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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Review Softwares Earn $$$


We all use those audio and video softwares for our PC, or even anti-virus softwares to keep away those pesky adwares, malwares, trojans, keyloggers, spywares and viruses. Deep down in our heart we were always happy enough about some softwares, while for others we always muttered BS* and crap* if they didn't perform well. Well, we shared such experiences of these softwares with our friends and colleagues, but did we ever get paid for it.............?? Naaaaaaaaah!Well now, there are such ways to make money online.

Software Judge has an answer to all such sorrows. Yes! as the name says, they judge a software's performance through us. Not only you get to speak your heart about the software, rather you also get paid for it.

If you have a strong opinion about some software, whether positive or negative, then you got to be at their site. After all, you also get paid for your review. They pay you upto $50 for telling-it-like-it-is, no marketing BS*, simply straight talking software reviews.

They accept only honest reviews. Whether good or bad, doesn't matter. Reviews must also be original and not copied from somewhere. Once you accumulate $200, you can request a payout and the money would be sent to you immediately through Western Union. Through Western Union, money reaches you within 15 minutes.

To learn more about it. Check out their site!

Software Judge is surely tempting enough. You get paid to voice your opinion even if it's crap.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Make MONEY with mobile & PC

Hi everybody!

What if I tell you that instead of paying your mobile and PC bills, things would happen vice-versa. I mean that your mobile and PC would pay you for using it. Sounds insane........errrr! This is what mVertiseme has to offer. Something incredible with great earning potential.

mVertiseme pays you for comments, surveys, emails, text messages and more. It's that simple. No hidden fees and no cost to join. Simple ways to make money.

Members earn money by opting in to receive advertising emails and text messages from their sponsors, taking part in surveys, posting blog comments and referring your friends and relatives to their site.

What attracts me, is the generous payout. For posting blog comments, the pay ranges $2-$30 per post. 2 cents for email message and 20 cents for text message on your mobile. 30% of the survey commission and a cool $1 to $5 per referral. You can analyze it yourself, that all these earnings could add up to a good amount at the end of each month.

They will mail you a check each month for prior month's earning. For me, the site seems good in all aspect. Gr8 earning potential with absolutely no hard work and monthly payment.

Simply irressistable!
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Solve Simple Tasks - Get Paid


Got a few mouse clicks for a good cause??? Of course, we all are here to make some money, nevertheless, a part of our income can be donated too. Its all upon an individual's wish.

Floxter is a site, I believe is inspired by Amazon Mechanical Turk. To know more about Amazon Mechanical Turk, check out my earlier post on it. However, let me tell you in short. Quite similar to Amazon's concept, Floxter pays you to solve simple online tasks. For example, a task could be as simple as categorizing an ad based on what the ad tries to sell. The options would be given to you. Another example is judging a photo whether it would qualify as a picture postcard or not. Aren't the tasks simple enough?!? They are fun, and above all they fill your pocket with some quick cash.

Now that's not all! You can also donate a part of your Floxter income for charity. A number of charity organisations like World Vision, Greenpeace, UNO, etc are associated with Floxter. Now don't be so mean and donate some money dear! Remember, a penny donated would come back to you in ten-folds. Lastly, it remains your wish to donate or not.

Simply register, search for available online tasks for members, solve them in a minute or two and pocket some quick cash. Its that simple! Payment is made via Paypal and you can request a payment anytime. Now that's some good news for me. Their members are ever increasing with huge monthly donations. The site is growing with leaps and bounds. So just get into it before its too late.

Happy money-making!
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Great Offers for TEENS

Hey you all Teens!

I remember as a teen, I myself, was also very interested in free stuffs for any product I used to buy from grocery shops or shopping malls. Even a small eraser, pencil boxes, etc. would bring the sparkle into my eyes. I hope all you teens out there still feel the same.

Teen Offers is a site which offers free stuff to teens. Free stuffs include but are not limited to video games, CDs, magazines, contests, beauty products, posters, and more. It lists only products and free offers that do not have minimum age requirements.

Moreover, if you refer any of your friend whom you think would be interested in such freebies, then you stand a chance to win $10000 and a Sony DVD Player. Yup! I miss my teen days!

Teen Offers could soon be a revolution online, as because, since its launch it has gained a lot of footfall on its site. So grab such freebies while they are still in its store.

After all, you are not losing anything nor it's any sort of out of pocket expense to you. Just make the most of your time, while you are still in that teen phase of your life. Later, you'll miss these days of pampering.

Say cheese!
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

U Bet U Win

Hi all!

We all know betting is illegal........right? But, betting for good reason is legal enough. And the good reason is winning gifts or cash from this site called Life Bets. Actually, its fun too, apart from making money online.

Life Bets gives you the option to bet on certain incidents with fake money, and if you emerge winner then you earn real cash.

Life Bets is a free online game where they give you $100,000 in pretend money to bet on the outcome of current events. The player who best predicts the future will win $100 cash . The contest is open to players of all ages.

Example bets:

1. Will Hillary Clinton become President by 2008?

2. Will Britney Spears be nominated for Oscars by 2008?

Instead of win/lose type bets, they use a system like the stock market, where each bet has a share price that rises and falls each day based on how likely that event is to actually happen. So, you can make money by selling your bet even before the bet is over.

All players are automatically entered into their prediction contest. The 3 players who make the most fake money will win real cash prizes: $100 for first place, $50 for second place, $25 for third place. The current contest ends December 31st 2008. After that they will start a new round for similar cash prizes. The prediction contest is open to players all ages and countries. If you are the winner and are not a US resident, you must be able to accept payment from them by Paypal or a similar method.

Let's bet!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mystery photo game gets u $$

Hi everybody!

Mystery Photo is like fun and money going hand in hand. I remember my childhood days when I used to guess some jumbled pictures from newspapers and magazines. Though, that was just for fun. But, today a guess can earn you a few quick dollars.

Yes, Photo Mystery is a fun site where you view a a photo of a small part of an item and try to guess what the item is. Thats is! All correct guesses are entered to win $10 each week. Thats right.......a good $10 each week.

Mystery Photo Rules:

The weekly prize is $10 cash. The contest is open to people of all ages, but you must be able to receive your prize payment electronically by Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can signup for one for free. You may only enter the contest once per weekly prize period. The winner will be picked at random from all the correct entries received, and will be notified by email that they have won. Void where prohibited.

So start guessing buddies.........

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Win $100 to share iPod songs


Are you the one who always remains hooked on to music on his iPod? Are you the one whose ears are always dedicated to grooving music? Have got lovely song tracks and some chartbusters and foot tapping music on his iPod, then why don't you share your playlist with friends and others.

What if I tell you that you'll get paid for it. Yes, one of the ways to make money online. heard it right! Hot Playlists is a revolution for all music lovers.

Win $100 for sharing your iPod song list with your friends online. This site will automatically import your iTunes playlist and create a free page for you, listing all your songs. You can also use song lists from Winamp, Windows Media Player, and other music programs.

Hot Playlists do not charge any fees or make you buy anything. It now also works with M3U and PLS files.

It is open to all ages. The only thing you need is a playlist and $100 could be in your pocket for sharing it with your friends online. Your playlist must have at least 50 songs to be eligible for $100 cash prize. The money is
transferred via Paypal.

If you are a music lover and also want to earn some quick bucks for sharing it with others, then do not neglect this site. Check it out to know more.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dig virtual mines for Gold


How about digging some gold now. What I am talking about is a virtual mine, where gold diggers like us can earn some bucks doing the job. Simply dig for gold and win upto $25 cash. It is free to join and open to all ages. Even if you stand third in finding gold, you still earn some $$. So, don't lose heart. After all, its free money.

Virtual Miners pays you via Paypal.

How to play:

1. Register for a FREE account. You only get 5 Grains of Gold with a FREE account and they cannot be redeemed for cash.

2. Login to the site and click on the link that says "My Claims". Its going to say "Sorry, you currently do not own any claims. Would you like to buy one now? Click yes. Its going to cost you Gold to buy a claim. There are multiple claims available.

3. Once you own a claim you will need some basic supplies in order to start mining. Click on "My Supplies" and choose "Buy Additional Supplies". You will now see a list of supplies you can purchase. You need at least a Pick Axe, drinking water, rations, and a leather pouch for your gold.

4. Now that you own a claim and the required tools needed to mine all you need to do is select "My Claims" and choose the claim that you want to mine. Make sure you have turns as it cost 1 turn to prospect a square on your claim. You can prospect as many squares as you want as long as you have enough turns available. To prospect all you need to do is click on the square of your choice.

I've found some gold, though. Hope, you all will also turn out to be a good gold digger at Virtual Miners.

All the best!!!
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Virtual stock game = $$


I am sure stock market is not everyone's game. Nor, are we interested in dealing with those sudden increase and then plunging stock markets everyday. But, what I am talking about today is an online stock market game where people trade in virtual stocks but at the end of the day make REAL money. Now, doesn't that seem tempting enough.......?

Let me explain in detail. Wall Street Pros is a free virtual stock market game where you buy and sell stocks using pretend money. The player whose stocks go up the most will win a $100 cash prize in REAL money. But your age must 13+ to win that money.

No fee is required to participate. Just sign up with Wall Street Pros for an account and start trading with pretend money, i.e., fake virtual money. And then win a $100 real money with your intellect in stocks.

A good business accumen, rather business intellect can definitely make you a good amount of money here. After all buying and selling means business. So, check your business sense here and see where you stand amongst others.

Your hard $100 dollar cash would be paid to you via Paypal or any other similar kind of payment processor.

And we all know $100 is a lot for all of us. Getting $100 with no investment or expense is like heaven on Earth.......yeah!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Answer Trivia Questions Make $$

Hiiiiii all!

Well, if you ever thought that General Knowledge questions were only meant to score good marks during our school/college exams, then you all were wrong. At least, Trivia Bucks proves it.

Because, let me tell you, simple general knowledge questions can fetch you good amount of $$$'s weekly. All thanks to Trivia Bucks. Simply, win money by answering trivia questions. It is free to join and open to all ages.

Simply answer questions with multiple choice answers like :

Q: Which was the first domain to get registered?



Simply answer questions like above and earn points. Every week the member with highest points earns $10 hard cash. You also earn points for creating your own trivia questions. Winners are paid weekly via Paypal or other similar kind of electronic payment processors.

Just register, answer and make money.

No wonder our ancestors said it right...............Knowledge pays!!!
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Win Cash and Stardom


If you have some talent like singing, dancing, playing some musical instruments, etc., then don't hide it within the four walls of your home. Show it to the world what you have it in you. Earn name , fame, cash and overnight stardom.

OvernightStars is an American Idol type online talent search for singers and bands where you can win cash prizes. It is absolutely free to enter and open to all ages. You just need to submit your song or video clip and it will be rated by the visitors of their site. The site gets almost 2 million visitors from its network of sites. So your talent can get maximum exposure online.

In your audition, feel free to play the guitar or any other instrument while you sing, although this is not required. If you are in a band, submit your band's best few songs to them. The record companies they work with are looking for rock stars and pop stars, so do not submit content like Jazz, Opera, Blues, Comedy, etc.

The best way would be to submit a video clip, because surfers and music companies are more interested in watching you sing, rather than hearing you online. So, any simple camcorder or even a mobile clip would do the trick. Remember, music companies also look for that "star quality" apart from the talent. So, present the best part of yourself while recording the video.

For more details you can visit OvernightStars and walk through your path of online stardom.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Win $100 to adopt a pet


We all love those cute looking pets like puppies, kittens, et al, don't we? We love to hang around them and play with them rite! Now, we have done this enough in real world or we didn't have enough money to buy that cute pet we always wished for......

This is where Adoptme comes into play. This is a site which allows us to adopt those cute and loving "virtual pets" and also pays us $80 daily to take care of your pet. Now let me make it clear that this is just virtual money and exists only for transactions on Adoptme website.

Though, this site doesn't suit the theme of my blog, yet I decided to write down something about this site as I, myself, am a pet lover. And I feel great to pamper these kind of virtual pets. And I am sure most of you out there also love pampering pets even though, if they are virtual.

The first time you adopt a pet from Adoptme, you get $100 and $150 for every additional pet thereafter. You can take them to shopping, to restaurants, sports club, disco, make them eat, drink, exercise, take them to bathroom, and don't forget to celebrate their birthday..dude!

Oh! It feels great to pamper your pets and above all you feel a lot happier when you see your pets happy and wag their tail (in case of dogs) as a sign of their happiness, each time you take care of them.

So, go and adopt a pet a now. There are a number of pets to choose from...
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sell photos Earn $$


Are you one of those who likes to keep the shutterbug rolling or even captures those funny, hilarious, romantic, etc. moments on his cell phone for things happening in and around him. And then you show these pictures to your friends.....right? But do you get paid for that? No!

Then this post is for you to learn ways to make money. You know, you can actually sell those captured moments on your cellphone or cameras and make a great amount of money showing it to the world. At least show it to the people how great your photography is! To top it all, you get paid for it......absolute treat!

The photo buying industry available online, runs on any one or all of the parameters mentioned below:
  1. Pay per View
  2. Pay per Download
  3. Pay per Photo
Pay per view, as the name suggests, asks you to upload your photos on their site and then you get paid everytime someone views your photo online.

Pay per download is a step further. It pays you even more if your photo is downloaded.

Pay per photo is an upfront payment from the site for your photo, taking away all your exclusive rights.

You decide the way you would like to sell your photos!

The sites that offer such buying services online are reliable with their payments, mostly Paypal and have been in business for quite a long time. So, you need not worry about that. Just keep clicking.

The sites are:
  • 123rf
  • Big Stock Photo
  • Can Stock Photo
  • Share-a-pic
  • Shutterstock
  • Photo Spin
  • US photo stock
  • Micro stock photo
  • Photobox
  • Photolia
  • iStockphoto
Just Say Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, June 30, 2008

Text for Money


Did you ever think Text Messages can pay your bills? Well, here comes another legitimate ways to make money.

Text4Money is a program where unique information about sales, discounts and promotions are sent directly to the member's cell phone. The member is paid for every message received as well as the messages that are sent to the member's friends that join Text4Money. Members continue to get paid for text messages sent to everyone he refers to the site and the friends of the friends that are referred, and so on.

Make hundreds of dollars every month simply by receiving text messages to your cell phone!

How It Works

Members of the site get 5 cents for every text message that is sent to them

It is recommended to refer friends since every message that a friend under you receive your account balance will grow with a penny.

The More Friends You Refer, The More Money You Will Make.

Your "network" will consist of your friends' friends and the friends of their friends. (The network can only go to 4 levels) Your account will be credited a penny for every message sent to each one of your network friends.

For Instance: If you refer 6 friends that each refer 6 friends, and so on... you will develop a "network" of 1554 friends under you after 4 levels. You will receive a penny for every message that each of your 1554 friends receive. In this case, every message to your entire network will amount to $15.54.

If 4 promotion text messages a day are sent to your whole network for a month, you will make $1864.80- 
quite an honorable paycheck. That's enough to cover your expensive cell phone bill and still have much more left for shopping! (That is a calculation assuming you get 6 people and your friends got 6 that got 6, etc...)

Well, instead of leaving your cell phone idle or spending your balance by chatting long hours with your friends, why not subscribe and cash out from your cell phone. After all it won't cost you anything. In my opinion, just delete it after you receive such text messages, if you don't like it. Ideally, you are getting paid, nevertheless, for that short span of time your cell phone accomodates that message.

Text4Money would pay you monthly via a number of payment options. Check out with your My Account page.
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

FREE Gifts for U


What if I tell you about a site that would give you free gifts such as flat display screens for your PC (off course they are branded). Branded flat screens of companies like Dell, Samsung, Acer, XBrite. Sounds flashy.....yeah! But, its true.

The site is YourFreeFlatscreens. Well, there are bunch of other gifts as well. In fact, they offer you $250 cash if you don't accept their physical/material gift. Sounds too good to be true???

But you got to see it to believe it.

Some people say truth is stranger than fiction..............the site proves it.

It works in 3 steps:

1. Select your free gift or cash

2. Try their advertiser offers

3. Receive your free gift


In exchange for users registering with an advertiser (also referred to as "completing an offer"), they are compensated for sending advertisers new customers. They then offer you the free gift from a portion of their compensation as a Thank you for using their site.

Examples of advertisers' offers include a variety of free trial offers, advertised products for purchase, credit cards, and subscriptions to membership services. The costs vary by offer. Some are absolutely free and can be discontinued without any further obligation while others may require a small purchase.


They offer two methods to obtain your free gift...... points and referrals.


With a points account, you obtain your free gift by obtaining credits through trying their advertisers offers. Upon fulfilling the requirements of each offer, you will receive the advertised point amount for that advertiser. Once you have accumulated enough points for your desired item, you may place your order and your chosen item will be sent to you! The full item and shipping costs are covered by your earned points and you will never receive a bill, invoice, or charge from them for your item or shipping cost (Please review the advertiser registration terms to determine any recurring service(s) regarding your account with them).

Samsung 225BW - 1150 points

Dell 2007fpw - 800 points

Acer AL2016W - 700 points

XBrite HS95P - 700 points

Samsung 204B - 800 points

$250 Cash - 500 points

Dell 1907FPV - 750 points


When participating with this method, you are required to complete at least one (1) of their advertiser offers and refer a couple others to do the same. Please view the following list for required referrals.
Samsung 225BW - 8 referrals

Dell 2007fpw - 8 referrals

Acer AL2016W - 7 referrals

XBrite HS95P - 6 referrals

Samsung 204B - 8 referrals

$250 Cash - 5 referrals

Dell 1907FPV - 7 referrals

YourFreeFlatscreen is definitely a niche in its market. Though, I am not that keen with this one, yet if I decide to buy a flatscreen then definitely I'll check this site to see if I can save some money.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Swap Things for FREE


Web is really an incredible place. At least, I do believe this. And did you ever read somewhere that "History repeats itself". Well, in this article I'll tell you how...

We read in our history school books, that long time back people used to follow "Barter System". A system to trade goods of having an equivalent price value........and then paper MONEY was launched..........thereafter, barter system became non-existent.

But web has relaunched this system once again in a way to benefit us from this system. I am talking about Swap at Home. A website giving us an opportunity to swap goods that we don't use anymore with the ones that we need. Absolutely NO FEES for swapping. Swap all you want for FREE.

Simply, sign up with Swap at Home and post items that you don't use anymore (sounds like Ebay....??? pay when you buy at eBay..........rite?).

You'll get coupons when you post your listings. Now, just use these coupons to buy products from other members. These coupons act as a sort of medium to determine the value of products posted. So what happens actually is............ there is no physical transaction of any money. You simply post your goods that you don't use anymore, collect coupons and then purchase the goods you need, from other members.

People like stamp or coin collectors can swap that lying coin in your closet. You'll gain a coupon and then you can use it to buy your requirement.

They have a wide category of listings from a hairpin to airplane........

Check it out yourself to see if you can Swap at Home.............
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