Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to get Top Google Ranking


Achieving top Google ranking for your webpages is not that difficult. It's very easy. It only requires a bit of research. That's it! Ever wondered why the leading webmasters or bloggers get more free organic traffic from search engines to their posts or articles??? The biggest mistake a newbie blogger or webmaster does, is they straightaway target the short and generic high traffic keywords. This is pure greed to make money instantly like these established bloggers or webmasters. This is where they falter and after a certain time when they see no results, they quit and apparently blame the online money making possibilities.

The easiest way to gain top Google ranking for any of your website or webpage is by carefully choosing a long tail keyword which has less competition. Now what is long tail keyword???
For example, "mortgage loan" is a very competitive and generic short high traffic keyword. So, if you try to be greedy by targeting this keyword, then you'll fail miserably. Instead, if you target the same keyword with a long tail, like "free mortgage loan quotes in texas", apparently you'll have no competition and you'll enjoy instant top ranking.

Now, you would have a question in your mind, that what's the use of targeting such long tail keywords that doesn't bring me any traffic, because there are a very few searches. Well, that is why I mentioned above, that you need to do a bit of research before selecting your long tail keyword. Firstly, use the Google Keyword Tool to determine, which long tail keyword is actually bringing average or medium traffic and is still not targeted by others. Or which one has absolutely no competition. Once you make a selection, then use the latest Google Trend tool to determine the search trend of that keyword. See the trend graph of that long tail keyword for the past 6 months. Whether, it has a growing pattern or not. If its moving upwards, then this keyword is definitely a good bet. Because if the search trend keeps increasing, then after sometime, this long tail keyword will be a highly competitive keyword, with increased number of searches.

Finally, two important tips and advice.
Don't be greedy and try to topple the top ranking websites for a highly competitive short keyword. You'll fail miserably. Think this way... they have already invested their time and money to achieve that top ranking. They already have 1000's of backlinks from quality sites to be no. 1 on Google. To surpass them and get your top ranking, you'll need to put in more money to surpass their number of backlinks. If they have 10,000 backlinks, then you'll need 11,000 backlinks to be no. 1 on Google. But, the miserable part is, by the time you achieve 11,000 backlinks, they would have build 20,000 backlinks, since they invest money on link building every month to sustain their ranking.
Next, if you target long tail keywords for all your posts or articles, then each of the articles, being on top ranking will drive some traffic. So, even if a single post brings 100 visitors daily, then 100's of long tail keywords enriched posts will together bring 1000's of visitors daily, that too without any competition or money investment. Sounds good enough..............?!?

Happy money making.
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