Monday, March 22, 2010

What is Flipping?? Domain Flipping or Website Flipping

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Have you heard of Flipping recently?? Well, flipping is apparently yet another way to make easy money. Domain flipping or website flipping is the most common term used when we refer to flipping. Flipping is nothing, but buying cheap domains or websites, working on it, creating some value out of it and then selling at a larger price to make quick profit and easy money.

When I first heard and read about flipping, it seemed not my piece of cake, since I am a dumb fellow and barely like to work
But, gradually when I started reading more and more about website flipping online, it created an interest within me, as I could see a large amount of easy money at a distance from me... only if I decide to walk a few steps towards that cash.

There are two ways of successful website flipping:
  • Start from scratch... Buy a domain name pertaining to a niche keyword in demand. For example - make money online, loans, mortgages, etc.
  • Create some content and then wait for some time so that it gets crawled and indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which will eventually bring some traffic.
  • Now sell it. Since, the domain is now some time old and the website is indexed by major search engines, you'll get a much higher price. It's that simple!
  • Buy an existing website from sites like Sitepoint, Flippa or forums. Buy a website that is cheap, belongs to a niche keyword and gets a fair amount of traffic.
  • Again create some good content and add to the website. Tweak the site, give it a fresh new look and implement some SEO, so that it ranks higher on search engines.
  • Now sell it for a profit.
To make easy money with flipping, you gotta have patience and self-motivation. You cannot make profits overnight. B'coz your profits depend on how much time you invest on these cheap websites to make them worth enough. Your profits also depend on how quickly search engines crawl and index it regularly, so that you can set a profitable selling price.

To maximize your revenue in the shortest possible time, I would suggest buying several dirt cheap websites and then working on each of them every alternate day. This way your interest would be divided and would remain alive. Moreover, all these websites would show some gradual improvement on search engine rankings differently, as you keep working upon them. This will keep you going... and you can sell them at different intervals of time to make easy money every now on then. However, you can again invest a part of this profit in buying next set of cheap websites.

Remember to make easy money... Learn ways to make money.

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