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Saturday, December 10, 2011

$5 Buys You Everything


It's been a while, since I posted something new here.

With rising inflation rate in the market, did you ever think that $5 can fetch you so much, in fact everything, in this online world. Yes, it's true. Fiverr makes it possible. Fiverr has started one of it's kind of online platform where you can get every service by individuals, small companies and freelancers across the world for just $5. Nothing more! Nothing less.

It's an absolute heaven for online marketers as well as buyers of service to get cheap, reliable and worthy services by millions across the globe. You can sign up with Fiverr and start promoting your service for just $5 and let me tell you, it adds up to a substantial income at the end of the month. Millions of hungry buyers are looking for relevant services for such cheap prices. Sellers are making almost hundreds or even thousands per month. Sign up is free and you can instantly launch your Gig (your service for $5).

Buyers can find almost hundreds of sellers offering relevant services, he is looking for. A few of the interesting services being offered by sellers on Fiverr, that I came across are - distributing fliers in New York, promote your website to Facebook fans, on Twitter profiles, create backlinks for your website, create youtube videos, write testimonials, write content for your website, launch press releases, selling adsense tricks, software licences, website designing, software developments, Javascript programming and codes, and so many more. You name it and you get it on Fiverr. Isn't it incredible for just $5?

For buyers, I would like to mention some quick tips while buying services on Fiverr.
  • Decide a seller on his Rating (votes by other buyers)
  • Read the feedback comments of other buyers for this seller
  • Watch seller's delivery time for the service you are willing to buy
All these tips ensure you have a fantastic buying experience for any service on Fiverr for just $5.

Keep reading here for more upcoming posts...
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Paid for Sms


This is yet another rocking ways to make money online. The world wide web has launched yet another revolutionary way to make easy money, by doing almost nothing. Yes... true!!! Absolutely nothing. After a long time of posting some informational posts, this one would be a refreshing and my trademark post for you all. A simple and easy way to make money online by joining genuine money making websites.

mGinger is a site that offers people like you and me to make easy money by receiving Sms's. We all carry mobile phones and we receive "n" number of sms's from peers, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc., but they do us no good in terms of any income. This is where mGinger stands tall. Your mobile phone silently keeps making money for you every time you read an advertising sms from mGinger.

The sms ads are very much relevant as per your interest, as you mention during your sign up. You get offers, deals on products, all in your locality through these sms ads. You read them...and Whoa!!! you made some hard cash. Moreover, if you go ahead and buy those deals, you also get those discounted price mentioned in the ads, so apparently you also save money if you wish to buy. Buying those deals or offers is completely upon wish.

Sign up is absolutely free to start making easy money in no time. People here are easily making anywhere between $100 to $2000 per month. Payment is made through check. Though, the only limitation, I believe, is that it is not open to international members as of now. So, you guys gotta wait until it opens its doors! Given the kind of response it is generating and the amount of revenue it is generating for advertisers and users both, it is soon going to open its arms to the greater horizons of this online world.

Happy money making!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sell Photos and Make Money from Home


Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, Dreamstime gives you an opportunity to exhibit your camera skills and make residual income from it, known as royalties. Though, not huge earners, but microstock photo industry has enough to offer the online money makers. Creating multiple source of income from different microstock photography sites is the best idea to leverage your income. Simply upload your photos to different sites and give them non-exclusive rights to distribute. This will bring you steady and regular residual income by helping you to make easy money.

Dreamstime has a 5 level tier system to promote a fair policy. This enables existing photos to move up the level, while giving a chance to new arrivals to catch attention. The amount of money you make from your photos depends on the size of the file, its quality and the number of downloads. At an entry level, you can make upto $1 per image download that can rise to $14 per image when you reach 100 downloads. The payment is done via Paypal, Check, Payoneer or Moneybookers when you reach a payment threshold of $100.

There are some minimum requirements to get your uploaded photos approved:
  • The photo must be original
  • You must own the copyright of your image
  • Image must be 3MP in size, saved in JPG format
  • No offensive content like nude, drugs, racism, etc
  • Add a description to your image
For more information and a detailed money making chart, check out the site.

Happy money making!
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Money Making Miscellaneous Opportunities Online

Hi all!

Well this would be my end of this season's awareness and tutorial posts, wherein my idea was to inform my blog readers about various money making online opportunities which are absolute scams, so that they are aware and don't get trapped. After this, I would now again migrate to my signature posts on various money making online sites.

Well, there are some online money-making opportunities which may not fall into a particular category discussed earlier. These sites pay you just to watch web commercials for some 20-30 seconds. Here, the advertisers pay the online surfers in order to popularize and create awareness about their product or services. They wish to drive targeted traffic to their website and wish their visitors stay on that site for a stipulated time frame. These sites are different from the ones discussed in "Get paid to..." section. The diffrence can be analyzed by visiting such websites.

For example:

I discovered this site, long time back, when I didn't run this blog, and made quite a good amount of money which they sent me through Western Union Money Transfer.

But, now they have wrapped up their services, and the domain is now parked. I'll let you know about similar websites in my future post as soon as I discover them.

Online casinos are also popular amongst a certain group of people worldwide. Knowledge of various casino games, enable such people to make a good amount of money each and every month. Although, online casinos are often regarded as illegal in some countries. Yet, skipping this topic, would have created a void in this blog.

Personal Note:
Web commercials are a fun way to make money. While, I personally, don't recommend online casinos. Online casinos are referred here solely for the purpose of sharing the knowledge of its existence on world wide web. At your discretion, you can make a search on search engines for the available online casinos.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is MLM...? Can anyone make money off it?

Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing is an age old online program. Here, the individuals associate themselves to a parent company as an independent contractor and are compensated based on their sales of products or service, as well as the sales achieved by their referrals. This is one of the age old ways to make money.

Sounds like Affiliate Marketing.............huhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Multi-level marketing has a recognised image problem due to the fact that it is often difficult to distinguish legitimate MLM's from illegal scams.


Personal Note:
At this point of time, simply avoid MLM's. Since, its difficult to find a legitimate MLM online, as of now. Never join a program where you smell something fishy or where something seems confusing.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is HYIP...? Do they actually pay?

High Yield Investment Plans, or commonly known as HYIP, as the name suggests, asks you to invest some amount with such online companies. Some may offer you 10%-15% daily of your invetment, while others may boast of offering you a phenomenal 100%-200% of your investment for a period of 30-90 days. You can search for several HYIP programs with the help of a search engine. I won't suggest this as one of the ways to make money online.

Personal Note:

A legitimate HYIP program is still a question I keep asking to myself. I would suggest, better to stay away from such programs, unless you decide to take the risk. On the other hand, if you happen to come across some really legitimate company which won't shut its doors after taking your money... then please let me know!!!
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Money with Twitter

I found this post important because I was willing for something which helps users to make money from Twitter. Let us discuss more about Twittad.

Twittad is a new program from twitter that helps twitter users to make easy money and advertisers to promote their product by placing ad in the Twitter users profile page. The ad is just the background therefore is not clickable.

The price for placing ad is fixed by the owner of the twitter profile. It means if you have more followers then you can ask for large sum of money and if they have less followers then you can ask for small sum of money.

Your income is directly related to the no. of followers you have. To increase your no. of followers you can use twhirl. You can also organize a contest on your blog to increase your no. of followers.
These are some of my words about twittad. It depends upon you to use or not to use it.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Paid to Host Files

Do you upload files, pictures etc. all the times on various file hosting or picture hosting websites (like rapidshare) for your friends/clients to download?

Yes? Then you can now earn some good amount of cash by hosting it at Ziddu and just doing nothing extra. Just host your files at Ziddu and get paid $1 CPM for each file view or download.

Ziddu provides 100% free file hosting solution which pays you $1 CPM (10,000 downloads will give you $10) for each unique file download. You can upload any type of files like pics, audio/video, docs, pdf, zip or any other type you want to send to others. Each file can be upto 200MB each, which is good enough for any regular use.

So if you upload files to share it with others, next time upload them at Ziddu. They work exactly same like other file hosting sites, but also pay you good amount of money.

They also have a control panel where you can see all your file listed and how many times each file is downloaded (and hence how much money you made). Payments are done through PayPal and MoneyBookers. So even if you live in a country where PayPal is not accepted, you can still make money online.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Short Commercial on Phone Earns you Money

Oh my God!

I wonder, what else is left in this online world to explore in the coming days! Websites are coming up each day with unexpected revenue generating ideas meant for we people. Truly, world wide web is ever expanding. Again, one of the easiest ways to make money.

Brring is a website which offers you to make money to receive any calls and every calls on your telephone number. When you register for the Brring service for free, you get a Brring phone number, a substitution to your own telephone no. through which you want to make money. Now, distribute this no. to your friends, family members, colleagues and all.

Now, everytime someone calls you, a short commercial announcement is played which the caller hears, before they get connected to you. Thats it! Money is in your account. Isn't that sooooooooooo simple. You earn more, if you are the one who receives hundreds of calls each day. They also have a revenue sharing program to maximize your earnings. I've heard people advertising their phone numbers, so that they receive more calls and hence, make more money. I won't discuss the unethical ways, as I don't support them. Trust me, Brring has earned great reviews in the blogging world. So check it out.

Trrrrrrrrrring........Trrrrrrrrring............Money rings!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Earn through Phone Consultation


You sold your advice and consultation through paid to answer sites and paid to chat sites.......rite? Now move a step further! Yes, now you can offer your advice through your phone during your spare time. No hassles of installing Skype or other softwares. Pretty easiest ways to make money.

Ether is a site, where you can register as a member with your telephone number (home, office or private) and how much you would like to charge per call............per minute, per 5 mins, per 10 mins, or whatever you like.  
Tell your availability to receive such calls at your convenience. Your phone number is kept private and you are given an Ether no. Your client actually calls your Ether telephone no., which then gets connected to your personal telephone no. through their server. It is a prepaid system, where the client pays in advance before he gets connected to you.

Some great benefits with Ether are - NO software installations like Skype, etc., NO spammy calls since the client has to pay in advance, and your actual phone no. remains protected, since it is substituted with Ether no. meant for such calls.

Ether keeps 15% commision and the rest is paid to you through check or direct deposit to your bank account. A very reputed site in its business field, it lives upto the expectations of its members and helps them make a great amount of money during their spare time.


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rate it All


Well, this one I believe, is a real revolutionary idea. People behind such sites shall receive an applause for their creative ideas. This is a kind of different money making opportunity.

Rate it All, is a site where you can share your opinions, thoughts and feelings with people across the globe. The idea is very simple. You select a topic and create a list of items under that topic. Now, others in the community will rate it numerically as per their thoughts.

Consider this example......... You create a topic, on latest song tracks of the week and list them as  1 to 10. Now everytime a visitor checks your topic, he would rate it between 1 to 10. 1 being at the top and 10 being the bottom. Whenever, your topic gets a visitor, advertising revenue is generated which is shared between Rate it All and you.

Money isn't big here, I guess, but the stuff you do here is fun and addictive. Yet, it would create a regular and steady income in the long run.

So start rating stuffs.............!
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mystery Shopping - Fun while you Earn


If you still don't know what mystery shopping is all about............ then let me tell you, its a fun way to make money online. Large business houses have spent a lot in each city of a country, to setup shopping malls, theatres, exclusive showrooms, etc. Now, these companies are hiring common people like you and me, whose identities are kept secret, from different localities in almost every city, to give them reviews of their experiences at their shops.

Consider this example..... You are asked, as a mystery shopper, to visit your nearby apparel store as a normal customer and make a purchase within a specicified time limit of .....say one week!

Come back home, get online and submit your buying experience at their outlet. Questions like, how the staff treated you? how much time your purchase took? etc. are asked.

On submitting the review, within one month you get the money back, that you used to purchase apparel at their store, and you also get to keep that apparel for free. There are regular and several assignments like this every month. So mystery shoppers watch movies, do shopping and get back their money next month. So, it turns out to be free. Its like having FUN for FREE.

To consider yourself as a mystery shopper, check out sites like GFK Mystery Shopping, MSPA, Grass Roots and Secret Shopper.

Happy shopping.............!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review Products - Get Paid


You must have learnt enough about paid to review products online. Well, Dooyoo is no different. It pays you to  review products. Straight and simple ways to make money here.

We all use different kind of products daily. We pay to buy these products. So, if we get a chance to voice our opinion on that product, then we shouldn't be behind. Moreover, if it pays! Money earned would literally be a kind of cashback on the product that we purchased.

There are hundred of product categories. Before you start off, make sure you were in touch with that product. Don't bluff advertising companies. Dooyoo initially gives you points for reviewing the products. Later on, these points are converted into cash, sent to you via check, or converted into Amazon certificates for online shopping, according to one's wish. The minimum threshold for requesting a payment is $100. It also offers first, second and third prizes to the top 3 reviewers each month. These are cash prizes.

Check out the site to learn more!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paid to Search


We all do what we are best at..... Search........Search.............and search everyday. It could be for anything. Legitimate online money making opportunities, work at home jobs, PC softwares, wallpapers, and more. In fact, our searches help those search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn to make money. But they never share their revenue with their users. Well, Scour does! Scour offers ways to make money and is now paying people to search web. Search results won't be compromised upon. The results are fetched from the big 3 - Google, Yahoo & Msn.

Scour calculates your earnings in points which you can redeem later on. The points can be exchanged for Visa gift cards with denominations ranging from $25 to $100. You can also refer friends and grab 25% of their earning.

Honestly speaking, I haven't joined the program. So, whether they are legitimate and pay on time or not, remains a question for me. However, I've read from my fellow bloggers that there is a cash out option in the control panel of the member's area. If they pay, I'll update it in one of my future posts. Until then, you can check out the site. However, the look of the site is very promising and professional.

Keep searching.............!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Earn your Moola online


Once again I am back with a great new site. I wonder if you have heard of this site before. Moola is a fun and interactive game site that has come up with a revolutionary game, where one can convert 1 cent into $10,737,418.24

Mind it, this is real money that I am talking about. It has become quite popular and is a rage amongst money seekers who wish overnight richness in a legitimate way. You don't need your money to play this game. Just play and make money online.

When you join, Moola gives you first cent to play the game. Thereafter, you can use that cent to further multiply it to reach the jackpot amount. You win during the stages and lose some. To add funds to your Moola account, you can refer your friends. You can double your money anytime by challenging any player. You'll play against each other in a quick and exciting two player game. Winner's money doubles, while the loser loses his risked amount.

Absolutely no downloads is necessary. Always free to play, since it is fully supported by advertisers, and then cash out for real money. A great new entertainment concept that lets anyone turn 1 cent into $10 million for FREE!

Are you still waiting...............!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yuwie rules


Yuwie has entirely taken the online community by storm. Yes, it's a social networking site with a twist. People across the globe are jumping on this bandwagon to make money by socializing. It works like any other networking site like MySpace and Facebook. In fact, most of you reading this now are already Yuwie members.

Simply join Yuwie, create your profile - got to make it attractive remember, socialize with others, thats it! Money automatically comes in rolling. Find old friends, make new ones, and all fun with money attached.

The method is simple. Every single hit to your profile means cash. So make your profile attractive. Above all, Yuwie has gathered hundreds and thousands of members. So, your profile will get a lot of views. You also earn a part of your referral earnings. All this would add up to a good amount at the end of the month. Keep your profile easy to view. Don't upload unnecessary video and music files. Keep your visitors happy by uploading quality articles on your profile & blog. If visitors like it, they would return everyday to your profile, which means steady income at a regular basis. Finally, post comments. More comments would mean more traffic.

Well, if you really like to socialize and interact with others, then give it a shot. After all, you would get paid for what you like.

Happy networking............!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get Paid to Play Games


I am sure most of you reading this are gaming freak. We all fancy playing PSP and XBox.......rite?!
Me too! Though, nowadays a PC with internet connection means a source of online income for me, but I remember my teen days, when I was too infatuated with PC games. Spent most of the time playing those games that every kid dreamt of.

Well, Paid Game Player has revolutionized the gaming arena by combining both games and income together, the best of both worlds, indeed. Now you can play your favourite games and make money online at the same time. Howzzzzzzzzzz that......!

Plus you can earn extra cash by reviewing online games, trying brand name products, completing surveys and referring friends. The program is legitimate and has been in news through "The New York Times", Fox News, Msn, etc.

You'll get to know more about the payout structure and the mode of payment once you join and become a member. They offer a variety of games of all genres including but not limited to Puzzle, Mahjon, Action and Arcade, Card and Board, Word & Trivia, Poker & Casino.......
You can also compete for cash. You can also download games to your PC.

You're sure to find a game here that would match your skills and taste. Not to forget, you also get paid to for it.

So, get gaming................!
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Live Help & Counselling gets u $$$


Do you know people across the globe provide life coaching, i.e., counselling in different subjects of life and earn a lucrative part-time income. Internet provides a stable platform to such kind of business.One of the true ways to make money.

An online help and counselling has many advantages. Firstly, it saves time to reach your client physically. Secondly, there is flexibility about the schedule of your appointments. Next, some clients prefer to speak online on some sensitive issues, rather than face to face. Finally it saves other overhead charges.

But, searching for a client base definitely, becomes a tough job. Live Person, therefore comes into play here. It provides a global and ready made client database. You just need to apply to become an expert with Live Person. Upon approval, you can provide expert help on any topic or subjects based on your skills and earn substantial money working at home part-time or full time.

They offer a variety of topics from computers, programming, education, health, medicine, professional counselling, personal development, home and leisure, legal, shopping, business, financing, tutoring to religion................hmmmmmmmmmmmmpphhh! The list seems too long. One thing for sure, your skills will definitely find a place in their topics.

In general, you earn to share your knowledge with clients across the globe. You counsel them with their difficulties and make some quick cash out of it. The earning potential is also fantastic in this field. As per my estimation, one can easily make $600 per month being a live help through chat sessions. others!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Share Jokes Earn $$

Do you have great sense of humor?? Do you have it in you...what it takes to tickle the funny bone?? Then, you should check out Tuttee. The site is there to showcase your rib-ticklers. Make the most of now and write some jokes, rib-ticklers, etc. on Tuttee.
How much Money?
Roughly calculating, if you submit 10 entries and those 10 enteries generate 3 clicks per day then they can see it as

3 clicks on 10 enteries..

30 clicks on 100 enteries..

300 clicks on 1000 enteries...

and so on......

Now if, 1 click gives 20 cents then

3 click = 60 cents/day

30 clicks = 6 $/day

300 clicks = 60$/day
If you think you are a person with great sense of humor and also like to earn money online through that sense of humor, then you have reached the right place.

Here at Tuttee you can earn lots of money by sharing your jokes, funny pics, funny videos and other funny stuff.
Laugh all the way...
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

R u losing money via Paypal??

Hey all!

Off late, did you ever think of saving on those pennies while you transacted on Paypal. While, over the period of time we did notice quite a number of online payment processors like Alertpay, Moneybookers, etc., but surely we know the reasons why we kept Paypal close to our hearts. But, when I calculate, I am losing almost $50 monthly while receiving my payments or while withdrawing money. This surely is ticking my grey cells now...

Well, what I came across now is what I wanted to share with you all. Revolution Money Exchange is surely rocking now. I have learnt great reviews from my fellow bloggers about the company. Not only are they saving on those transaction fees, perhaps, they are also making money out of its referral system. One of my friends made a whopping $70 in 5 days flat. He has also withdrawn that money to his bank account.

Consider the benefits of opening an account with Revolution Money Exchange mentioned as below:

FREE to register for an account

FREE to add money from your bank account

FREE to send money

FREE to receive money

FREE to request money

FREE to electronically transfer money to your bank account

Initially, they are offering $10 per referral*. So invite your friends, family and colleagues to join and earn during its initial stages.

R u still waiting.....??
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