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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Paid for Sms


This is yet another rocking ways to make money online. The world wide web has launched yet another revolutionary way to make easy money, by doing almost nothing. Yes... true!!! Absolutely nothing. After a long time of posting some informational posts, this one would be a refreshing and my trademark post for you all. A simple and easy way to make money online by joining genuine money making websites.

mGinger is a site that offers people like you and me to make easy money by receiving Sms's. We all carry mobile phones and we receive "n" number of sms's from peers, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc., but they do us no good in terms of any income. This is where mGinger stands tall. Your mobile phone silently keeps making money for you every time you read an advertising sms from mGinger.

The sms ads are very much relevant as per your interest, as you mention during your sign up. You get offers, deals on products, all in your locality through these sms ads. You read them...and Whoa!!! you made some hard cash. Moreover, if you go ahead and buy those deals, you also get those discounted price mentioned in the ads, so apparently you also save money if you wish to buy. Buying those deals or offers is completely upon wish.

Sign up is absolutely free to start making easy money in no time. People here are easily making anywhere between $100 to $2000 per month. Payment is made through check. Though, the only limitation, I believe, is that it is not open to international members as of now. So, you guys gotta wait until it opens its doors! Given the kind of response it is generating and the amount of revenue it is generating for advertisers and users both, it is soon going to open its arms to the greater horizons of this online world.

Happy money making!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Paid To... Sites

Hey all!

Do you know... several online companies pay
you for your various online activities. It is you, who decides the legitimacy of such get paid to programs. They pay you to read their emails, click on ads, surf advertiser's websites, sign up with advertiser's websites, shop online, drive your car, take surveys, play online games, etc. Nevertheless, they offer easiest ways to make money.

Lemme explain each one of them one by one:

GPTR ( Get Paid to Read)

Get paid to read emails is a popular way to make some fast cash online. To become a member is absolutely free. However, some upgrade options are also available to enjoy larger benefits. Such programs send you regular emails everyday with a link. You just need to click those links to visit the advertiser's website, and you need to stay there for a few seconds, ranging from 10-90 seconds. Your account is then credited with the amount the email was worth. Amount can range anywhere from 1 cent to 100 cents. You earn a percentage of your referral earnings too.

Some legitimate GPTR sites I found are:
So keep reading...................!
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Make that Dollar


This one's an old kid on the block. Launched in 2006, Make That Dollar has sustained itself in the get paid to complete offers arena, with the highest paying offers, as they claim.

Like other GPT sites, you get paid to click on ads, test for trials, take surveys apart from completing offers which remains the basic mode of earning. It is an excellent source of income for students, stay at home parents or anyone who wants to make money from home.

There are plenty of cashout options for your much deserved money, including Paypal, Moneybookers, Check, direct deposit, Amazon gift card and Revolution Money Exchange. A great customer support team which remains online most of the time for Live support through AIM. All International members are accepted.

What's HOT:
  • Sign Up is Free
  • No Credit Card needed
  • Highest paying offers
  • Weekly Payout (now this is what we need most!)
Make That Dollar is great for absolute newbies in the GPT complete offers arena, since their Live support would be a great guidance.

C'mon now make that dollar!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is HTmail good enough?


The question hovers my mind, since I came across this site called HTmail. There's no question about its legitimacy, since many online users are recommending it as genuine GPTR program to make money. What pulls me back is the income potential. No different from others, it pays in cents, but I don't understand why I am not getting "this one's good" feel. After going through the site, I think "Is it worth my time"?

Let me share it with all of you. Hopefully, you all can help me make up my mind with your comments. They pay a good $0.10 (10 cents) for every email ad you click and $0.02 for each of your referral click. As of now, the payment is pretty good. What I don't like comes up next. Payment is made every 3 months. Now, who on Earth would like to wait for 3 long months after they have earned the minimum payout. Sounds absolutely disheartening!

They send payment through check or Paypal. The minimum payment through check is $25 while it is $15 through Paypal. It works completely on opt-in email strategy.

I am skeptical to join it or not. However, you all can check it out whether it's really worth to the online community.

Do comment!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dollars in your Inbox


When you first get a glimpse of this site, called Inbox Dollars, it won't look promising to you. But don't let the look of this site deceive you. It is as good and fair like any other GPT program online. In fact, I read on one of my fellow blogger's post that he had literally abandoned this site for 6 months, but when he returned, he saw that his account had accumulated $200 through his referral earnings, much to his surprise. He immediately cashed out. Perhaps, he earned this amount for nothing and he had posted the screenshot of the cashed-out payment he received from them. Such instances prove that the program is one of the genuine ways to make money online.

It offers several money making opportunities like reading email, shopping online, trying brand products, taking surveys online and playing games. Absolutely free to join and you also get a $5 bonus for joining.

International members are welcome. Though, what I found here was that U.S. members have a possibility to earn more compared to other international members, since more ads here are geographically targeted.

Nevertheless, everyone makes money here. It currently has more than 3.5 million members. Yeah! Quite a number of global audience. Payment here is made through check or Paypal.

Check out if it is meant for you or not........!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Snap a Dollar


Snap Dollars surely means to say...... that you can snap a dollar from them. Well, this site too has been online for quite a long time. Sounds legitimate! Reviews about the site are also good in the blogging community. People are making genuine amount of money in their home with Snap Dollars.

It offers plenty of income opportunities to its members from its kitty. A joining bonus of $5, thereafter cash for completing offers, cash for shopping and playing games, cool $10 for every referral, and finally 1 cents - 10 cents for every paid email adverts. Overall, huge income potential for its members.

Payment is made on a NET 25 basis. Payment is made through check, which is mailed to your postal address. The only criteria is that you must have earned a minimum of $15 by completing offers. Well, the good news is............. this one accepts international members. Absolutely Free to join and great potential for beginners to make their first online income.

All the Best!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tik Tik Cash - A quick earning paid to click


Tik Tik Cash is a new kid on the block. A GPT program that looks promising enough. Though, i discovered this site long before, I took time to see whether this program will survive the need of time or not. Apparently, I have seen it grow. It rised from ashes. Today, i feel great to write about this program.

Tik Tik Cash is one of the legitimate get paid to program, that offers all - get paid to read emails, get paid to refer, get paid to complete offers, get paid to complete games, get paid to join survey sites........Huhhhhhh!
Took my breathe away!
Joining is Free and you also get $5 just to join. The earning potential in each segment varies between $1 - $50. So, you can make some quick cash instantly.

Currently only members from USA are accepted. You can request your first payment when you have earned $100, thereafter you can cashout every $50. Payment is made via Paypal. The member must have a U.S. verified Paypal address.

International members don't get disheartened. Checkout my posts on other GPTR programs that accept members internationally.

Keep earning with a Smile!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More $$ from Paid to Read


Now this is the ultimate in the GPT segment. It offers everything from get paid to sign up, get paid to read, get paid to click to get paid to surf and more. Thats not all! Whats interesting is that it claims to pay its members 100 times more than what other GPT sites offer. To me, their claim doesn't look fake simply because they are in business since 2001. Quite a long time...........yeah!

The site is called Loyaltepays. Once you join Loyaltepays, i.e., the mother site, then from your account panel you can sign up with their sister sites dealing in different GPT segments. Like My Revenue Place and Readers Paid, etc. Apparently, Loyaltepays would open up a wide array of income streams for you right at the comfort of your home.

If you want to earn more from a paid to read, try Readers Paid. They will pay you an easy $100 per month for 5 minutes worth of work with no referrals necessary. However, if you do refer then you'll probably earn thousands per month. You will be paid for each Ad you click on.

To earn more, simply fill out the forms or submit your email address. The great thing about this site is how easily and quickly your account is credited. You are not required to paste any confirmation emails or anything other than instantly submitting the information. Check your earnings the next day or so after completing the offers and you will see that upto $5 or more has been credited to your account for only a few minutes of work. There are no timers, so the entire daily process takes only about 5-10 minutes to complete.

MyRevenuePlace is a Career Center that connects people with the most profitable Work-From-Home opportunities. Beginners earn $1,000 to $3,000 a month and some of their most successful members earn $10,000 a month and more.

Payment is made via Paypal and Check, directly by the respective companies. Payment is made monthly for your previous month earnings.

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