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How To Earn Free Bitcoin in 2018

How To Earn Free Bitcoin

While the online community has been swept away with talks on Bitcoin, there are people who still want to know how to earn free Bitcoin. Though, there are many ways, I'd list the top 5 ways on how to earn free Bitcoin here in this post. So, if you've been still looking and trying to find out ways on how to earn free Bitcoins, then this post will serve you as a perfect guide in the cryptocurrency community.

1. Bitcoin Generators and HYIP

Free Bitcoin Generators are the easiest way to earn free bitcoin online. The difficult part is to get a legitimate and 100% working bitcoin generator. There are many scams out there that might trick you to buy their bitcoin generator claiming they work. But then often they do not work. There are also HYIP sites that would lure you to buy their contracts and would offer you a daily/monthly/yearly interest plan. They would offer you very high interests upto 200% on your deposits. This is also a very good way to earn free bitcoins but finding the right one is not easy. So far I've found only one Free Bitcoin Generator that actually works. You can check it out here - Free Bitcoin Generator

2. Faucets

There are hundreds and thousands of Bitcoin Faucets online that can help you make some quick Satoshis. If you don't know yet, Satoshi is the lowest denomination of Bitcoin. Over 100 million satoshis add up to 1 Bitcoin. With Faucets you cannot be rich, but they are the best place to start off and get some free satoshis into your Bitcoin wallets. They have a very simple mechanism to giveaway bitcoins. You simply visit their site every 5 mins or every hour and just click the "Claim" button to earn free bitcoin every hour. They are able to giveaway free bitcoins as they make revenue by displaying ads on their website and they pay users just to visit their site often.

3. Bitcoin Games

Playing online games and earning free bitcoins is also a fun part. Getting paid to play games is of course all fun. There are plenty of Bitcoin sites online, basically simple games like spin wheels or slots where you can earn free bitcoins. You don't lose anything, as they again give you free satoshis every hour to play their games. But there are Bitcoin gambling casinos as well where you can lose tremendous amount of money from games like Dice and Hi-Low games or other Slot games.

4. Bitcoin Mining

Some sites do offer free bitcoin mining to earn free bitcoins. Mining can be of 2 types - the first being is to use your computer's power to mine free bitcoins, but the earning is too less. You might earn a penny in almost a year. Next is the cloud mining where you can buy mining contracts on cloud. These sites set up their own hardware at some place in the world and bear all the electricity expenses. You simply buy a contract and start earning from Day One without any additional charges and for as long as your contract remains active.

5. Trading Bitcoins

This is one of the best ways to earn free bitcoins but then it requires initial investment. You need to have few bitcoins in your wallet before you start trading cryptocurrency pairs and reap huge benefits daily. There are huge price fluctuations happening on various crypto pairs and you could be earning thousands of dollars daily by buying and selling bitcoins with other altcoins. You just need to open an account with any Trade market online and start trading in minutes. Remember, earning huge also risks huge losses.

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