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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sponsored Reviews = $$

Hi folks!

By this time you all must be loving to blog and make money out of it. Well, I am here to make your search for true and legitimate companies a lot easier. Thats because I do all the hard work to hand-pick the most trusted sites online and present it to you all. And I love doing that! If you all like me and support me in doing what I do best, then please subscribe to my feed to stay updated.

Thankx in advance!

Today I reveal to all of you, yet another trusted and preferred site by all the bloggers to make money. Sponsored Reviews, as the name is self-explanatory pays you to write your honest reviews for their advertisers and post it to your blog. The look of the site is very professional and provides easy navigation to all information required by bloggers and their FAQ.

In my opinion, Sponsored Reviews is one of the top sites online in its segment, that is paid blogging. I, personally love writing paid reviews. To me, its cold hard cash in shortest possible time. On weekends, I just get online to my PC and write a quick 4-5 reviews for different Paid to Review sites and schedule those posts throughout the week. So that next week the payment is delivered to my Paypal account and....... there I go for a shopping spree.........yippieeee !

Sponsored Reviews operates the same way as any other paid blogging site. Your blog eligibility criterias are quite same, i.e., 3 months old with 20-30 posts with no objectionable content. Again, the best part is, they pay you every 2 weeks instantly via Paypal.

At the time of submitting your blog for review, I was shocked to see that their software works amazingly. That is, it detects instantly whether your blog is acceptable in their system or not. This speaks for the kind of infrastructure, man and machine they have to stay in business.

My advice is give it a shot to this site. I bet, you won't regret.
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best Paid to Review site

Hi !!!!!!!

Yes, when I say best paid review site, I mean it. There's certainly some reason behind saying that thing. The site I am talking about is Blogitive which offers blogging ways to make money, literally.

Let me describe it in detail and what it offers. Eventually, you'll understand why I say its the best. Like all other paid to review sites in the blogging arena, Blogitive offers you same prospects to write paid posts on your blog and pays you handsomely for that. And offers you every other thing that a paid to review site promises.

But, above all, the best part is, it pays you WEEKLY. Yes! you heard it right. Write a post, submit it and get paid every Friday via Paypal. Now hows dat!

The minimum you can earn from a post is $5. However, the rates vary according to the advertisers. It could range anywhere between $5 to $50 per post.

Amazing, isn't it? In fact, I had been browsing internet all this while and was looking for such a site that could fulfill my wish of getting paid weekly with no gimmicks and no strings attached.

Now, that doesn't make Blogitive a small player, mind it! Blogitive is online since a long time and had been a trusted and preferred site amongst millions of bloggers, simply because it pays weekly. Timely and instant payments with a wide range of opportunities to post regularly is what Blogitive all about.

The requirements of your blog is the same as with any other paid to review site. The main criterias being a 3 months old blog with a minimum of 3 postings per week with no porn, hatred or objectionable content. Additionally, your blog must be indexed on Google search engine.

So keep blogging and Happy money making.
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Friday, June 6, 2008

$$ with Social Spark

Hi everybody!

I am back again with another Paid to review site. If you really liked my Paid blogging post, then you must have been looking forward to this post and much more relevant posts. So, blogging has ignited sparks in you rite......?? Here's another way to make money online.

Fine! let me show you one more money-making site that would offer great money, again for writing posts on your own blog. Social Spark is the name. Backed by the same trusted name IZEA, which supports Payperpost and many other legitimate online opportunities.

Social Spark performs in the same way as Payperpost and many other paid blogging sites. To me, its a sister site of Payperpost. But, with immense earning potential. Firstly, because of the reason that it is recently launched in April'08, so bloggers can easily get in and register. The opportunities in their marketplace is huge because of the less number of bloggers at this time...............they need time to become famous remember, and then the number of opportunities could cease because more bloggers mean tough fight..........rite?

Payout is as usual luring enough to write posts on their topic. Paypal is their preferred payout partner. But, I am still to find out when do they make a payment. Is it weekly or monthly! Anyways, if anyone does get to know, then leave a comment. Thanx in advance.

Basically, your blog must:

* Be at least 90 days old, with at least 20 pre-existing posts written in the last 90 days.

* Contain content that is original to you and the blog.

* Be a blog, meaning no message boards, websites, IM, emails or other similar services.

* Be in English or Spanish.

* Not be a blog kept primarily for making money.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Write Reviews Earn $$


I am back with a bang. Now, today I am going to reveal to all of you the biggest money making secret online, that's taking the internet industry by storm. One of the greatest ways to make money online.

Ever wondered........why do people maintain blogs and post regularly? Do they really feel so nice to write everyday? Not at all buddy.

People like money....and today I'll let you know how blogs can earn you money in no time. And when I say good amount of money......I really mean it.

How about earning $500 to $1000 monthly??

Paid blogging is something I am talking about in today's post. If you are really serious to make a good amount of money in shortest possible time, then paid blogging is the answer to your miseries.

Simply register with any free site like Blogger and create a blog. Make a few genuine posts about anything you like. Then register with some sites that offer you to write paid posts on your blog. I'll mention all such money-making sites on my upcoming posts which are famous and through which bloggers make money by writing sponsored posts on their blog. Just bookmark my blog and stay updated with my upcoming posts with the list of these sites.

Let me reveal the first site today. Its called Payperpost. The site is too good. Has an incredible pay record and an excellent support to its bloggers. Earning $500 per month is not a tough task here. The only thing hurts me is that you need to wait for 30 long days before you get payment on your submitted post. Though, they have never skipped the payment but the time taken by them is painful to me. We all want instant payments........rite??? Payment is done securely via Paypal.

But, the money is too good to forget such pain and sorrows. After all, you are getting the money after 30 days of your post. So, reach for your!
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Get $10 in 24 hrs


Thats true! If you are keen on getting your hand onto a crisp $10 , for literally doing nothing, then got to Survey Pro. The site pays you to join 20 free survey sites, even if you are already a member of them. If you are not a U.S. resident, then look at the upper right hand corner of their site and click on your respective country flag. You will then be directed to the right page. A crisp way to make money online, indeed.

$10 is paid directly to your Paypal account within 24 hrs, once you join the 20 survey sites, which indeed are absolutely free to join.

Survey Pro gives you FREE what others charge for. All the top paid survey sites in USA, absolutely FREE.

Though, surveys are not my piece of cake. Since, it takes a lot of time to get a paycheck from survey companies directly. Because, not always you'll find a survey in your mail box. May be after registering for six months you'll come across a survey and that too of a low value.

But, why I recommend Survey Pro is that it's not a survey company. It is a kind of referral company that rewards you with a $10 cash instantly just to register with the survey companies through their referral id. In my opinion, its not a bad deal. Just a few clicks for 1 hr and if I get rewarded with $10 , then I am game for it. Think this way, if you join a paid to read emails program, that reward you with just 1 cent for each click then it would take you some 1000 clicks and 6 months time to accumulate such an amount. And trust me who on Earth would not like to get rewarded in cash instantly.

At least, I don't let go such opportunities.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

News Feed on Blogs = $$


Do you have a blog or website? Did you say yes!........ then rejoice, because I am going to reveal yet another site on web that could monetize your website or blog traffic immensely. One of the great ways to make money online.

Well, there are several pay per impression sites online, but what makes Voxant Newsroom different is the kind of news they display on your website/blog and the kind of payout they offer, because at the end of the day, payout is what matters to us. Their news is categorized to all kinds of traffic, from teenagers to an elderly person. They deliver news right from the table of CBS, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press(AP), Reuters, MTV, NHL, AFP, HowStuffWorks, etc.

Regardless to say that where a teenager blog traffic will hang around the MTV news in your blog, an elderly person would definitely hang around news from Wall Street Journal. One one hand, you benefit when your traffic stays on your website/blog for a longer period of time, while on the other hand you monetize from their presence. In simple words, Voxant Newsroom pays you.

Yes, they pay you on CPM basis, i.e., Cost per thousand impression. But, their pay rate is very lucrative if you have a good amount of traffic to your site. In my opinion, you are not getting paid for a person's visit to your site, then why not indulge into such programs where every visit to your site counts.

Payment is made on a monthly basis once you have accumulated $50. The payment is made via Paypal.

Their pay chart is as follows:

CPM On Your Site
CPM On Referred Site
Video Feed
Video Story
Text Story
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Weezy's Money Tips

Hey there!

Well, Weezy is a real fun gal, I guess. I came across her blog this week named as Weezy's Money Tips & More, and after going through her posts, let me tell you, she loves writing about anything and everything.
I found that she cares for nature too. She is extremely passionate about protecting the environment so if you share this common interest, then her blog is right for you to hang out.

Now this is not all. As you all know, my posts primarily list money making ideas. So what brings a post dedicated to Weezy's blog??? The reasons are two. Firstly, she has a few posts dedicated to money making ideas, tips to save money, etc.
Secondly, you'll also find posts on business, personal finance and real estate. Most importantly her blog contains a lot of links to different sites which can help you make money.

Not to forget, this gal loves nature and cares as well. Hats off to you buddy!!!
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