Thursday, May 6, 2010

Search Engine Traffic Improves with Interlinking Articles


Today, I'll share with you all, one of the well kept secret by SEO gurus in order to improve search engine traffic. You must have always wondered how some webmasters drive more traffic to their sites, what strategies they follow to gain ranking, how they improve ranking of their homepage with regular postings, why their latest posts get crawled and indexed quickly??? Well, they will never share these well hidden secrets with all. SEO companies charge you a fortune to perform these tricks in the name of on-page optimization. But, here in my ways to make money blog, you'll find all resources absolutely free.

So what is it? Interlinking of your articles is one great aspect of on-page optimization, that readily improves your organic ranking on search engines like Google. Interlinking means linking your new posts or articles on your website to any other older relevant article on your same website. If you ever notice carefully, you'll find these SEO tricks are followed by all leading high traffic websites or blogs. You think it to be just for reader friendly navigation, but actually it's done from on-page SEO point of view, to gain Google ranking.

Let me describe this in detail. Read my previous posts Free Search Engine Optimization Part I and Free Search Engine Optimization Part II, to learn more free tips and tricks to improve your search engine traffic. Did you see, how I created a link to my previous post in the above line. So, this new post got interlinked with two of my relevant older posts. I have also linked to my homepage for my keywords "ways to make money" right in the first paragraph of this post. This is known as interlinking of articles.

This interlinking has 3 vital benefits:
  • You get one valuable backlink to your homepage, from your website itself, thus increasing your own Google ranking.
  • You get one valuable backlink for your older posts, which are now aged, and will also get better ranking for their keywords.
  • Your visitor gets better navigation to a relevant post, thus keeping them interested to stay on your site longer.
Hope you all benefit from this SEO tips and tricks.
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