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Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Commenting brings Free Traffic


If you are a blogger or webmaster, and have not yet capitalised on the free and targeted traffic through blog commenting, then you have left a valuable chunk of traffic from the pie. There are several advantages of why you should follow the practice of blog commenting on relevant blogs of your niche. I have listed some well known practices, advantages and disadvantages of blog commenting. Read through...
  • Commenting means you have read through the post, which gives additional knowledge
  • Additional knowledge gives new ideas to re-invent and post it to your blog
  • Initiate a conversation
  • Comments like - great post, i'll try, check my site... etc. look spammy and a strict NO-NO
  • Write a descriptive comment of what you liked in the post and why?
  • This creates more followers and visitors to your sites
  • Not necessary to leave your website link in the signature every time you comment
  • The more you comment, the more visitors you get in return
  • More visitors mean, more human activity on your site and better ranking
  • A good comment with anchor text keyword from high PR site means more link juice for your site
  • Too many similar comments on same posts can cause negative impact
  • Commenting creates friends, and friends will link to you if they like your site
  • The more you comment, the more others will comment on your site, hence more activity
  • It brings laser targeted traffic
Keep looking for niche blogs during your free time, and keep commenting on them. Any link that you get from them apart from the targeted traffic is an absolute bonus. Remember a blog comment link from a high PR site is worth enough a good amount of money, that you would lose if you buy it through any SEO company. Moreover, these are permanent lifetime text links with your targeted anchor keywords, surrounded by rich niche content on that web page. It can't get any better than this!

Happy money making...
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Algorithm Update for High Ranking


Billions of webmasters across the world either try to figure out the most complex Google algorithm in order to rank high on search engines, or hire a professional SEO company who have invested in top brains and high end machines for calculating the ranking algorithm to work upon their sites. Is it really that complex...??

To me, it's no rocket science. Most of us know that! This thing is made to seem complex for the dummies, so that they can be ripped off of their hard earned money, in order to achieve top ranking on Google. The Google Algorithm is as simple as 1-2-3. If you know what to do, which parameters of your site to take care of, how much of time and money to invest on certain parameters, then you've cracked the code to achieve high ranking for your website and then making easy money is a cakewalk for you.

Google ranks each and every web page, based on its credibility, in terms of keyword density, rich niche content, a credit or vote from other relevant sites and several other parameters.
Google algorithm initially ranked sites based on its content. But, then spammy webmasters took the advantage of creating huge number of spammy web page content, which was of no use to the end user, to dominate the top 10 ranking of organic search results.
Then Google introduced and included another parameter to its algorithm - "Votes". These votes were nothing, but a backlink from other sites, suggesting valuable content available on this site. So a mix of rich content and quality one way backlinks remained the core of Google algorithm, for ranking websites for a long long time... until now when Google realized that even backlinking is also being exploited through buying and selling of links. So, this brings an end to the previous version of Google algorithm. As such, if you have recently lost or gained your organic search ranking on Google, then read on...

As per my research, the most recent update in Google Algorithm, that decides every web page ranking now in 2010, can be broadly classified into THREE VITAL categories:
  • More and more rich niche CONTENT
  • Quality Relevant BACKLINKS
  • Website ACTIVITY
Yes, the most recent parameter that has been added to the Google algorithm update, is none other than "Website Activity". Now what is it...??
Google now hugely considers whether any website is creating Human activity or not. For example, too many visitors coming and leaving the site, people leaving their comments or feedback, feed subscribers, sharing webpage through web 2.0 and bookmarking sites, etc.

So, the next time you think about ranking high on Google, give a thought to all three parameters listed above.

It works!!! Trust me!!!
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to get Google Crawl & Google Index your Website in 48 hours


When we start off a new website or blog with an aim to make easy money, there's always a great excitement to see it quickly on search engine rankings. With my experiences, I would say that it takes anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 weeks for a Google crawl of your website and thereafter your site gets Google indexed. But, we tend to get impatient at times, and why not.......... who wants to wait!!!? None of us, though.

Well, I have found a tried and tested method to help your newly created website or blog, get indexed by Google within 48 hours. Instead of directly submitting your site URL to Google and asking the Google bot to crawl your website and wait helplessly, there's an easier way out to get indexed quickly. The process is very neat and simple without any investment. Just follow the steps below:

  • Blog commenting. Find some frequently updated relevant do-follow blogs and leave a comment with your site link.
  • Submit links to some social media sites (Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc) and social bookmarking sites (Delicious, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.). These sites are crawled every hour by Google. A link here means Google bot will immediately come running to your site for a crawl.
  • Post a link to some relevant forums.
That's it! Now sit back. Google bot will immediately follow the links that you've posted across established sites on web, that will lead the bot to your website. As such, it will immediately crawl your website and index it to it's organic listings within 48 hours.

Happy ranking!
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

High Search Engine Ranking through Link Building


You have put in the effort and research to put your blog or website up and running. You have also put valuable and great content, but if no one visits your site, if nobody knows the great content your site has, then its totally not worth. To get high search engine ranking you need relevant backlinks.

Many people looking to make easy money online through their blogs or websites overlook the importance of link building. Of course, you can spend on PPC advertising to gain fresh traffic instantly. But not everyone can afford high PPC budget. And what when your budget runs dry? In my opinion, organic ranking and organic traffic is much more valuable, though not instant results, but is a great ROI in the long run. Very stable and very effective.

Remember, search engines like Google rank websites on the basis of relevant one way backlinks. Reciprocal links are now given least importance. So, the more number of relevant one way backlinks you have, the higher are your search engine rankings. So work towards building your backlinks. If you ever decide to spend money in the promotion of your website, seek long term results by buying links.

Perhaps, the links will bring some traffic, not huge, but over time when Google crawls and indexes your site on the basis of backlinks, you will get laser targeted avalanche of free organic traffic. The bottomline is, what kind of high search engine ranking you want? Instant through PPC advertising, if you have long term budget, or stable organic ranking and free traffic in future. You decide...

Happy link building!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Link Baiting | Viral Marketing Strategy


Today everyone is talking about link baiting in the online community. Link baiting is nothing but a viral marketing strategy to promote your blog, website or services through one way link building.
Several online SEO services are now offering link baiting services at a cost that might burn a hole in your pocket. The prices are high because it is now the most effective tool in promoting your websites and services virally.

According to Google, link baiting is perfectly alright to promote your websites and it would not get penalized for using this strategy. Link baiting conforms to the 'white hat' SEO techniques, and hence, it would only help your blog or website rank higher in search engines. Needless to say, the huge traffic your site would get instantly through this link building strategy.

How Link Baiting Works:
  • You write a compelling post or article in  your blog or website (keyword enriched Title and post)
  • A compelling post can be highly informational or could offer a free tool, software, flash games, etc.
  • Once written and posted, the link of the post are submitted to high traffic social networking websites
  • Your post is seen by thousands of visitors of web 2.0 sites, and from there it gets picked up virally
  • Readers, if they like your post, they then place your post link in their blogs or websites and also promote it through forums, discussions, etc.
  • Going from one to another, your link gets distributed across the web virally
  • You get hundreds and thousands of backlinks, huge traffic and as a result rank higher on search engines
Happy money making!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Google updated PageRank for April 2009


Google today updated the PageRank of all sites in its database. And guess what folks... my blog secured one more unit of 'green juice' and is now much better ranked as per Google. My blog now has a PageRank of 2 out of 10. This proves that more no. of quality links are pointing towards my blog, because if you check the stats on my sidebar, you'll come to know that there aren't enough links pointing to my blog compared to other blogs which have thousands of links pointing towards them. Though less no. of links, but I have quality links pointing to my blog.

I was so happy when I suddenly saw a PR 2 on my blog within such a short time. Just 4 months back, I had a PR 0 on this blog. But then I realized the importance of backlinks. But financial constraints never allowed me to purchase expensive link building. So, I started building links manually apart from my regular posts.
I started submitting to all free, but higher PageRank directories manually. I started leaving comments with my site signature, posted on blogs and forums, social bookmarking sites, blog aggregators, etc. In short, I followed all the free steps to increase traffic, I listed here in my previous blog posts.

And the result is out.... My hard work finally paid off. In just 4 months I have a PR 2 blog in my hand. I am still working in the same fashion to popularize my blog through link building and hope within next 6 months I'll have a much better PageRank on this blog.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check your PageRank, you might have also been awarded some 'green juice' in this April 2009 update by Google.
Well, if you also want to gain some PageRank and would like to follow the steps I used in this blog, then check my relevant posts below... if you really care to make money from your blog or website.

My Advice:
If you decide to submit links to all the directories, blog comments, forums, social bookmarking sites, blog aggregators, etc., then PLEASE take care of these 3 most important things.
  • Do Not Spam anyone. Do not leave your blog url on other blogs or forums unnecessarily.
  • Always submit your blog to relevant directories. If you have a business blog then Do Not submit under entertainment directories just for the sake of submitting. This will harm your blog ranking.
  • Most importantly... do a bit of link building everyday or rather every week if you are too busy. DO NOT create 100's or 1000's of backlinks to your blog in a single day or week and then sit idle. Google will penalize your blog or website as spam and you would lose your Page rank and traffic from them any further.
All the best!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When to put Advertising on your Blog?


If you are greedy about money then blogging shouldn’t be your choice. Yes! I have to say that because blogging will not make you a rich person overnight. It needs lots of experience and effort to make your blog popular in the world.

Everyone knows that money can be made by blogging but you should have ample amount of visitors and not only visitors but potential visitors! If you are thinking of making serious money from blogging then you have to take decision of putting advertising on your blog. Advertising ads on blog is an effective method to make money online and you should know when to put ads on your blog.

What is the best time to put advertising on your blog?

According to me, you should have at least 150+ unique visitors per day to put advertising on blog. To get that much visitors is very easy. If your content is good and unique then you will get visitors for sure. Keep adding new content to blog and you will get more visitors.

Well, it also depends on the niche of your blog. For example, if your blog is related to technology, make money online, health, celebs etc. then you’ll get good visitors and will also keep visiting but if your blog is a personal blog or any other general blog then it will be little bit difficult to get visitors and also to maintain same number of visitors regularly.

Why 150 unique visitors per day?

I said that 150 visitors per day but this is also very less number. Many different niches require much more visitors so that they can start advertising on their blog. When you get that much visitors, you can start advertising slowly on your blog.

Many visitors just come to get knowledge on your blog and will close the window after reading content or getting what they want. This type of visitors are always more in numbers i.e. around 85-90% and this percentage totally depends on the content of your blog so it can vary time to time. So remaining will just try to find what else they can get from your blog. Your blog should have strong and interactive content so that large number of visitor will surf through more content and will also come back to see what is new on blog. Even from these remaining visitors there will be extremely less percentage of visitor who will be interested in your advertisement and clicking on your ads.

Don’t be a greedy person and much excited or else you will not get anything. People who are visiting your blog will think that you are just blogging to make money from it and refuse to come again on your blog. So don’t do blogging just for the sake of money.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Earn More with Intelligent Ad Placements


Your visitors are everything. Heart and soul of your online income. Right? Unfortunately, visitors don’t read all of our pages. They don’t read every word. They skip a lot, and scan for highlights. Visitors ignore almost everything. This means that some areas of the page are seen more than others, meaning that some places are better for advertisements than others. This will teach you easy ways to make money.

1. Middle Ads

Advertisements in the middle means outrageous amounts of extra clicks, and extra earnings. You can multiply your advertisement earnings by simply targeting the traffic in the middle, directly under your article titles. It works. It’s the best place for a single ad block.

2. Left Sidebar Ads

Incredibly, the biggest bloggers in the industry usually have a sidebar on the right with their advertisements, instead of on the left. The left converts more…way more. Money is literally being left at the table. This isn’t just about ads. Subscriptions, navigation links… an incredible amount of extra traffic and earning is simply being forgotten because of the lack of fifteen minutes of preparation.

In 15 minutes, you could double your advertiser earnings.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Earn More from GPTR Programs


GPTR stands for Get Paid To Read program. These are email programs, where you register with your email ID for free. Once you are a member, they send you email adverts with a link to click upon. Click on that link, visit the site, stay on that site for 10-30 seconds and you are credited the money that link provided. Well, we all know this........(so stop boring me.......heh!) But, there's a different way to make money online.

But what you don't know is............ you won't make enough money by clicking such links which would offer only few cents. It may take even one year to cash out with such programs. Eventually, if we calculate, we spend huge on electricity and internet bills for 1 year clicking on such links and, when we cash out, it's a meagre $10 after 1 year. Is it worth..............???

Money, of course, lies with GPTR.........but with a different approach. money lies with referrals. After joining a GPTR program, make your first dollar with them and cash out. With that money, buy some referrals from them. This has two benefits. Firstly, you get money from them, which proves that they are legitimate. Next, you don't require out-of-pocket money to buy referrals. Of course, initially you don't make money, but later on these referrals will make you money. Apparently, you won't need to click anymore, just sit back and make money. Invest a portion of your earnings to buy more referrals regularly, to make more money. With this trick, some people are making $500 - $1000 through referral clickings, with sites that offer just few cents per click.

Take this approach............. I assure you , you would make huge money!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

How to Maximize Paid to Write Earnings


In all my previous posts on "paid to write", I primarily explained the sites, how they work and how one can earn money online from them. Hope, you liked those sites called Hub Pages, Constant Content, Xomba, etc. Now this post is the best of them all. This post will reveal how you can make all these paid to write sites and more, to work for you and help you make 10 times off a single article.

The idea is very simple, yet works wonders for me and will surely do the same for you. Write a fresh 200 to 500 words article in Wordpad in your PC. Then, simply copy and paste the article on all such paid to write sites mentioned below. Now what happens is, your single article brings revenue from all these paid to write sites at the same time. Write one article a day at least. So, you would have 30 articles at the end of the month, bringing you revenue from 10 different sites at the same time.

If you calculate-------- for one article, one site earns you even if just $1, then on 10 sites it would earn you around $10. So, 30 articles on 10 sites???

Paid to Write sites: Hub Pages, Helium, Xomba, Article codex, GZYN, Article Trader, OOCUZ, Squidoo

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Disable right click on blogs


Do you want to prevent theft of your information like text or images on your blogs or websites? Then, I'll tell you how. Sometimes, it feels annoying to see your work being stolen and used somewhere else on web. Some feel insulted, while others think it as unprofessional. Whatever! It happens all across the web.

Well, if you simply want to stop others from stealing your blog posts, and want to disable right click, then you'll thank me for that. I'll provide you with a simple javascript code that can be inserted into your html editor of websites or blogs, and you're done. No right clicks, no copy paste stealing and your work becomes copyrighted.

How to insert code to your blogger/blogspot blog to disable right click:
  • Login to your blogger account
  • Next, go to Layout
  • Click on Add a Gadget/Page element on your sidebar menu

  • Paste the below javascript code

  • Save the changes. You're done! Now right click is disabled on your blog.

Now if you right click on your blog, a message would pop-up saying "function disabled". Well, if you want to say something else, just replace the text "function disabled" in the above javascript, in the field (var message=) with whatever you feel like, For example: Sorry... my work is coprighted.

Leave your comments if you have doubts!
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to add meta tags to blogger blogs


Do you know what meta tags are? Meta tags actually communicate with the search engines and let them know what your site is all about. Especially, meta tag description is very vital and important. When search engines crawl your site or blog, they look out primarily for meta tags to gather information about your site. The meta tags give out accurate information about your site, ensuring that your site gets indexed and ranked accurately during a search. This ensures high ranking for a set of keywords your blog deals in and thus brings you massive traffic.

With websites, it is bit easy to edit the html codes, but this post is for all bloggers using blogger (blogspot) platform. Since, I installed this code to my blogger account, I have seen the amount of organic traffic, that is traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo, to my blog has increased to almost 75%.

So I'll share this with you all. Hope you'll like it.

Here is how to add meta tags to your blogger blog:
  • Sign in to your blogger account and click layout.

  • Next, go to edit HTML tab

  • Look at the screenshot and add the below mentioned code (type it in your blog)

  • Add the above code just below the line as shown in the below screenshot

  • Add your blog description and keywords and Save the changes.
DO NOT just fill up keywords in the Description. Absolutely not. Search engines like Google and others will ban your site forever from their search listings. Also DO NOT repeat the keywords more than 3 times.
Congratulations! You've successfully added the meta tags to your blogspot blog. Now enjoy the traffic surge. To check whether you've added the meta tags correctly or not, search for "meta tags analyzer tool" in google, and you'll get a number of sites where you can simply put your blog url in their tool and within 5 secs it will tell you whether there are any errors in your meta tags or not, and how to rectify it.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free ways to increase your blog traffic


Traffic in our real life may cause shivers, but in an online industry traffic is heart and soul of any business existence. You might have created a very nice looking website or blog, with great content and great hard work. But, if you don't get traffic, then everything is a waste. So, I would share some deep dark secrets of all bloggers and webmasters who utilised these tips and tricks to build massive traffic, including me.

  • Search Engine
Search engine traffic is like lifeblood to any online business. Submit your blog to as many search engines as possible. Include big guns like Google, Msn and Yahoo but at the same time don't forget the small ones like Anoox, Ask, Altavista, Scrubtheweb, etc. Since, getting indexed in these small search engines won't bring much traffic, but the big guns like Google and Yahoo, will rank your site better in their search results because of this.
  • Blog Directories
You might already know the importance of blog directories. It brings Free traffic, gives your site a valuable backlink (blog directories are usually PR4 sites), increases your Pagerank too. Check my post on the list of top Blog Directories in my label "Blog and Website Tools".
  • Forums and Groups
Participate in forums and groups. Keep others informed of your blog. Ask and answer questions, clarify doubts, and leave a link to your blog. But DON'T SPAM.
  • Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is another important aspect of building traffic for your site or blog. It is a practise of saving your bookmarks and tagging the posts with keywords in a particular site. Social bookmarking sites like Digg,, Reddit, Furl rule the roost and would provide you with instant traffic. just register with them, save your blog posts as bookmarks and tag them  with keywords.
  • Submit Articles
Submitting articles is also a great way of building your traffic and getting backlinks as well. Simply, make a search of article directories, and you'll get a list of thousands of them. Submit your articles about your blog, your posts and see the traffic growth considerably.
  • Leave comments
Commenting on other relevant blogs is also a great way to boost your traffic. Leave your blog url along with your comment, but avoid spamming at any cost.

Hope these tips and tricks help you all!
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Increase traffic with blog directories


Before you can monetize your blog, you need to rank your blog well in this online industry. And to rank it well, you can't neglect the importance of submission of your blog to blog directories.

Blog directories are a collection of useful resources that are available online. Unlike search engines that deliver your site to a visitor only when a particular keyword search is made, a blog directory, perhaps lists your blog or site permanently in its database and shuffles its position and rank as per your blog's traffic over the years.

The various advantages a blog directory offers are:
  • Free traffic
  • Valuable backlink
  • Increases your Pagerank
Perhaps, a blog directory is very useful for new blogs with Pagerank 0. Since, these blog directories have a Pagerank of 4 or higher. This means you are getting a backlink to your blog from a PR4 site, absolutely free. A similar backlink, whereas would cost somewhere around $100 per month. Imagine if you submit your blog to 10 blog directories per day, it would mean 10 valuable PR4 or higher backlins for that day.

This would increase your Google PR in its next update. Moreover, you stand to receive free traffic from them as well.
Below is the list of few top blog directories on world wide web. Try submitting your blogs to them for FREE.
All the best!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to hide, disable or remove navbar from blogger


If you ever desired to get rid of that odd-looking navbar floating uselessly on top of your blogger blog, or ever feared of any visitor flagging your blog through the navbar menu, then its time to shed your fear.
Today, I would tell you in easy steps on how to remove or disable or hide the navbar from your blog.

  • A navbar looks like this

  • Sign in to your blogger account and click on layout

  • Next, click on HTML

  • Next, add the below html code as specified in the below image

  • Save your changes
Remember, this trick only hides or disables the navbar. It does not delete it. So, if ever you wish to show your navbar again, simply remove the code from the html page, that you inserted right now.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grab your share of upto $1000 from Blogging


A great online income from Blogging which is consistent, is quite similar to the image shown beside. A money tree in your backyard, which gives you regular income. This is my perspective of Blogging...what do you all say !? To actually make money online, you gotta learn ways to make money .

Today, I would describe in every detail possible, yet I would keep it short enough so that this doesn't seem to be an e-book with all boring!..... of how you can earn a substantial and regular residual income that is indeed REAL. No BS** absolutely.

If you are really serious about earning online and right in the comfort of your home, then blogging is a must for you. Today, people across the globe are making unimaginative income figures out of blogging. Even I make it online, a living proof in front of you. And I get immense pleasure to share it with all of you at no cost. I just feel happy to help you all with money making ideas, because someday I was, too, in your place searching for work at home jobs, that would help me make great money. So grab your share, of the million dollar revenue generated from blogging each month across the globe.

Lets start...
  • Create a Blog - Simply, register with any blogging service like Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, etc. All these, provide free registrations and free services to your blogging account. Then create a blog by going through their easy tutorial. Remember, you don't need to learn any rocket science here. No HTML or any sort of knowledge required.
  • Decide a topic - Take some time and finalize on a topic that interests you. Something that you are passionate about. In this way you will never get bored of writing posts for you blog. This will also help in creating a niche audience to your blog. Avoid writing about anything and everything. Stick to a single topic for your blog. You'll reap the benefits in the long run.
  • Write posts - Next, you should write adequate posts regularly every month. Remember, this is a regular affair. So, you should love to write.
  • Advertise your blog - Now I am NOT talking about paid advertising. Simply, send the link of your blog to your friends and ask them to forward it. This is free but viral advertising, trust me. Discuss your blog in forums and other blogs. Submit your blog to search engines, directories, online journals, write articles, etc. This will help create backlinks for your blog thus, bringing traffic to your site.
  • 3 important things - These three factors decide the fate of your blog and how much you can earn from your blog : Alexa traffic rank, Google Page rank, Subscribers to your blog. When you advertise, automatically your Alexa rank and Google rank gets better and better over the time, with people subscribing to your blog if they like it. Remember, subscribers are returning visitors and are very important for any blog.
  • Monetize your blog - Congrats! If you have done all things mentioned above, then it means that you have put a lot of hard work, and so now is the time that your hard work should pay off. You can now put contextual ads based on CPC or flat rate ads on your blog on a per month basis. Or now you can write paid posts on your blog for the companies and earn huge. A single paid post can range from anywhere between $5 to $100 depending upon the blog. Just imagine how many 200 word paid posts you can write each month on your blog. On an average a blogger makes anywhere between $500 to $2000 per month by writing paid posts on his blog. seems too hot...isn't it?

Finally be PATIENT. Do not stop writing out of haste, if you don't see results soon. This is a slow process and depends on your hard work. Money can be rolling in as quick as in 3 months or it may take even upto a year. All depends on your hard work. But, one thing is for sure, money would definitely come in sooner or later, and not in pennies but in dollars.

I have a prepared a list of most legitimate online Blogging companies that would pay you handsomely for writing paid posts on your blog, on time and everytime. Check the list by clicking the label - Paid Blogging on the navigation menu to the left of this page. It will give you brief idea about those companies.

Your comments about this post are welcome!
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to multiply Paid to Post Earnings 10 times


So, now by the time you know enough about Paid to Post sites and how they work and everything about their payout structure and blah.......blah......blah.........rite? Now learn ways to make money hereafter.

And now you would like to know how this earning could be increased in leaps and bounds.......rite? you've come to the right place buddy! I am going to share this knowledge with you all with no strings attached. If you really like it then subscribe to my blog to keep yourself updated with all my knowledge and experiences.

So, here's how you make a profitable income from paid to post forums :

1. First join some paid to post forum sites. I recommend you to join at least 3-5. (Look for my blog posts on Paid to Post sites to get a list of legitimate paid to post forum sites).

2. Then to write something, open a blank MS Word or Notepad, or whatever you use to type documents in your computer.

3. Spend sometime and create at least a dozen topics with catchy headlines and 3-4 lines in that topic. It shouldn't take you more than an hour, I guess. Try creating a topic that would compel people to answer your topic. Let us say for example a topic like "Should Marijuana be legalized?" or "Should prostitution be banned?" and then write about 3-4 lines giving your view and asking others about their opinion.

4. Now, simply open all the paid to post forum sites that you have joined, in 3-5 browser windows simultaneously and just cut and paste the topics you have created in your notepad into your paid to post forum site. This will save you a lot of time.

5. Do this everyday for an hour, then sit back and watch the money flowing in massively.

Lets say you joined 5 sites and the average pay is 0.03 cents per thread. So writing a dozen topics would mean 12*5=100 posts and so your accumulated earning would be $3. This may not be much, but take into consideration that you'll also earn from the number of responses you get from others, that too, everyday. So your income would increase massively, literally overnight.

What happens exactly now is that you get your share of making a dozen post as per the rates of paid to post forum sites, and then everyday 1000's of people will read your thread and would reply to your question. Now each reply also earns you some money. Imagine thousands of replies will make you a couple of dollars with each forum site which will add up to a substantial amount at the end of each month. Moreover, within a month you would have posted hundreds of topics across all forum sites. Now, your earning would increase with leaps and bounds with so many topics. Once posted, a topic will make you earn even after say 1 year, when someone would leave a reply to that topic. Howzzzzzzzzz dat ???

Personally, I do it regularly and let me tell you, you'll also make great money with this idea. After all, I try to make money from all possible ways on internet. So why can't you if I can.

All the Best!
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