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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Paid for Sms


This is yet another rocking ways to make money online. The world wide web has launched yet another revolutionary way to make easy money, by doing almost nothing. Yes... true!!! Absolutely nothing. After a long time of posting some informational posts, this one would be a refreshing and my trademark post for you all. A simple and easy way to make money online by joining genuine money making websites.

mGinger is a site that offers people like you and me to make easy money by receiving Sms's. We all carry mobile phones and we receive "n" number of sms's from peers, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc., but they do us no good in terms of any income. This is where mGinger stands tall. Your mobile phone silently keeps making money for you every time you read an advertising sms from mGinger.

The sms ads are very much relevant as per your interest, as you mention during your sign up. You get offers, deals on products, all in your locality through these sms ads. You read them...and Whoa!!! you made some hard cash. Moreover, if you go ahead and buy those deals, you also get those discounted price mentioned in the ads, so apparently you also save money if you wish to buy. Buying those deals or offers is completely upon wish.

Sign up is absolutely free to start making easy money in no time. People here are easily making anywhere between $100 to $2000 per month. Payment is made through check. Though, the only limitation, I believe, is that it is not open to international members as of now. So, you guys gotta wait until it opens its doors! Given the kind of response it is generating and the amount of revenue it is generating for advertisers and users both, it is soon going to open its arms to the greater horizons of this online world.

Happy money making!
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Earn to Share your Video

If you love watching online videos and you also liked my previous post on Paid to View label, then here is one more post for all you online video lovers. This post will list quite a few online video sharing sites that will pay you to share your videos with others. One of the easiest ways to make money.

Actually, these video sharing sites earn money when they show Adsense ads beside your video footage. More views to your video means more clicks. So they share the revenue with the relevant video uploader. To earn a substantial income from such video sharing sites, I guess one would need to join at least 5-6 such sites.

If we blindly upload a video and expect it to generate a revenue that we would be happy with, then, it would only remain a dream and would never turn into a reality. To fullfil our expectations, just remember a couple of tips from me. It will work wonders for you, trust me.

Firstly, never upload a sexually explicit video or any sort of racial or hatred stuff. Your video footage will lose visitors in the long run.

Secondly, the most important trick is to do a research little bit. Check leading video sites like Youtube for the most happening videos, and which video is most popular and which one is getting the maximum number of views everyday. This homework can fetch you unexpected results. Just upload similar kind of videos to such video footage sites mentioned below and then you can see the money rolling in.

Remember, if you upload happening videos and videos that pertain to the current taste of the viewers, you are bound to get maximum views to your video, thus bringing you a lot of dollars from such video sharing sites. A small earning from all such sites will add up to a big number.
Check out:

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    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    Get Paid to watch Videos


    We all love watching online videos ........right? We all do hangout around Youtube, or other similar sites to watch those happening and eye-candid videos (! did I say eye-candid?). But we never got paid for it. Pity!

    This is where Buzzshed comes into action. This revolutionary site pays its members to view its videos. You'll find videos of all genres. Watch videos Get paid. Simple!

    It works in this manner:
    • Register with Buzzshed
    • Tell them about your interests & hobbies
    • Tell them about your minimum rate for watching videos
    • Receive link in your email. Click on it and watch the videos
    • Answer a simple question at the end of the video
    • You get paid
    Now let me explain the points above. In my opinion, cover more interests, so that they will send you more videos. Next keep your rate low, again to get more videos. Say, if you decide to view videos @ 30 cents, then even if you get 2 videos a day, then you make somewhere around $20 a month. These are just predictions from me, actual statistics can differ.

    Though, $20 is not much. But if you compare it with other sites where you won't get paid to view videos, then this is welcome money to you.

    A question at the end of the video is just to ensure that you have seen the video and not merely clicked the link. The payment is made on the 1st of each month for the prior month's earnings. Paypal, as usual, is their preferred payment mode.

    Don't wait. Buzzshed your life with a few dollars.
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