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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Search Engine Traffic Improves with Interlinking Articles


Today, I'll share with you all, one of the well kept secret by SEO gurus in order to improve search engine traffic. You must have always wondered how some webmasters drive more traffic to their sites, what strategies they follow to gain ranking, how they improve ranking of their homepage with regular postings, why their latest posts get crawled and indexed quickly??? Well, they will never share these well hidden secrets with all. SEO companies charge you a fortune to perform these tricks in the name of on-page optimization. But, here in my ways to make money blog, you'll find all resources absolutely free.

So what is it? Interlinking of your articles is one great aspect of on-page optimization, that readily improves your organic ranking on search engines like Google. Interlinking means linking your new posts or articles on your website to any other older relevant article on your same website. If you ever notice carefully, you'll find these SEO tricks are followed by all leading high traffic websites or blogs. You think it to be just for reader friendly navigation, but actually it's done from on-page SEO point of view, to gain Google ranking.

Let me describe this in detail. Read my previous posts Free Search Engine Optimization Part I and Free Search Engine Optimization Part II, to learn more free tips and tricks to improve your search engine traffic. Did you see, how I created a link to my previous post in the above line. So, this new post got interlinked with two of my relevant older posts. I have also linked to my homepage for my keywords "ways to make money" right in the first paragraph of this post. This is known as interlinking of articles.

This interlinking has 3 vital benefits:
  • You get one valuable backlink to your homepage, from your website itself, thus increasing your own Google ranking.
  • You get one valuable backlink for your older posts, which are now aged, and will also get better ranking for their keywords.
  • Your visitor gets better navigation to a relevant post, thus keeping them interested to stay on your site longer.
Hope you all benefit from this SEO tips and tricks.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Google PR | Google Pagerank Update


Google pagerank update has been done for this quarter, April 2010. My blog has been blessed with one Google PR green juice point again. That makes my blog a healthy PR 3. Well, if you have been a webmaster or blogger, then you know how important is to acquire every single Google PR point. Pagerank is one of the most important factor if you want your site to rank better on search engine rankings, especially on Google. A better ranking ensures, more free organic traffic, more leads, more sales, perhaps more ways to make money. In my opinion, to gain a trusted rank for your website or blog can only be achieved with white hat SEO techniques and pure link building.

However, it really feels good when you see your website being awarded with such Google PR rewards. Though, it's not easy and is never a quickfire method. It takes a lot of patience with consistent link building, but the rewards are worth the wait. A better rank with more visitors for your website of course. Moreover, other webmasters and your visitors especially will trust more on your website content and blog posts. Trust and faith in this online world is really important, where everything is virtual and seems so fake.

I would take this opportunity to help you all gain Google PR for your websites as well. I used the following methods to build links for my blog and increase it's Google pagerank eventually. Try them out, it works.
  • Web Directory submission
  • Article Directory submission
  • Press Releases
  • Submission to Social Media sites (Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter, etc.)
  • Blog Commenting (Please do not spam)
  • Creating Squidoo lens, Hubpages, etc.
  • Links on other relevant same niche sites, blogs, etc.
  • Social Bookmarking
A very important advice to follow. Always try to build one-way links and avoid reciprocal links, since Google gives no importance to reciprocal links. When a site links to your site without asking for a reciprocal link, then Google passes one point of "trust" factor to your site, thus increasing your Google Pagerank during their next update. Finally, never try to build one-way links in a hurry. Increase your links slowly and gradually. Let it look NATURAL to the eyes of search engines. Huge number of backlinks within a short span of time will make your site look "spammy" and sites like Google will ban your site.

Hope, these tips help you all. Lets build this online world a better place for all.
Lets share every piece of knowledge with all others, so that we can all grow together.

Lets make easy money together!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

What is Flipping?? Domain Flipping or Website Flipping


Have you heard of Flipping recently?? Well, flipping is apparently yet another way to make easy money. Domain flipping or website flipping is the most common term used when we refer to flipping. Flipping is nothing, but buying cheap domains or websites, working on it, creating some value out of it and then selling at a larger price to make quick profit and easy money.

When I first heard and read about flipping, it seemed not my piece of cake, since I am a dumb fellow and barely like to work
But, gradually when I started reading more and more about website flipping online, it created an interest within me, as I could see a large amount of easy money at a distance from me... only if I decide to walk a few steps towards that cash.

There are two ways of successful website flipping:
  • Start from scratch... Buy a domain name pertaining to a niche keyword in demand. For example - make money online, loans, mortgages, etc.
  • Create some content and then wait for some time so that it gets crawled and indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which will eventually bring some traffic.
  • Now sell it. Since, the domain is now some time old and the website is indexed by major search engines, you'll get a much higher price. It's that simple!
  • Buy an existing website from sites like Sitepoint, Flippa or forums. Buy a website that is cheap, belongs to a niche keyword and gets a fair amount of traffic.
  • Again create some good content and add to the website. Tweak the site, give it a fresh new look and implement some SEO, so that it ranks higher on search engines.
  • Now sell it for a profit.
To make easy money with flipping, you gotta have patience and self-motivation. You cannot make profits overnight. B'coz your profits depend on how much time you invest on these cheap websites to make them worth enough. Your profits also depend on how quickly search engines crawl and index it regularly, so that you can set a profitable selling price.

To maximize your revenue in the shortest possible time, I would suggest buying several dirt cheap websites and then working on each of them every alternate day. This way your interest would be divided and would remain alive. Moreover, all these websites would show some gradual improvement on search engine rankings differently, as you keep working upon them. This will keep you going... and you can sell them at different intervals of time to make easy money every now on then. However, you can again invest a part of this profit in buying next set of cheap websites.

Remember to make easy money... Learn ways to make money.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OppsOnWeb’s Tips and Tricks Gives Readers Shortcuts to Make Money Online

ATLANTA, GA — There’s lots of ways to make money online. But, without guidance, online employees can easily be taken advantage of or get stuck chasing pennies instead of the big bucks. Thankfully, provides tons of strategies to maximize moneymaking opportunities. Not only does OppsOnWeb provide ways to make money through online employment and marketing, the Web site’s Tips and Tricks page provides a deeper look into these opportunities to maximize the smallest opportunity.’s Tips and Tricks pages covers a wide range of topics such as link building, link baiting, and other strategies to increase Web site traffic, advertising tips for Web sites, and tips for moneymaking opportunities such as online reading, writing, and other jobs as well.

“I’ve collected a wealth of knowledge on ways to make easy money,” says Alam, OppsOnWeb’s owner. “What I’ve come to understand that there is a bunch of ways to make money online, but it is hard to make decent money using these outlets. However, my Web site allows people to take advantage of my knowledge and research to make the most out of the smallest opportunities.

Without direction, making a living wage through online employment or increasing a Web site’s traffic can be a hard task adds Alam. For instance, OppsOnWeb touches on how some Web jobs only let employees cash out earnings after a set amount of money has been made. So, without refined strategies, the money earned through some opportunities can’t be utilized right away.

“The best part about my site is that it’s a free resource,” says Alam. “I want people to join my site and educate themselves on how to turn every penny into a dollar. To make easy money online, people need to know how to make the best of every opportunity and avoid the sharks. Most online jobs are not like traditional employment, and my Web site helps people adapt to the next generation of employment and business.”

In addition to’s Tips and Tricks page, the Web site also has hundreds of articles on online scams, moneymaking opportunities, blogging, Web site tools, search engine optimization, online scams, and much more.

Learn More
To learn more about’s Web resources for job seekers and businesses, or to subscribe to their news feed, visit:

About Opportunities On Web
Launched in May 2008, with the idea to provide free and legitimate ways to make money online, serves anybody looking to earn money from home or businesses looking for the latest and greatest online marketing strategies.

All resources provided on are free. The Web site is updated frequently, so people can actually learn about the multitude of current ways to make money online and emerging opportunities as they surface.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Delivers the Best Ways to Make Money Online to Your Doorstep

ATLANTA, GA — is helping people make easy money online using both tried and true and Web employment opportunities and the latest Web marketing opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an at-home job or the best practices to advertise for your business, is a one-stop-shop resource for tons of ways to make money online.

Just by visiting, a flood of moneymaking resources will be presented in a concise format that’s easy to process. Browse Opportunities On Web’s most popular resources including ten paid online opportunities and dozens of work at home leads that anyone with a computer can do. For businesses looking to gain a competitive edge, make money online using’s link building, affiliate marketing, and Web tools to find the perfect online strategies for your company and ROI.

“Finding the best resources to make easy money from Web opportunities can be a daunting task for job seekers, small businesses, and even large corporations,” says Alam,’s Owner. “People just don’t know what to trust online. I created this resource to help anyone looking to get ahead using Web opportunities.”

Not only does cover all the greatest lucrative Web tools available, the online resource also reports on online scams to ward off scandals and help its viewers from the hackers and schemers prowling the Web. delivers new Web prospects every month. To catch the latest opportunities as they break, delivers news to its subscribers right to their e-news readers. Subscribe and keep up with the latest moneymaking opportunities on Yahoo, Google, newsgator, and other RSS readers such as FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, and more.

“Many companies are recovering from the economic downturn with new ideas incarnated on the Internet,” says Alam. “People are spending more time online, which has increased value and return on Web banners and other ads online. Also, businesses find great value in online jobs and work-at-home employees as this cuts out office costs. It’s a new world, and is a window into all the great things going on in online business.”

Learn More
To learn more about’s Web resources for job seekers and businesses, or to subscribe to their news feed, visit:

About Opportunities On Web
Launched in May 2008, with the idea to provide free and legitimate ways to make money online, serves anybody looking to earn money from home or businesses looking for the latest and greatest online marketing strategies.

All resources provided on are free. The Web site is updated frequently, so people can actually learn about the multitude of current ways to make money online and emerging opportunities as they surface.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Does Twitter Make Money???


If you still have such questions in mind, then you haven't come across the power of Twitter yet. It is the easiest way to make money across internet, amongst all other ways to make money. From small web companies to big names of the industry, all are luring twitterers and offering more money for that 140 characters in your Twitter timeline to advertise their product. is one such company which is giving a good fight to big ones like IZEA, Magpie, etc. by offering more cash to its Twitter publishers for sending sponsored tweets. I was thrilled to read on one of the post written by one of my web-gurus "John Chow" who has 50,000 twitter followers approx. earned $1000 by sending just 1 sponsored tweet by Now that's what you call money.............. Tempting haaaaa!
This assures that the company is well funded and the average earning of people like you and me, who have less number of Twitter followers are still earning more here, compared to other sites like Sponsored Tweets and Magpie.

Now about... How works? You set your price and select your advertisers and does the rest. The ads are pre-written. You simply accept the ad and will automatically send the sponsored tweet in your Twitter timeline. You check your dashboard and the amount is credited to your account.
Isn't it Simple!
You can also change your price anytime you want.

If you still have questions... go check it out!!!

Remember... to make easy money... you gotta learn ways to make money.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Banner Advertising | Ways to Make Money Gets Easier


If you have a blog or website, then you must be looking for ways to make money through it, through all possible ways. You must be hunting down several websites, that offer various means to web publishers to make easy money off their site, by advertising their available ad inventory through banner advertising, in-text ads, cpc ads, cpm ads, cpa ads, cpv ads, contextual ads, etc.

Well, there is never a shortage of web companies offering ways to make money through website monetization, ever since the world wide web evolved. But, to find a legitimate company that offers a fair price for your ad inventory, pays on time and increased fill rate is a real daunting task. You'll have to repent later if you fall prey to either scam sites or a less reputed site that isn't paying enough for what your website is worth.

To make this even simpler for all you readers, I have compiled a list of legitimate and trustworthy sites that would pay you a very high rate for the ad inventory of your website... if your website is really that worth... which means if you have a medium to high traffic website. Sounds goooooooooood !?!

So, here's the list:










All these sites are legitimate sites and have been into years of helping webmasters and bloggers to make easy money by monetizing their websites. I have seen several screenshots as a proof from several bloggers who have applied ads to their sites through these web companies and are making a substantial monthly income of anywhere between $100 to $4000 depending on the traffic their website generates. Smells like a lot of MONEY...!!!

I'll try them, once I get the desired ranking and traffic to my blog. Until then, you can give them a try, if you have a great traffic generating website or blog.

Happy money-making!
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