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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Money with Twitter

I found this post important because I was willing for something which helps users to make money from Twitter. Let us discuss more about Twittad.

Twittad is a new program from twitter that helps twitter users to make easy money and advertisers to promote their product by placing ad in the Twitter users profile page. The ad is just the background therefore is not clickable.

The price for placing ad is fixed by the owner of the twitter profile. It means if you have more followers then you can ask for large sum of money and if they have less followers then you can ask for small sum of money.

Your income is directly related to the no. of followers you have. To increase your no. of followers you can use twhirl. You can also organize a contest on your blog to increase your no. of followers.
These are some of my words about twittad. It depends upon you to use or not to use it.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog monetization with ViralBlogAds

I have seen lots of ad spaces in the blogs with size 125X125 and labelled "Your ad Here " or "Advertise Here". Sometimes they get 1 or 2 advertisers for that ad slot otherwise they will spend lots of time for searching sponsors for that Ad slot. If you are among them then viralblogads is your Godfather.

Viralblogads is an advertising and Money making platform for bloggers to make easy money. Here advertisers build traffic and Publishers build lots of money.

If you like to make money with viralblogads then you must sign up to viralblogads first. After that add your blog there. Then get the ad code and paste the ad code into your blog and start making money. Whenever users click on the ads you will be paid certain amount of money.

As I told above, viralblogads helps you fill your ad space. You can display Graphical ads in your blog in two different sizes i.e. in 125X125px and 468X60px using viralblogads. This size will certainly fill your blog vacant ad space. Therefore why not fill your vacant ad space by signing up to viralblogads?

And it pays you through Paypal after your sum reaches to minimum payout.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Huge Earning Last Week

Hi all!

Many asked me about the legitimacy of my previous post "Turn $370 into $7300 in just 2 months". Since, I was busy experimenting and tweaking the Forex robot, so that I could make more money like all others, I could not come up with a post dedicated to my earning proof.

But I am really happy coz of my huge earning last week. So you all now can see the screenshot of my last week earning that I've taken from my account area.

Click on the image to see a full size image. Yes! You got to trust your eyes. I made $1535.52 in just 1 week of Forex trading with that robot, and I really know nothing about Forex. As I told you earlier in my post, that it's just a plug-it-forget-it system.

I'll withdraw this profit from my account this week (we can withdraw profits everyday) through Wire Transfer. Since, I won't withdraw through check, or else I would have posted a screenshot of my check as well. I'll keep you all updated with my future earnings through posts on this blog.

Check my previous post "Turn $370 into $7300 in just 2 months", to learn how to make money with this Forex robot.

This Forex robot has really come to the rescue of all my miseries. If I keep earning this way, I am sure to get rid of all my debts within next few months. Thereafter, I can live the lifestyle I've always dreamt of.

Bye folks!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

List of Top Money Making Sites online

Many visitors ask me to recommend some top money making sites available online. So, on public demand, I’ve evaluated some top money making sites that I use and would also recommend. I might have skipped or not mentioned most of them in this list. I’ll come up with them in my future post.

1. Google Adsense









10. V7N Contextual
















 Let me know of other money making sites that I missed out here through your comments on this post.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Money with AdsDaq

There are many reasons why people search alternatives for advertising in their blog. People search for the alternatives when they frequently get their account banned (Most in case of Adsense), When they didn't earn expected sum of money from the advertising networks and when they didn't get their earning paid through Paypal.To get fast payment via Paypal many people search for alternatives.

For those searching people I strongly recommend ADSDAQ .It is a marketplace where Advertisers and Publishers are connected together to Trade advertising. If you have an adspace in your blog, then you can ask for any price you want to sell it. But you must ask adequate sum of money, neither too high nor too low.
In addition you can define which additional ad networks you use (Google,adbrite,bidvertiser ....) . In this way the unsold impressions will be send to these other networks.

It’s a great alternative if you like to sell CPM ads. Here you can make easy money online when people click on the ads, besides this, you can earn money with each page view also.

Howzzzzzzzzzzzz dat!
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Instant $50 in your pocket

Yes these words are true. You can earn $50 just for signing up to Revresponse and writing a post about Revrespone in about 200 words in your blog just like I am writing now. One of the easiest ways to make money right now.

The work is very easy. First of all you have to sign up to Revresponse. After that you have to notify Karen (Revresponse member) that you have accepted this challenge. Now you have to write a post about Revresponse in your blog. The post must be at least 200 words and should include at least one link to Revresponse. After that email Karen with the link of your written post. After you complete all these tell them where to pay and get paid.
What is actually Revresponse? Revresponse is actually an alternative to the CPM and CPC networks. In this program users get commission on every qualified subscription or download request delivered from their widget .In this sense everyone get chance to win here.

Revresponse pays you by check by default but you can also choose Paypal for your payment. The minimum payout is $50 that means if you complete this contest then your account will meet the minimum and you will get paid.

You got to Hurry, before this offer expires.

Moreover, you can also make money from Revresponse, by offering compelling lead generating Ads on your blog or website. The lead generation here is very easy because all the products advertised here are FREE. The leads payout anywhere between $1.50 to $20.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money Making Opportunity with Exoclick

Exoclick is a Pay Per Click platform like Bidvertiser and Adbrite working exclusively on a pay per click basis. Exoclick offers a range of targeted contextual ads, search boxes and web portals which operate on a pay per click basis.

Exoclick offers you easy approval of account and easy to implement code and has got low Payout level. Exoclick pays through Paypal, ePassporte, Wire transfer or Check. You can receive your Payment through Paypal and epassporte when your account reaches threshold .To get money through your Mail check, your account should cross $200. Exoclick Pays you every week (every Monday) if your minimum payout is crossed.

You can make money in two ways:
  • Using marketing Tools and Referring people to Exoclick. Marketing tools include Categorized web portals, Search boxes, Ad Boxes to place on your site, domain parking and XML feed.
  • You can make money online with referrals by referring people to Exoclick through your referral link. You will earn 5% bonus on the revenue generated by your referrals, lifetime. If you think this information is Useful then Try Exoclick Now.
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