etc. by offering more cash to its Twitter publishers for sending sponsored tweets. I was thrilled to read on one of the post written by one of my web-gurus "John Chow" who has 50,000 twitter followers approx. earned $1000 by sending just 1 sponsored tweet by Now that's what you call money.............. Tempting haaaaa!
This assures that the company is well funded and the average earning of people like you and me, who have less number of Twitter followers are still earning more here, compared to other sites like Sponsored Tweets and Magpie.

Now about... How works? You set your price and select your advertisers and does the rest. The ads are pre-written. You simply accept the ad and will automatically send the sponsored tweet in your Twitter timeline. You check your dashboard and the amount is credited to your account.
Isn't it Simple!
You can also change your price anytime you want.

If you still have questions... go check it out!!!

Remember... to make easy money... you gotta learn ways to make money.
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