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Saturday, December 10, 2011

$5 Buys You Everything


It's been a while, since I posted something new here.

With rising inflation rate in the market, did you ever think that $5 can fetch you so much, in fact everything, in this online world. Yes, it's true. Fiverr makes it possible. Fiverr has started one of it's kind of online platform where you can get every service by individuals, small companies and freelancers across the world for just $5. Nothing more! Nothing less.

It's an absolute heaven for online marketers as well as buyers of service to get cheap, reliable and worthy services by millions across the globe. You can sign up with Fiverr and start promoting your service for just $5 and let me tell you, it adds up to a substantial income at the end of the month. Millions of hungry buyers are looking for relevant services for such cheap prices. Sellers are making almost hundreds or even thousands per month. Sign up is free and you can instantly launch your Gig (your service for $5).

Buyers can find almost hundreds of sellers offering relevant services, he is looking for. A few of the interesting services being offered by sellers on Fiverr, that I came across are - distributing fliers in New York, promote your website to Facebook fans, on Twitter profiles, create backlinks for your website, create youtube videos, write testimonials, write content for your website, launch press releases, selling adsense tricks, software licences, website designing, software developments, Javascript programming and codes, and so many more. You name it and you get it on Fiverr. Isn't it incredible for just $5?

For buyers, I would like to mention some quick tips while buying services on Fiverr.
  • Decide a seller on his Rating (votes by other buyers)
  • Read the feedback comments of other buyers for this seller
  • Watch seller's delivery time for the service you are willing to buy
All these tips ensure you have a fantastic buying experience for any service on Fiverr for just $5.

Keep reading here for more upcoming posts...
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Paid for Sms


This is yet another rocking ways to make money online. The world wide web has launched yet another revolutionary way to make easy money, by doing almost nothing. Yes... true!!! Absolutely nothing. After a long time of posting some informational posts, this one would be a refreshing and my trademark post for you all. A simple and easy way to make money online by joining genuine money making websites.

mGinger is a site that offers people like you and me to make easy money by receiving Sms's. We all carry mobile phones and we receive "n" number of sms's from peers, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc., but they do us no good in terms of any income. This is where mGinger stands tall. Your mobile phone silently keeps making money for you every time you read an advertising sms from mGinger.

The sms ads are very much relevant as per your interest, as you mention during your sign up. You get offers, deals on products, all in your locality through these sms ads. You read them...and Whoa!!! you made some hard cash. Moreover, if you go ahead and buy those deals, you also get those discounted price mentioned in the ads, so apparently you also save money if you wish to buy. Buying those deals or offers is completely upon wish.

Sign up is absolutely free to start making easy money in no time. People here are easily making anywhere between $100 to $2000 per month. Payment is made through check. Though, the only limitation, I believe, is that it is not open to international members as of now. So, you guys gotta wait until it opens its doors! Given the kind of response it is generating and the amount of revenue it is generating for advertisers and users both, it is soon going to open its arms to the greater horizons of this online world.

Happy money making!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

What is Flipping?? Domain Flipping or Website Flipping


Have you heard of Flipping recently?? Well, flipping is apparently yet another way to make easy money. Domain flipping or website flipping is the most common term used when we refer to flipping. Flipping is nothing, but buying cheap domains or websites, working on it, creating some value out of it and then selling at a larger price to make quick profit and easy money.

When I first heard and read about flipping, it seemed not my piece of cake, since I am a dumb fellow and barely like to work
But, gradually when I started reading more and more about website flipping online, it created an interest within me, as I could see a large amount of easy money at a distance from me... only if I decide to walk a few steps towards that cash.

There are two ways of successful website flipping:
  • Start from scratch... Buy a domain name pertaining to a niche keyword in demand. For example - make money online, loans, mortgages, etc.
  • Create some content and then wait for some time so that it gets crawled and indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which will eventually bring some traffic.
  • Now sell it. Since, the domain is now some time old and the website is indexed by major search engines, you'll get a much higher price. It's that simple!
  • Buy an existing website from sites like Sitepoint, Flippa or forums. Buy a website that is cheap, belongs to a niche keyword and gets a fair amount of traffic.
  • Again create some good content and add to the website. Tweak the site, give it a fresh new look and implement some SEO, so that it ranks higher on search engines.
  • Now sell it for a profit.
To make easy money with flipping, you gotta have patience and self-motivation. You cannot make profits overnight. B'coz your profits depend on how much time you invest on these cheap websites to make them worth enough. Your profits also depend on how quickly search engines crawl and index it regularly, so that you can set a profitable selling price.

To maximize your revenue in the shortest possible time, I would suggest buying several dirt cheap websites and then working on each of them every alternate day. This way your interest would be divided and would remain alive. Moreover, all these websites would show some gradual improvement on search engine rankings differently, as you keep working upon them. This will keep you going... and you can sell them at different intervals of time to make easy money every now on then. However, you can again invest a part of this profit in buying next set of cheap websites.

Remember to make easy money... Learn ways to make money.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Money with Twitter

I found this post important because I was willing for something which helps users to make money from Twitter. Let us discuss more about Twittad.

Twittad is a new program from twitter that helps twitter users to make easy money and advertisers to promote their product by placing ad in the Twitter users profile page. The ad is just the background therefore is not clickable.

The price for placing ad is fixed by the owner of the twitter profile. It means if you have more followers then you can ask for large sum of money and if they have less followers then you can ask for small sum of money.

Your income is directly related to the no. of followers you have. To increase your no. of followers you can use twhirl. You can also organize a contest on your blog to increase your no. of followers.
These are some of my words about twittad. It depends upon you to use or not to use it.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Paid to Host Files

Do you upload files, pictures etc. all the times on various file hosting or picture hosting websites (like rapidshare) for your friends/clients to download?

Yes? Then you can now earn some good amount of cash by hosting it at Ziddu and just doing nothing extra. Just host your files at Ziddu and get paid $1 CPM for each file view or download.

Ziddu provides 100% free file hosting solution which pays you $1 CPM (10,000 downloads will give you $10) for each unique file download. You can upload any type of files like pics, audio/video, docs, pdf, zip or any other type you want to send to others. Each file can be upto 200MB each, which is good enough for any regular use.

So if you upload files to share it with others, next time upload them at Ziddu. They work exactly same like other file hosting sites, but also pay you good amount of money.

They also have a control panel where you can see all your file listed and how many times each file is downloaded (and hence how much money you made). Payments are done through PayPal and MoneyBookers. So even if you live in a country where PayPal is not accepted, you can still make money online.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IF U R BORED.........Check this Out!

Hey all!

Are you all bored heads? Bored of watching all those emailing, chatting, scam sites, etc., and would like to watch something out of the box now....! has all the answers. If you are hell-bored of your miseries, sorrow, pain and would like to enjoy some lighter moments of life then visit this site. Personally, when I get bored of my usual activity online like checking mails, chatting, money making, blogging, downloading and web surfing, then I turn to It is like a fresh breath of air for me from daily online schedule. has ample fun activities available on its site than can ease your nerves and relax you a bit. You'll forget your miseries and enjoy your stay over there. The list of activities that can keep you busy on this site, include, but are not limited to music, videos, games, romance, humor, fun, quizzes & trivia, t.v. movies, sports, kids section,.........ooppphhhhhhh! The list seems endless. In short, it is full of crazy stuff you'll like.

Personally I like its money making section. After all my blog, Oppsonweb is all about making money....rite? I also like its free stuff, dumb, weird and fun sections.

It has a host of other features also that would keep you busy enough.

For me is a hangout place to have fun and also to learn new money making ideas. It is all Fun minus Work for me.

So kill boredom................Visit
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