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Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin

Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin

If you are looking for Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in your daily life then you've come to the right place. This post is going to take you through all the available options that can help you get into ways to earn free bitcoin. The options are plenty but I'll present you with the most genuine, legitimate and curated ways only which have been tried and tested by many across the globe in the online community. Take a look at all the below options and decide yourself which will work best for you and can help you earn free bitcoins in a moment of your time.

1. PTC Ads

This is the most simple and easiest way to earn free bitcoin online today. Like earlier, where we used to sign up with paid to click sites and we were paid in dollars to click and view ads for a short interval of time, PTC Ads in Bitcoin field works too in a similar fashion. There are plenty of BTC Paid to Click sites that will offer you free bitcoins for a few minutes of your time daily. If you can hoard up huge referrals then you might earn thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins daily.

2. Completing Tasks

Just like PTC Sites, there are number of other sites that will pay you free bitcoins to complete online tasks like signing up to free offers, play games, paid to promote, paid to listen songs, view videos and all. They do not require any investment from your end, just your time to sign up and a free email address of yours so that they can regularly send you promoted offers and other online materials.

3. Upload Content

There are also some niche websites that offer you bitcoins to upload files, photos, videos, etc and then send traffic to those uploaded content and you shall be paid for every visitor that visits your link to check out your photos, videos or files. You get paid per view as well as per downloads. The payout widely depends on your visitors country of origin. USA visitors are usually the highest revenue generators.

4. Solve Captchas

This is something new. Many of us are still unaware of this earning opportunity. There are websites that offer users to solve captchas manually (the letters embedded in an image) and then you get paid in bitcoins for each captcha solved. Basis my research, I've found that programmers have also developed some bots that can automate this process for you. You simply run the bot and the captchas will be solved automatically. So, you basically earn free bitcoin for virtually doing nothing.

5. Show Ads on Website

If you are a website owner then this is one of the easiest ways to earn free bitcoin. You simply sign up with these websites with a publisher account, submit your website address, wait for their approval and once approved you can put a little piece of code on your website to display relevant ads on your website and there you go... You are earning free bitcoins for every visitor to your website. Today bitcoin advertisements are huge earners for most of the webmasters and literally you could turn your fortune in just a month if your website drives huge targeted traffic.

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